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For decades, Bob Newhart has drawn chortles with his wry sense of humor. In the 70s, he was matched with equally funny counterparts in his own personal show. How much do you know about "The Bob Newhart Show"?

"The Bob Newhart Show" was a staple of prime time TV. What sort of show is it?

"The Bob Newhart Show" is a TV comedy that aired from 1972 to 1978. The star of the show is, of course, comedian Bob Newhart.


In the show, Bob Newhart plays a man who has which profession?

If you guessed "hotel owner," you're thinking of a different (and newer) show, called "Newhart," in which Newhart does indeed run a bed and breakfast. But on this show, Bob is a psychologist.


The show features one of the first uses of a pre-recorded laugh track.

The show was filmed in front of a live studio audience. The laughs you hear (and there many) are the real deal.


There are several wacky characters on the show. Who is Carol?

Carol is the office receptionist. Bob and Jerry both rely on Carol to keep their schedules in order. She is usually busy … and always quick with a witty comeback.


Carol is a receptionist who spends much of her time thinking about what?

Carol is a good worker, although she's on the ditzy side. She's constantly (and openly) hoping that attractive men will come through the office in the hopes that she'll land a date.


The show was shot in front of a live audience. The actors were so skilled that they never made mistakes.

They actually goofed quite a lot. But the actors simply laughed and sometimes directly made comments to the audience regarding their mistakes.


"The Bob Newhart Show" aired for six seasons. How many total episodes were there?

In the span of six seasons, there was a total of 142 hilarious episodes. Ratings didn't begin to really slide until 1977, the year before the show was canceled.


The show revolves around Bob's therapy practice in which city?

The show takes place mostly in Chicago, veering back and forth between Bob's work and home life.


Suzanne Pleshette plays the part of Bob's smart and often sassy wife. What's her name?

Suzanne Pleshette is Emily, who loves Bob but is often exasperated with him. She's a Chicago school teacher.


The episodes take place in Chicago. But where were they actually filmed?

Just like the story, the exteriors were filmed in Chicago. But the live shows were shot in a Los Angeles studio.


Lillian Bakerman is one of Bob's most frequent clients. She spends most of her sessions doing what?

Lillian Bakerman is a little old woman who loves her sessions with Bob. But she spends most of her time in his office knitting.


Actor Bill Daily played a character named Howard. What was Howard's role?

Howard was Emily and Bob's bumbling neighbor. He means well, but he's often a bit dense.


The show was a major hit. It originally aired on which network?

This one aired on CBS. It typically ran just after the ever-popular "Mary Tyler Moore Show."


What noticeable speaking trait does Bob exhibit?

Bob Newhart's deadpan delivery is unmistakable. That's in part due to the fact that he stammers, which only serves to accentuate his funniest lines.


Dr. Jerry Robinson has an office on the same floor as Bob. Which man plays the part?

Peter Bonerz plays the role of Dr. Jerry Robinson, a local orthodontist. Bonerz is very active in Hollywood and directs, too, including films like " Police Academy 6: City Under Siege."


In its first three seasons, the show was always in the Top 20 of TV show ratings.

It was a hit from the beginning, and in its first three seasons, the show was always in the Top 20. Bob wanted to end the series in 1977 as ratings flagged, but CBS convinced him to return for one more season.


Suzanne Pleshette plays Emily. What sort of reviews did she get from critics?

Pleshette's version of Emily was spot on, the perfect foil to Bob's neurosis. She was twice nominated for the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.


Peter Bonerz played Dr. Robinson. But he also sometimes took up what role?

Bonerz didn't just act, but he directed, too. He directed dozens of episodes during the show's six-season run.


There is another show that's also called "The Bob Newhart Show."

In 1961, NBC aired a one-hour variety named -- you guessed it -- "The Bob Newhart Show." Between both "The Bob Newhart Show" programs and "Newhart," it's hard to keep track of Bob's TV shows.


How was the 1961 version of "The Bob Newhart Show" received?

The show did well with critics, and it won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Humor. But its run was so short that producers felt they could get away with using the same title for the 70s comedy.


Marcia Wallace plays the part of Carol, the receptionist. She won an Emmy for her work on which show?

Wallace's unforgettable face popped up in many shows throughout the 70s and 80s. She won an Emmy for her voice work as Bart's teacher in "The Simpsons."


In the 70s, the show's theme song became a very memorable tune. What's it called?

The jaunty theme song is called "Home to Emily." The opening scenes show Bob wandering home to his wife after a long, long day at the office.


Jack Riley plays Elliot Carlton, who is one of Bob's patients. What's he like?

Elliot Carlton is clearly a troubled man. He's selfish and obnoxious, and sometimes he drives Bob crazy.


Jerry is the orthodontist who has an office on the same floor as Bob. How do the two men get along?

Jerry and Bob give each other a hard time. But for the most part, they are good friends, exchanging verbal jabs in every episode.


Suzanne Pleshette was married to one of the actors on the show.

Pleshette was married to Tom Poston, who appeared in five episodes in the role of Cliff Murdock. But they didn't marry until 2001, long after the show ended.


Bob Newhart got tons of laughs thanks to his dry humor on the show. How many Emmys did he win thanks to this show?

Bob couldn't break through on this show, although his co-stars certainly won awards. He didn't manage to win an Emmy until 2013.


The cast worked in a front of a live audience and demonstrated good chemistry. How did they actually get along in real life?

The show relied heavily on the chemistry of the cast members. They weren't just faking it -- they loved chatting and laughing with each other, and they were sad when the series ended.


"The Bob Newhart Show" ended in 1978. How long was it before CBS launched its next "Newhart" show?

CBS couldn't stay away from the Newhart name. In 1982, four years after the show ended, it aired the first episodes of "Newhart," which had a successful eight-season run.


How many characters appeared in every episode of the show?

The three mainstays of the show were Bob, Emily and Jerry. They appeared in every episode.


In the final episode, Bob gives up his therapy practice to do what?

After years of dealing with insufferable clients and co-workers, Bob decides to give up therapy. He heads to Oregon to teach at a small college.


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