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Do you know it all about "All in the Family"? Take this quiz to find out just how much you know.

"All in the Family" was a 1970s television show that was hailed as the first reality show - of course, not reality in the way that we see it on television today. What critics mean by reality in this case is that "All in the Family" was one of the first prime-time television shows to portray life as it really was. Tossing aside the rose-colored glasses common in television up until this point and exploring the down-and-dirty side of racism, sexism and bigotry, "All in the Family" explored issues such as cancer, religion, abortion, rape, homosexuality, infidelity, impotence and war. "All in the Family" wasn't into the standard TV show formula of the stay-at-home mom, working-class dad and kids who never tackled much more in life than a skinned knee. This groundbreaking show brought issues that affect everyone out of the shadows and into the minds and living rooms of the public. Now, that's reality.

So, if you loved Archie, Edith, Gloria and Meathead... uh, sorry, Michael... you might do well on this "All in the Family" quiz.

Let's get started.

What British TV show inspired All in the Family?

All in the Family creator, Norman Lear, was inspired by the British working-class comedy, Till Death Do Us Part.


What New York borough did the Bunkers live in?

Throughout the run of the series, many references were made to the Bunker's borough of Queens.


What African American celebrity once kissed Archie Bunker?

It was Sammy Davis, Jr. in the legendary "Sammy's Visit" episode.


Name the clergyman whose name Archie always got wrong.

Archie often called Reverend Felcher, "Reverend Fletcher." (And Archie was often a "belcher.")


Who's cab did Archie drive for extra money?

Archie drove a cab belonging to the recurring character, Bert Munson, played by Billy Halop (veteran of the Dead End Kids films).


What song did Archie and Edith sing at the piano and sing?

Those Were the Days was written for the show by Charles Strouse and Lee Adams (the songwriting team of Bye Bye Birdie).


Who played the voice of Richard Nixon in an All in the Family episode?

Rich Little portrayed the voice of President Richard M. Nixon In the Season 1 episode, "Writing the President."


Which future Starsky and Hutch star played an artist friend of Mike Stivic's?

David Soul played handsome artist, Szabo Daborba, in the 1971 episode, Gloria Poses in the Nude.


What African-American family moved in two doors down from the Bunkers?

Mike & Gloria's friend, Lionel Jefferson, along with his whole family, moved into the neighborhood during Season 1.


What local bar did Archie hang out in?

Archie hung out at Kelsey's, owned by Tommy Kelsey, who was played by Bob Hastings (Lt. Carpenter from McHales's Navy).


What did Archie find out about his pal, Stretch Cunningham while preparing Stretch's eulogy?

In Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye (Season 7) Archie discovers that his pal, Stretch, was Jewish.


What was Archie's grandson's name?

Mike and Gloria named their little boy, Joey, in Season 6.


Name Edith's cousin who got her own show.

The indomitable Cousin Maude (played by Bea Arthur) arrived for a visit in Season 2 and went on to star in her own hit sitcom with the clever name, Maude.


What was Archie's famous nickname for his son-in-law?

Actor/Director Rob Reiner (Mike Stivic) will always be known affectionately to millions as "Meathead."


What's the name of the board game Mike Stivic got upset about?

In The Games Bunkers Play (Season 4), Mike gets upset when he feels targeted during a game called Group Therapy.


What was Archie Bunker's definition of a "meathead?"

In the Season 2 episode, Flashback: Mike Meets Archie, Archie himself, provided the definition, "dead from the neck up."


What song did Edith, Mike and Gloria once perform in the living room?

In Season 4, Edith found some sheet music for Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life, leading to an impromptu living room performance.


Who had the nickname "Meathead" before Archie's son-in-law?

In the episode, Et Tu, Archie, Archie's old work buddy of tells how Archie earned the nickname "Meathead" his first day on the job.


How many years were Archie and Edith married before Edith got an engagement ring?

In Season 5/Episode 1. Archie bought Edith an engagement ring after 26 years.


What bygone pet was once a member of the Bunker household?

Several times, Archie referred to his less-than-cordial relationship with Arthur the cat.


Mike's Uncle Casimir helped plan his and Gloria's wedding. What was Casimir's profession?

The episode, Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding , includes Mike Stivic's Uncle Casimir, ex-Marine and current florist.


What big-deal bowling team did Archie try out for?

In Archie and the Bowling Team (Season 3), Archie was all excited about trying out for a top-tier team called The Cannonballers.


How did Mike and Gloria meet?

Gloria met Mike on a blind date arranged by her friend, Debbie Ballantine.


What was the Bunkers' address?

The house number 704 and the street name Hauser were mentioned several times during the run of All in the Family.


What was Archie's pet name for Gloria?

In Flashback: Mike Meets Archie, Gloria said she wasn't his little girl anymore and Archie was not happy.


Name the young African American man who was a friend of the Bunker family.

Yep. It was Lionel Jeffferson, scion of the Jefferson dry-cleaning empire that would bring the neighborhood its first African American family.


How many All in the Family "spin-off" shows were there?

Can you believe it? There were five! In order of appearance, they were: Maude, The Jeffersons, Archie Bunker's Place, Gloria and 704 Hauser.


All in the Family had a great supporting cast. Who did the memorable James Cromwell play?

Long before he starred in Babe, James Cromwell was known to millions as Stretch Cunningham.


Barney Hefner was another great character, played by the familiar Allan Melvin. Whose boyfriend did he play in a different show?

Yep. He was Alice's pal, Sam the butcher, on The Brady Bunch.


What were Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson's first names?

George and Louise Jefferson were the parents of Lionel Jefferson on All in the family and on The Jeffersons.


Lionel Jefferson had an uncle on the show. What was his name?

We actually met Uncle Henry before we met George Jefferson.


What did Archie provide that helped with delivering a baby in an elevator?

As Archie put it, in Season 2, "I was the only one that had the daily news when it was needed."


Archie once got drunk after accidentally locking himself in the cellar. What did he drink?

Archie, at first, underestimated the strength of a bottle of Polish Vodka while locked in the cellar during Season 4.


What eyewitnesses scared Archie's lawyer off a case in Season 1?

Archie's lawyer, Mr. Rabinowitz, quoted an old saying, "In a court of law, you can't beat a station wagon filled with nuns."


Ready for the big finish? What iconic TV personality wrote All in the Family's famous Sammy Davis, Jr. episode?

Bill Dana, veteran of much television comedy, directed that episode.


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