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Can you remember the name of the beloved aunt who cared for the widowed Andy and his young son? And what was the name of that town drunk who always found himself in one of the cells down at the station? If you can answer these questions while whistling the tune of "The Fishin' Hole" -- that's the show's iconic theme song -- then you might have what it takes to ace this "Andy Griffith Show" quiz!

Andy Griffith was a film actor and famous gospel singer when he scored his own show, starting in 1960. The series, which featured Griffith as a small-town sheriff maintaining the peace in a small town, was inspired by Griffith's own hometown of Mount Airy, North Carolina. 

The link between Mount Airy and Mayberry is so strong that the town holds an annual fall festival known as Mayberry Days to honor their hometown hero. Visitors can ride in police vehicles designed to look like the one Andy drove on the show, get a haircut at Floyd's barbershop, and stroll down a historic main street that looks like it came straight out of an episode of the TV show.

Though "The Andy Griffith Show" was cancelled way back in 1968, its spirit lives on in small towns across the U.S., and also in the 249 episodes still in regular rotation -- ready to give viewers a dose of nostalgia for a time when even the bumbling Barney could make a living as a Deputy Sheriff. 

Ready to test your knowledge of this classic series? Take our quiz to test your "Andy Griffith Show" IQ!

Barney had a steady girl for a while. What was her name?

Thelma Lou ( a lady with no last name, apparently) was a part of Barney's life for several seasons.


What brand of car was Sheriff Taylor’s police car?

To quote the end-of-show credits: "Automobiles Furnished by...FORD MOTOR CO."


What secret did we learn about Andy and Barney in Episode 1?

In Season 1, Episode 1, Barney thanks, "Cousin Andy" for selecting him as deputy.


Which future actress from The Waltons sold Barney a used-car lemon?

In "Barney's First Car," Ellen Corby—the future Grandma Walton—played used-car swindler, "Mrs. Lesh."


What was the closest big town to Mayberry?

The fictional town of Mount Pilot was often mentioned by the good people of Mayberry.


What song proved to Mayberry that Gomer Pyle could sing?

In an episode called, "The Song Festers," Gomer surprises Mayberry by singing, "Santa Lucia."


What talent got Howard Sprague into hot water with folks?

In "Howard, the Comedian," Howard Sprague's stand-up comedy about Mayberry rankles some locals.


Whose place did Aunt Bee take over in the Taylor household?

Season 1, Episode 1 begins with the marriage and departure of the Taylors' housekeeper, Rose.


What’s Andy's favorite dish, according to Barney?

In "A Wife for Andy," Barney is distressed to learn that Helen Crump doesn't know how to make leg of lamb, "Andy's favorite dish."


What was the one Aunt Bee delicacy that Andy, Opie and Barney couldn’t stand?

Aunt Bee's disastrous pickle recipe merited an episode all its own in Season 2.


What was the name of the musical family that visited Mayberry from time to time?

Briscoe Darling and his family were featured in several great episodes.


What banjo playing comedian briefly replaced Don Knotts?

Jerry Van Dyke briefly filled the comedic hole left behind when Don Knotts left the series.


What was the title of the movie Hollywood made about Sheriff Taylor?

In Season 6, the Taylors went to Hollywood for the making of "Sheriff Without a Gun."


What kind of criminal activity once went on in Floyd’s Barbershop?

In "The Bookie Barber," Floyd took on an assistant who turned out to be...well, a bookie.


What was the name of Opie’s “imaginary friend?”

Fortunately, Andy met Mr. McBeevee before punishing Opie for making up stories!


Name the British butler who spent some time in Mayberry.

Malcolm Merriweather rode his bicycle into Mayberry in Season 3.


Who was Gomer Pyle’s cousin on the show?

Goober Pyle, played by George Lindsey, was Gomer Pyle's cousin.


What future granter of wishes once gave manicures in Mayberry?

Barbara Eden—future "I Dream of Jeannie" genie—played an alluring manicurist doing nails at Floyd's.


Name the spinster sisters who ran a still near Mayberry.

In the "Alcohol and Old Lace" episode, the Morrison sisters turned in several fellow moonshiners.


On what show did Andy Griffith first play Andy Taylor?

The character of Sheriff Andy Taylor was introduced in a 1960 episode of "The Danny Thomas Show."


What tune did Andy play with the Darlings when he and Barney visited their cabin?

In "Mountain Wedding," Andy calls for "Dooley" when they need to choose a song to play.


What real bluegrass group was hidden inside the fictional Darling family?

The musical core of the Darlings was a quartet called "The Dillards."


What future WKRP DJ passed through Mayberry?

Howard Hesseman—the future Dr. Johnny Fever—appeared in "Sam for Town Council" (Season 8) but was credited as Dan Sturdy.


What did the moonshining Morrison sisters call their "product?"

The Morrison sisters didn't make moonshine; they made "elixir for celebrations and special occasions."


What was the name of Mayberry’s men’s lodge?

In the episode, "The Lodge," Howard Sprague tries to join the Regal Order of the Golden Door to Good Fellowship.


Who was Andy’s first girlfriend on the show?

Within about a month of the show's premiere, Ellie Walker came to town and caught Andy's eye!


What was the name of Aunt Bee’s TV cooking show?

"The Mayberry Chef" appeared on Channel 12 out of Siler City!


Which actor's maid spoke to the Taylors in Hollywood?

While sight-seeing outside Caesar Romero's Hollywood home, the Taylors are asked to step off the lawn.


Which actor played the actor who was playing Andy Taylor in the Hollywood movie, “Sheriff Without a Gun?”

Gavin MacLeod—future captain of "The Love Boat"—played actor, Bryan Bender.


What peddler of insults peddled merchandise out of his car?

Don Rickles played traveling salesman Newton Monroe in "The Luck of Newton Monroe" (Season 5).


Which major movie star made some early appearances in Mayberry?

Jack Nicholson appeared on the show in both 1966 and 1967, as different characters.


Who was the first actor to play Floyd the barber?

Before Howard McNear's unforgettable Floyd, Walter Baldwin took a turn as Mayberry's eccentric barber.


What did Opie break while working in a drugstore?

In "Opie's Drugstore Job," the newly employed Opie breaks a pricey bottle of perfume.


What was the name of Opie's rock band?

The Sound Committee even had their own printed bass drum head!


What was the name of the newspaper Opie published?

In the "Opie's Newspaper" episode, Andy mentions "The Mayberry Sun" when showing the paper to Barney.


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