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Over 42 million households have a pup of their own! Whether you have one or not, we're sure you're a huge fan of dogs. Who could pass by a dog on the street and not stop to pet it, after all?! If you're a dog fanatic, then you probably have a vast array of knowledge on your pooch. So, if you think you know all about them, then you've only got one thing left to do. Prove it!

If you've taken care of a dog from its puppy years to its senior years, then you probably know a lot about them. You've seen it all, their good days, their bad days and their sick days. You've been there through vet trips, feedings and more. Your pup has been there for you too! You'll know all about their moods, biology, feelings. Let's not forget their training! A good dog always needs a little training to help it through.

Having a dog by your side is one of the greatest feelings in the world. If you show them respect, they'll reciprocate it 100 times more. Aspiring dog owners and seasoned dog owners will have no trouble acing this quiz. Take it to see just how much you know about dogs!

Always be prepared when you're looking to get a puppy! What is important to have in order when getting a dog?

When getting a dog, it's essential to make sure that you have a veterinarian that you can take them to, especially in the case of emergencies. Your puppy's health is very important to watch and take care of.


How many classes of dogs are there?

There are seven different groups that dogs are classified into. These groups are the herding, sporting, non-sporting, terrier, working, toy, and hound groups. A dog's group can tell you a lot about it.


What breed of dog is the oldest?

A Saluki was used in Ancient Egypt mostly for hunting. The breed is tall and nimble just like a Greyhound, one of the breeds that is most closely related to them.


If you're planning on getting a puppy, it's important to know when you can take it with you. When should you bring it home?

At 8 weeks old, a puppy is usually ready to go to its new home. It's important for a puppy to stay and bond with its brothers and sisters as well as its mother for the first few weeks of its life.


Is it true or false that dogs are colorblind?

This is false. Although many believe that they are, dogs are able to see color. They just don't experience it in the same way that we do, as their colors are quite limited.


Which of the following breeds has webbed feet?

A Newfoundland has webbed feet as many dog breeds are well-known for. Technically, all dogs have webbed feet, but only a few breeds have feet that are very noticeable.


What was the name of the dog who was the mascot for Taco Bell?

Gidget was the lovable Chihuahua that was in many, many Taco Bell commercials. Unfortunately, Gidget passed away in 2009 at the age of 15, but she will always be remembered in her work!


Which dog breed has a blue/black tongue?

You may recognize a Chow-Chow by its signature tongue like no other. Although no one knows why the breed's tongue is black, it sure is a defining feature of the dogs!


There are many things to make training your dog easier. Which of the following is one thing you can do to help them learn quicker?

Dogs can learn what you are trying to teach them better when you accompany the words with hand signals. Differing them is also a good idea so that the dog will not be confused with the signals you are giving it.


Which dog breed can't bark?

One of the most well-known facts about dogs is their ability to bark. But the Basenji is one dog that is totally unable to! Although an official bark will never be heard from this breed, they do still make sounds.


Dogs have great noses. What disease can dogs sniff out?

Dogs can learn how to detect cancer in humans. It is done through their sense of smell, which is much better than ours. They can smell these cells from humans and help to diagnose the problem better.


How many teeth does a dog have?

Dogs have ten more teeth than us, leaving them with 42 of them. However, they aren't born with them! Puppies tend to only have 28 teeth until they grow up and into their permanent ones.


What part of the body has a unique print on a dog?

A nose print on a dog is similar to a finger print on a human as no two are ever alike. If a dog could ever commit a crime, that would be a great identifier to have!


Besides being born deaf and blind, what else is a puppy born without?

A puppy is born without teeth, which only start to develop once they reach about six weeks of age. Then, as they begin to age and mature, they get their adult teeth that stick with them for life.


What is a female dog's gestation period?

A gestation period of 63 days is a short time compared to the nine months it takes for a human to complete a pregnancy! A dog will also produce around five or six puppies in this very short time.


Dogs are often there when you need them most. What breed was typically used for rescue missions?

Saint Bernards were very helpful in the Alps where they were used for all kinds of rescues. Just like the famous Beethoven, these dogs were all about helping those who needed them.


How many words can your pup learn?

Dogs are quite smart, and despite not being able to speak English themselves, they can still understand it! They can learn over 150 words that you say to them day-to-day. What word does your pup respond to best?


The purpose of whiskers on a dog is what?

Dogs use whiskers as one way to touch things. Their whiskers can give them lots of information about their surroundings such as the size of objects that they are near. Watch how important whiskers are to your pup the next time you're with them!


Often, you'll catch a dog out having a great time in the water. Do you know which dog breed you will never catch swimming?

All of these dog breeds can't or have a difficult time to swim. There are many different reasons for this, like the fact that having a larger head than other breeds can cause them to sink a lot easier.


What can a dog lower in a human?

Dogs are great stress relievers, and they can lower the blood pressure of a person through the power of touch. Petting your pup can be very good for both you and your dog. That's one more reason to love your dog more than you already do!


How do dogs sweat?

Many people believe that dogs sweat through their salivation, but this is simply untrue. The pads of their feet is where they truly sweat, in addition to controlling their temperature by panting.


What dog breed is most popular in the United States?

The Labrador Retriever is that most popular dog in the United States, and it has been for many years. The German Shepherd and French Bulldog are both very popular as well in the country.


It's always important to know what mood your furry friend is in. Where might a dog's tail be if they are scared or sad?

A tail pointing to the ground or in between the legs is a good indicator that a pup is feeling sad or scared. Give them some comfort! They'll always appreciate and remember your kindness.


What is one job that a dog can hold?

Dog's may not be able to treat you as a human therapist might, but they can provide their own type of therapy for you. While there are different types of therapy dogs, they can often help with physical therapy and mental therapy.


Some dogs have a need for speed! Which dog breed is the fastest?

In order to catch a running Greyhound, you'll have to jump inside of a car! It's impossible to keep up with them on foot as they can run as fast as 45 miles per hour.


How much exercise should a large dog get on average?

An hour a day is usually a good amount for a larger dog. Even if you might not have the space of a backyard, a trip to the park will do your pup a lot of good!


Upon meeting a new dog, what should you not do?

While dogs might look cute and cuddly, they may not be as open as you think to your love and affection. It's always wise to treat a dog with respect, especially upon meeting it. This includes refraining from staring into its eyes so that it doesn't think that your intentions are aggressive.


Sometimes, we can have things in common with our furry friends. Can you name the dog breed is born with a soft spot in its head?

Just like a human, a Chihuahua is born with a soft spot on its head. It can be a bit of a risk factor, so it's important to keep an eye on it so that your dog can be healthy and happy.


How many eyelids does a dog have?

Dogs have three eyelids, although you can't always see them. The third eyelid is a great indicator of your dog's eye health, as when it appears it is due to an issue that they are having.


Which breed of dog is Queen Elizabeth II known for having?

Corgis are one of the Queen's favorite breeds. She has kept countless Corgis over the years which she continues to keep currently. Some of her Corgis names include Candy and Willow.


They weren't born this way! When does a Dalmatian get its spots?

Dalmatians are known for their signature spots, but they don't always have them. Their spots only start coming in around a month after their birth. Did you know that not all Dalmatians spots are black?


How did Ancient Egyptians honor their dogs?

Just as humans were given a ceremony, dogs were given a ceremony as well. Dogs were considered to be very smart and important to the civilization at that time and were therefore honored in a way that matched their high status.


How many times a year do dogs go into heat?

Dogs go into heat twice a year, about every six months. Did you know that a female can give birth to a litter of puppies that have been fathered by two different dogs? It is possible, but it means that she would have to be bred by both within a certain time frame.


There are dog lovers all over the world. Which country is home to almost as many dogs as the United States?

While you could probably guess that the United States is home to the most dogs in the world, Brazil comes second. However, there is quite a large gap between the two with the United States being home to over 70 million dogs, while Brazil is home to over 35 million.


What were Pekingese dogs once used for in China?

In Ancient China, Pekingese were carried around in the sleeves of people so that they could keep them warm with their body heat. Unfortunately, dogs were bred to be smaller for this reason with methods that weren't good.


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