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"Be Our Guest!"

No, we're not inviting you to our house or even Beast's castle. You should prove your love of "Beauty and the Beast" by being our guest and acing this quiz!

In 1991, the world was welcomed into the animated world of Beauty and the Beast. Based on the 1740 French fairy tale, this story is about a young woman forced to live in a castle and beast made to fall in love with her. 

While you watched the story come to life on screen, multiple things came to life within Beast's castle. Who could forget about the valet turned candlestick, Lumiere? What about his best friend, Cogsworth? Can you remember the name of the castle cook and her teacup son?

A smashing success with the theme and plot, this musical also bloomed with its tunes. Besides the fun "Be Our Guest," the film took on a life of its own with "Beauty and the Beast." The magical compositions led the film to win two Academy Awards, two Golden Globes, and five Grammy Awards.

The magic of "Beauty and the Beast" came to life with the characters, scenery, and music. Can you keep it alive with your score? Can you beat this quiz before the last petal of the enchanted rose falls? Be our guest!

Beast is really a ______.

Regis Philbin actually auditioned for the role of the Beast!


The curse can only be broken if the Beast _______.

He tries apologizing to the woman but it is too late, she places the powerful curse on Beast.


Beauty and the Beast is the 30th Disney ______ film.

Beauty and the Beast is an American animated musical romantic fantasy film!


What is the name of the man who has a love interest in Belle?

Gaston has much love for Belle though it is not reciprocated!


What is the name of Belle's father?

The voice of Maurice is played by Rex Everhart.


Belle loves to _______.

She is seen as odd by her neighbors because she prefers reading to hanging out with them.


What is Gaston's profession?

Belle sees Gaston as a barbarian who she is not interested in!


The Beast must love and be loved before ________.

The enchantress has left a rose and slowly is withers and loses its petals.


What is the name of the main female character?

The voice of Belle was by Paige O'Hara.


Beauty and the Beast is a ________ film.

Beauty and the Beast was directed by Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise.


Who does Belle live with?

She lives in a village nearby the castle with her father.


What is the main lesson the Prince must learn in Beauty and the Beast?

The Prince turns away an old beggar woman out in the cold because he has judged her appearance incorrectly. She then casts a spell on him and the castle.


Who is Cogsworth?

Cogsworth has been transformed into a clock. He is very loyal to the Beast.


Who is Cogsworth best friend?

Lumiere often teases Cogsworth by burning him with his flame.


What is the name of Belle's horse?

Philippe is a Belgian horse and his voice comes from Hal Smith.


What is the occupation of Belle's father?

Despite everyone's negative feelings towards his inventions, Belle believes he will be famous one day!


What was the castle's pet dog turned into?

His name was Sultan.


What does Belle discover in the West Wing?

She sees the rose as well as a portrait of the original prince.


Beast tells Belle she can go anywhere in the castle except _______.

Of course this piques Belle's interest even further...


Who is Gaston's sidekick and friend?

The voice of LeFou is by Jesse Corti, a Venezuelan American actor.


Who is the cook of the castle?

Mrs. Potts has been turned into a teapot!


Who stabs the Beast in the back towards the end of the film?

Gaston stabs Beast and then loses his balance and falls far down from the balcony and dies.


The Beast has a magic ______ that allows him to see anything he wishes to see.

The mirror was given to him by the enchantress at the start of the film.


Who tends to Beast after being stabbed by Gaston?

Belle tries to comfort him but he knows his wound is fatal and he is dying.


When Belle sees the portrait of the Prince, she seems to recognize his ___________.

When she sees his blue eyes, she suspects he has the same blue eyes as Beast.


Actress Jo Ann Worley plays the voice of _____________, the castle's authority over fashion in Beauty and The Beast.

Wardrobe was called "Madame de la Grande Bouche" in the stage adaptation of Beauty and The Beast.


What is the name of Mrs. Potts' son?

Chip's voice is by American actor Bradley Michael Pierce.


What does Belle say to Beast as the last rose petal falls?

"No, No! Please. Please... Please don't leave me," she says as he is dying in front of her, "I love you." and with that, the curse is broken, Beast returns to life and they live happily ever after.


Who has a motherly attitude toward Belle?

The filmmakers tried out different names for Mrs. Potts including Mrs. Chamomile, but decided to stick with household items.


What is the Prince's first name?

Prince Adam turns into Beast with the likeness of various animals such as a bison, bear, deer, gorilla, wild boar, wolf and lion.


Beauty and the Beast is based on a fairy tale written by a _______ novelist.

Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve was the novelist published in 1740.


Who serves at the maître d' of the castle?

As part of the curse, the maître d' has been transformed into a candlestick. Lumiere is played by the voice of Jerry Orbach.


Following the success of __________ in 1989, Disney decided to adapt and release Beauty and the Beast.

Walt Disney had first tried to adapt Beauty and the Beast back in the 1930s and 1950s but were unsuccessful.


The voice of the Beast is by this actor...

Robby Benson was born Robin David Segal on January 21, 1956.


In which year was the premiere of Beauty and the Beast?

Beauty and the Beast premiered on November 22, 1991 in the USA.


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