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If you could pay someone to erase your life's most painful memories, would you do it? That's the premise behind one of 2004's most emotional films. How much do you know about "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"?

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" hit theaters in 2004. What sort of movie is it?

"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" is a heart-wrenching movie that blends drama with comedy and a sci-fi twist. Is it a morose take on modern life or story about true love?


There are some notable stars in this film. Who gets top billing?

Jim Carrey, the man with the plastic face, plays the role of Joel Barish, a shy man who falls in love with a free-spirited woman.


Joel falls in love with a woman who has an unusual first name. What is her name?

Joel falls head over heels for Clementine, a hipster type who loves to dye her hair outrageous colors. She is as outgoing as Joel is withdrawn.


The movie is a thoughtful take on human relationships. Who directed?

Michel Gondry served as director. He also worked on projects such as "The Green Hornet" and "The We and the I."


The movie has an eloquent and appropriate title. Where did the title come from?

The movie's title comes from a centuries-old poem called, "Eloisa to Abelard." It was published by Alexander Pope in the early 1700s.


The story mostly takes place in which area?

The story takes place almost entirely in New York. It was filmed on location.


Joel is an emotionally deflated man who decides to skip work one morning. Where does he go?

He skips work and rides the Long Island train. While on the train, he meets a talkative woman named Clementine. Their chance meeting opens a new path for both of them.


Joel and Clementine meet on the train and spend a whole day together. They actually already knew each other … but didn't remember.

They don't remember, but the two new acquaintances actually already knew each other. They just didn't recall their previous encounters.


Who plays the role of Clementine, a funky, rebellious woman?

Kate Winslet plays the part of Clementine. Winslet, of course, is famous for dozens of blockbuster movies like "Titantic."


Joel and Clementine can't remember their previous meetings. What was the nature of the relationship between them?

They were lovers who spent two years of their lives together. But modern science made it possible for them to forget all about one another.


During their relationship, Joel and Clementine had an ugly, heartbreaking fight. What did Clementine decide to do?

Clementine decided to visit a company that selectively deletes human memories. Then? She has her memories of Joel wiped from her brain.


The film was made in 2004 and featured a star-laden cast. How much did it cost?

For 2004 (and considering the quality cast) the movie had a very affordable price of $20 million. It certainly made enough money to satisfy studio executives.


How much did the movie gross at box offices?

The film more than made back its $20 million budget it. It grossed around $73 million worldwide.


How does Joel react when he learns (through mutual friends) that Clementine erased him from her memory?

Joel is devastated that Clementine would pay to have him erased from her mind. He isn't sure how he will survive this revelation.


What does Joel decide to do after he finds out about Clementine's procedure?

Joel figures that if it worked for her, it will work for him, too. He decides to have his memories of Clementine wiped from his brain.


Who did the director first approach for the role of Joel?

Michael Gondry really wanted Nicholas Cage to play Joel. But given his top-level performance, it's hard to see anyone but Jim Carrey in the part.


Joel settles into the memory erasure procedure. Then what happens?

As Joel drifts into unconsciousness, he suddenly changes his mind -- he wants to keep the memories of Clementine. He begins an inner struggle to resist the erasing process.


"Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" was a success with fans and critics alike. It was nominated for seven Academy Awards.

The movie was certainly a hit. It was nominated in two Academy Awards categories, not seven.


The movie was NOT nominated for which of the following Academy Awards?

It wasn't nominated for Best Actor. Kate Winslet was nominated for Best Actress, and the movie won Best Writing for an Original Screenplay.


How does Joel fight the memory erasing procedure?

He tries to wake himself up … but fails. So he begins a frantic attempt to "hide" memories of Clementine throughout his brain.


What role did Charlie Kaufman have in the creation of the movie?

Charlie Kaufman wrote the screenplay. He and Gondry, along with Pierre Bismuth, shared credit for creating the story.


Kate Winslet's hair was dyed multiple times to fit her role as Clementine.

Constant recoloring would have ruined Winslet's hair. The costume department used wigs to achieve the colorful hipster look.


Why did Mary, an employee at the memory-erasure company, agree to have the procedure done on her own brain?

Mary had an affair with the company president, and after his wife learns of the relationship, she insists that Mary erase those memories. In part due to guilt, Mary agrees.


Jim Carrey made up many of his own lines.

Director Gondry wanted Carrey to feel restricted by his emotionally-trapped character, so he wasn’t allowed to ad lib any of his lines. The other actors, though, were given much more free rein with their lines.


The movie received two Academy Award nominations but got mostly yawns from critics.

Critics -- then and now -- hail the movie as a masterpiece. Some regard it as one of the best films to appear in decades.


What happened to director Michael Gondry during the making of the movie?

Gondry was working on the final stages of the film when his girlfriend left him. Perhaps their dying relationship added a dose of reality to the movie.


The science behind the movie's memory-erasure process is already a reality.

You can't order a deletion of specific memories just yet. But for years, researchers have been able to manipulate minute aspects of animal memories and reactions. It may not be long before you can custom order a process to erase your own memories.


At the end of the story, Joel and Clementine realize that they already had a previous relationship.

They both suddenly realize that they already had a relationship. They are amazed that they can't remember one another.


How do they find out about their relationship, even though their memories were erased?

Mary, the receptionist from the memory company, is so angry about her own erased memories that she sends company records to all former customers. Joel and Clementine are shocked that they used to be lovers, and Joel tries to convince Clementine that they should start over again.


How does Clementine respond to Joel's pleas to start their relationship again?

She's very uncertain about pursuing such a strange path, but Joel's earnestness wins her over. After erasing each other from their memories, they decide to start over and make new ones.


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