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Love me like you do! If you don't have someone to love you like Ana or Christian, this "50 Shades of Grey" quiz is the one for you! Can you handle the intensity?

In 2011, author E.L. James released her best-selling novel, "Fifty Shades of Grey." First starting off as a Twilight fanfiction story on the internet, the story then blossomed beyond its URL to a spot on multiple best-seller lists. After the release of the final novel in the trilogy, the novel made its way to the movie screen in 2015.

Starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, the film follows a recent college graduate who begins a BDSM relationship with a rich businessman. From the storyline to the actors to the soundtrack, moviegoers were hooked. Were you singing along to the Weeknd's "Earned It?" You might've been belting out the chorus to "Love Me Like You Do." Did the film leave you reminded of Beyonce's "Haunted?" If you're here, that means Christian Grey was just the kind of intensity you needed. How well do you remember the drama?

What was Anastasia's major? How did Christian like to exercise? What was the name of his helicopter? From 514 pages and over two hours of film, can you remember all the shades or will you be left heartbroken before the sequel?

Let's find out if you'll make it to Fifty Shades Darker!

What is Anastasia's last name?

You have to admit, it probably looks good on a driver's license.


What is Christian's preferred form of exercise?

Hmmm... is he trying to outrun his troubled past?


What is Anastasia's roommate named?

Her full name is Kate Kavanaugh.


What is Anastasia's major and GPA?

Given that, we really expected her dialogue to be sharper.


One of which three authors does Christian think inspired Ana to study literature?

Seriously, dude -- you've never heard of a guy named William Shakespeare?


Of those three novelists, which one does Anastasia say she likes?

Christian says he would have thought Jane Austen.


Of Kate's list, how many interview questions does Anastasia ask?

Fortunately, Christian filches the list and emails answers directly to Kate.


What kind of vehicle does Anastasia drive?

Ana borrows Kate's car to drive to the interview, but she does have her own wheels.


Where does Anastasia work?

This also allows Christian to make some eyebrow-raising purchases.


What is the first item Christian asks Anastasia to find for him?

He also asks for the rope and masking tape, but not a coverall.


What is the name of the "good friend with a crush" character?

He photographs Christian for Kate's article.


What does Christian save Anastasia from after they have coffee?

Jose's unwanted pass comes a little bit later.


Why does Anastasia go to interview Christian Grey?

Just think, if things had gone differently, it could have been Ana's roommate getting flogged!


When Christian and Ana come home, who is Kate making out with?

TBH, the unknown girl would really have spiced things up for men din the audience.


What is Christian's brother's name?

Elliot was played by "True Blood" actor Luke Grimes.


Why does Christian fly Ana to Seattle in his helicopter?

Christian, naturally, lives in a penthouse.


How many women have slept in Christian's guest bedroom?

Hey, it's impressive that Christian knows the number right off the top of his head.


When Christian refers to his "playroom", what does Ana think is inside?

The room is also known as the red room of pain, though the phrase isn't used in the movie.


What does Anastasia reveal to Christian in his apartment?

If Anastasia had deliberately gotten Kate sick, we'd really have to re-evaluate what we've thought about her to this point!


From whom did Christian learn about BDSM relationships?

Christian was this woman's submissive.


At the meeting where they negotiate his contract, what refreshments are served?

Neither Ana nor Christian appear to touch them, however.


What Canadian actor plays Anastasia's stepfather?

"Fifty Shades" struggled for respect -- let's face it, William Shatner would have sunk it.


"Fifty Shades of Grey" got its start as what kind of writing?

It was called "Master of the Universe," and E.L. James wrote it under the pen name "Snowdragon's Icequeen."


After what change to the contract does Anastasia sign it?

Ana never signs the contract, yet she and Christian go ahead with several sexual encounters.


What makes Christian angry at the family dinner?

Christian expresses his displeasure by dragging Ana away from the dinner table for some intense conversation.


In what state does Anastasia's mother live?

Ana apparently dislikes the humidity, just as Bella does in "Twilight."


Other than his helicopter, what other kind of aircraft does Christian pilot?

Christian's ability to pilot several vehicles underscores his love of control.


What happened to Christian when he was four?

It isn't until late in the film that Christian explains that his mother was a prostitute and crack addict.


Who plays Ana's flighty, romantic mother?

The role was a sharp contrast to Ehle's super-competent characters in "Zero Dark Thirty" and "Contagion."


What does Christian make Ana do while giving her the six blows?

Ana has asked for the whipping so she'll understand "the worst" their relationship has to offer.


What is the last word of dialogue in the film?

It's Ana's way of saying goodbye -- the film ends abruptly, with the characters' relationship in disrepair.


Who directed "Fifty Shades of Grey"?

Taylor-Johnson began her career in high-art photography before making the leap to film.


Which actor was initially cast as Christian Grey before having to drop out?

Hunnam wanted the role, but was still shooting "Sons of Anarchy."


Dakota Johnson is the daughter of Don Johnson and which actress?

Griffith took some flak in the media for not wanting to see "Fifty Shades" -- but can you blame her?


What is the name of the "Fifty Shades" sequel coming out in 2017?

"Grey" is the novel that tells the story from Christian's point of view.


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