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"When this Boy Meets World! Boy Meets World!" 

If you're ready to finish belting out this theme song, this quiz is rightfully meant for you!

Premiering in 1993, Boy Meets World was the coming-of-age sitcom about a young boy growing up from middle school and ending in college. Starring Ben Savage, Rider Strong, and Danielle Fishel, this show followed Cory Matthews and his best friends as he grew up in suburbia. 

With a strong core group of characters, it's impossible to forget the names of Shawn, Topanga, and Mr. Feeny. How could you forget about Minkus and Mr. Turner? What about Harley and Janitor Bud? 

Being on the air for seven years, Boy Meets World solidified itself as a classic '90s TV sitcom. They even held a spot on a big network's weekly TGIF lineup. Can you remember the channel? Can you remember the city that Cory grew up in? Which student went to live with Mr. Turner? Where did the gang move after college?

As a fan of Boy Meets World, you got to watch Cory Matthews start as a young slacker in middle school, struggle through his high school years, and blossom into a hard-working young man. You might've even followed him to the spin-off sitcom that debuted on Disney in 2014.

Fans everywhere watched Boy Meets World transform from a naive, baseball-loving pre-teen to a father of two. Can you remember all that happened in the life of Cory Matthews? The show was called Boy Meets World, but can you meet this quiz and come out on top of the world? Let's find out!

Boy Meets World aired as part of the TGIF lineup on which television network?

TGIF was a two-hour block of sitcoms that aired on Friday nights from 8-10pm with most success throughout the 90s.


In which year did Boy Meets World premiere?

Boy Meets World first aired on September 24, 1993 with debut ratings of 16.5 million viewers.


For how many seasons did Boy Meets World run?

The show aired from 1993 - 2000, finishing up on May 5, 2000.


Where does Boy Meets World take place?

Though fictionally the show takes place in Philadelphia, it was actually filmed at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA.


What is the name of the show's sequel that debuted on the Disney Channel in 2014?

This show centers around Cory and Topanga's daughter Riley Matthews!


Who is the 'boy' of Boy Meets World?

Cory is actually his nickname, Cornelius is his real first name!


What is Cory's family's name?

The Matthews family consisted of two parents and four children.


Which actor plays the role of Cory Matthews?

Ben Savage starred in all 158 episodes of Boy Meets World


Who is the best friend of Cory Matthews?

Shawn and Corey care more about sports than schoolwork!


What is Shawn's last name?

Shawn Hunter can sometimes be a bad-boy who occasionally makes Cory choose between him and what he thinks is right.


Who is Cory's main love interest?

Topanga Lawrence is portrayed by actress Danielle Fishel. She acted in 147 episodes of Boy Meets World.


When the series begins, in which grade is Cory, Shawn and Topanga?

Topanga is a better student than Cory and Shawn!


What is the name of Cory, Shawn and Topanga's longtime teacher?

George Feeny is played by actor William Daniels. He held a main role on Boy Meets World, and currently plays a recurring role as Mr. Feeny on Girl Meets World.


What does Cory nickname his high school English teacher Mr. Turner?

At first Cory thinks Mr. Turner is cool, but soon realizes that he is still a teacher and therefore just like Mr. Feeny in his book!


Who becomes the principal of Cory's high school?

Mr. Feeny follows the kids to high school as he becomes their principal. The boys are often in trouble with him!


What is the name of Cory's older brother?

Older brother Eric is played by actor Will Friedle. Eric has more interest in girls than schoolwork!


Mr. Feeny was not only Cory's principal, he was also his ________.

When he's not in school, Mr. Feeny can be found in his garden.


Who is the first person to ask Topanga out?

Shawn actually asks Topanga out first in an effort to get Cory to overcome his shyness and fear and finally express his feelings for her - and this plan worked!


In the later seasons, who becomes the sweetheart of Shawn Hunter?

Angela Moore was portrayed by actress Trina McGee Davis. She first held a recurring role in season 5 but became a main cast member for the final two seasons 6-7.


At risk of not graduating high school, who helps Shawn study for his exams?

He passed but only by a few points, and off to college they went!


Where does the whole crew go to college?

Pennbrook is a fictional university.


Who is Jack?

Jack Hunter is Eric's roommate at college, and turns out to be Shawn's half brother!


Who plays the role of Jack Hunter?

Matthew Lawrence had a main role as Jack Hunter in seasons 5-7.


Who was the 6th grade genius and nerd who served as Topanga's academic rival?

Stuart Minkus was portrayed by Lee Norris - he has made a brief return to Girl Meets World as well!


What is the name of Shawn and Jack's dad?

Actor Black Clark portrayed Chet Hunter. He also appeared as the "Hardware Store Guy" on Home Improvement.


What is the name of Cory's younger brother who was born prematurely in Season 6?

Joshua Gabriel Matthews played by Daniel Jacobs had a rough start, but made it out of the NICU and has since gone on to appear on Girl Meets World now portrayed by Uriah Shelton.


What are the names of Cory's parents?

Amy and Alan were regular cast members throughout the show's entirety. Amy was portrayed by Betsy Randle, and Alan by William Russ.


What was the running time of each episode minus the commercials?

All 158 episodes were 23 minutes and with 7 minutes of commercials filled a 30 minute block on TGIF.


What was the name of the high school that Cory, Shawn and Topanga attended?

The name of John Adams High School was a tribute to William Daniel's Tony-award-winning Broadway play "1776", and a Philadelphia reference in Boy Meets World.


On the night of their high school prom, what do Cory and Topanga contemplate?

The Disney Channel omitted this re-run from their later airings due to the sexual references of this particular episode entitled "The Truth About Honesty".


In the series finale, to where do Cory, Topanga, Shawn and Eric all move?

Angela heads overseas with her father, and Jack and Rachel join the Peace Corps in Guatemala.


Where is Topanga offered a dream internship?

This is why she heads to NYC in the series finale.


Who dies of a heart attack that leaves Shawn devastated?

After making strides to improve their relationship, Chet dies suddenly of a heart attack. Shawn in turn heads out on a road trip to deal with this death saying he'll never return. He does, however, when Joshua Matthews is born.


Who moves in with Mr. Turner?

When Shawn's mother deserts him and his dad, he lives briefly with the Matthews, but later moves in with Mr. Turner who serves as a solid male figure in his life.


What is the name Eric and Jack's new roommate at Pennbrook?

Rachel McGuire, portrayed by Maitland Ward, attends Pennbrook from Texas, and both Eric and Jack have crushes on her, though Jack is the one who forms a real relationship with her.


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