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A group of American troops survives brutal training and heads for war. Then they experience horrific combat that few men live to tell about. How much do you know about the famous TV series "Band of Brothers"?

"Band of Brothers" takes place during which conflict?

"Band of Brothers" is about a group of American troops that encounters incredible danger during World War II. It takes place in the European theater of the war.


The show is based on a unit in the 101st Airborne Division. What's the company's nickname?

It's based on Easy Company, 2nd Battalion of the 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment in the 101st. Officially, it was "E" Company.


The story begins with paratroopers training at which military training facility?

The men suffer through paratrooper training at Camp Toccoa in Georgia. There, they suffer all of the typical indignities and hardships of wartime combat training. But it bonds them and prepares them for the physical and mental rigors ahead.


The company's motto is "Currahee," which means what?

During training, the men of Easy Company are often forced to run up Currahee Mountain, a long, rocky ridge in Georgia. It's also their motto and it means "We Stand Alone."


"Band of Brothers" is based on what?

"Band of Brothers" is based on a non-fiction book (of the same name) written by famous writer Stephen Ambrose. The author interviewed many men from the real-life Easy Company to get as close to the truth of their experiences as possible.


The story follows the harrowing adventures of Easy Company. Who leads this unit?

Richard Davis "Dick" Winters, who eventually becomes a major, is the leader of Easy Company. He is portrayed by Damian Lewis, who has appeared in movies such as "Queen of the Desert" and "Will."


Actor Ron Livingston plays Dick Winters' best friend during the war. What's his character's name?

Livingston is Capt. Lewis Nixon. As hard times hit, Winters and Nixon often confide their fears and hopes about the violent conflict … and the lives that they yearn to lead once it's all over with.


Steven Spielberg directed some of the show's episodes.

Steven Spielberg was instrumental in polishing the final product, but he didn't direct. He served in a production capacity to make the show as good as it could possibly be.


Which Hollywood star had an enormous role in the making of the show?

Tom Hanks, no stranger to the subject of World War II, was central to the show's development. He produced, wrote and even directed many scenes.


The show as well-received by critics. How many Emmy Awards did it win?

The show's high production values and excellent direction made it a slam-dunk during awards season. It took home seven Emmys, including Outstanding Miniseries and Outstanding Casting for a Miniseries, Movie, or Special.


David Schwimmer plays the part of Capt. Sobel. What's Sobel like?

Schwimmer is pitch-perfect as Sobel, who thinks of himself as ultra-capable but actually can't even properly lead his men through combat training. Winters sees him as an incompetent officer who will get people killed once the bullets start flying.


How do the men feel about Capt. Sobel?

The men in the company can't stand Sobel. He's constantly brutalizing them for even the most trivial (or imagined) slights. But his hard treatment of the men actually toughens them to the realities of life in a war zone.


What do the men of Easy Company do on D-Day, the invasion of Normandy?

The men of Easy Company are in the first waves of paratroopers who drop into France during the invasion's first moments. They are first-hand witnesses to the confusion and violent chaos of that famous day.


During D-Day, why is Lt. Winters abruptly in charge of Easy Company?

During the parachute drop, the company commander is killed. Winters is left as the top officer and must somehow regroup his scattered men to form some sort of attack on the Nazi lines.


The actors were selected in part due to their physical similarities to the real-life men portrayed in the book.

It's true, the casting crew picked actors who looked like the men that inspired their characters. Many of the actors went on to become big-time stars in Hollywood.


Which actor plays the role of Carwood Lipton?

Donnie Wahlberg did a bang-up job as Lipton, who during one major storyline takes up the job of narrating events. Wahlberg has appeared in movies such as "The Sixth Sense" and "Dreamcatcher."


In Episode 5, "Crossroads," Winters charges up a slope and finds a teenage German soldier looking at him. What does Winters do?

Winters and the boy stare at each other in shock for a moment. Then, Winters levels his rifle and shoots the young soldier … and triggers a major battle.


What happens to Buck Compton during the show?

Buck is a tough, smart soldier, but the horrors of the war take a toll on his mind. He suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and winds up unable to fight.


Most of the pyrotechnics in the show were actually newfangled computer-generated effects.

The pyrotechnics were the real deal. After just three episodes, the filming crew had blasted more of these devices than the people who made big-budget films such as "Saving Private Ryan," which of course, was another Spielberg-Hanks collaboration.


In the episode titled "Bastogne," the men participate in which major World War II battle?

In "Bastogne," the Nazis launch a huge surprise counterattack, and the men of Easy Company are right in the thick of the action. The Battle of the Bulge has begun.


During the episode called "Replacements," what happens to Sgt. Denver "Bull" Randleman?

During a heated battle, Bull is stuck behind enemy lines. He hides out in a culvert until he can sneak across the lines and rejoin his men, who think that he's been killed in action.


The show opened to great ratings and good reviews. But HBO almost immediately stopped advertising its new hit. Why?

Just days after the show's debut, the 9/11 terrorist attacks changed America's cultural landscape. Overnight, it wasn't feasible to advertise a production that featured such wrenching war scenes.


Lucie Jeanne plays the part of a nurse named Renee. What happens to Renee during the story?

Renee is a beautiful nurse who bonds with Eugene. But their friendship comes to a sudden, brutal end. The Nazis destroy the field hospital and Renee is killed.


Matthew Settle plays the part of Ronald Speirs. What is Speirs suspected of doing?

A rumor persists that Speirs gunned down German POWs. He leverages that rumor to his advantage, becoming a leader who is both feared and respected.


What do the men do in Episode 9, called "Why We Fight"?

In "Why We Fight," the ninth episode, the men locate and liberate a concentration camp. They are staggered by the sight of skeletal inmates swarming towards them, hoping for salvation from Allied soldiers.


During "The Last Patrol," how do the men treat David Webster, who returns to the unit following his recovery from battle wounds?

Webster rejoins his unit expecting his fellow soldiers to embrace him. Instead, they give him the cold shoulder, asking him why it took him so long to return to the front lines.


Where do the men wind up in the final episode?

The men wind up at Eagle's Nest, Hitler's vacation home in Berchtesgaden. It's there that they (fittingly) learn that the Nazis have surrendered and the European war has ended.


The show was aired in 2001. What was its budget?

This was a major Hollywood production that treated the 10 episodes as if they were full-blown films. The overall budget was an astonishing $125 million and, at the time, it was the most expensive TV show ever created.


The show was broadcast in which format?

The program was broadcast as a miniseries in 2001. There were 10 total episodes.


The show was a major hit. It was originally broadcast on which channel?

The show was created and broadcasted by HBO. "Band of Brothers" was so well made that it undoubtedly convinced many audiences to sign up for the premium cable channel.


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