Quiz: The Ultimate Common Phrases Quiz
The Ultimate Common Phrases Quiz
By: Talin Vartanian
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About This Quiz

Common phrases are popular expressions that are often an analogy for a life lesson. They may also stem from movies, plays or folklore. In this quiz, we've compiled 35 different common phrases that are an analogy for a life lesson.

Let's take a look at some of these common phrases. If someone has a "chip on their shoulder," that means that the person is bitter about something that previously happened. This could include feelings of anger, sadness, remorse or holding a grudge against someone else. 

Another phrase is "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." This means that if you eat enough healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, on a daily basis, you'll be healthy enough to "keep the doctor away" (aka visit the doctor less frequently).

Some phrases also reference types of animals, such as "an elephant never forgets." This means that someone has a strong memory, and they are less likely to forget small details. 

So here's how this quiz works: we'll give you the common phrase, and all you have to do is guess what it really means. If you ever get stuck, be sure to utilize the provided hint for every question. Without further ado, take this common phrases quiz now to see how you do!

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If my friend is "driving me nuts," my friend is...
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If I say that this pie looks "mouth-watering," it means that it looks...
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If I tell you to not worry about things that happened and you cannot change, I'm telling you to...
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If I say that this vase "costs an arm and a leg," it means that the vase is...
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If I have to go back to the start of something, it means that I have to go...
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To "hit the sack" means to...?
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The phrase for playfully making fun of someone is...
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If someone looks very scared, one might call them a...
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