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Do you stop in your tracks when someone mentions the Song of Ice and Fire? Do you find yourself checking and rechecking the map in Game of Thrones and imagining that amazing world? Thinking back on the first book in the series, do you feel awash with emotions: victory, struggle, misery, sacrifice, leadership and justice? Then this is the quiz for you. Relive what makes Game of Thrones so immensely popular: the characters, the situations that turn on a dime, the thirst for power … and vengeance. Take the quiz now and you’ll quench your need to rule the day. 

Sure, some of the questions will be easy, as they’ll be focused on your favorite characters and conflicts. The rising threat of the supernatural Others, the ambition of Daenerys Targaryen to assume the Iron Throne. You may easily recall the name of Lord Eddard Stark’s sword (Ice). But do you know the official name of the band of sellswords led by Vargo Hoat (the Brave Companions)? What about who “killed” Jon Snow? Take this quiz now and don’t be surprised if you find yourself re-reading one of your favorite books. Winter is coming. Don’t wait. Click the button below to start your quiz.

What is the punishment for deserting the Night's Watch?

Jon Snow attempts to desert to help his brother Robb, but is brought back by his friends at the wall who convince him to uphold his vows.

Which King died first in the War of Five Kings?

Renly is killed by a shadow of his brother Stannis that the Lady Melisandre conjures.

Which Free City is known to have a fortified statue guarding the entrance to it?

The Titan of Braavos is listed as one of the nine Wonders Made by Man by explorer Lomas Longstrider.

What is Sansa’s favorite food?

Sansa has a sweet tooth, but probably also enjoys Pigeon Pie because it was the last thing that Joffery ate before he died.

What was the name of Lord Eddard Stark’s sword?

Ice is a Valyrian Steel greatsword and heirloom of House Stark. This was also the sword used to take Ned’s life.

What is the name of Rickon Stark's direwolf?

Shaggydog was part of the litter of direwolves found by the Starks along with Grey Wind, Summer, Lady, Nymeria, and Ghost.

Who unexpectedly accompanies Jon Snow on his first journey to The Wall?

Tyrion does not believe he’ll ever get a chance to look upon The Wall again, so he takes advantage of the opportunity.

Who killed Jon Arryn?

Lysa Arryn worked with Littlefinger to poison Jon Arryn and then to accuse the Lannisters.

What medical drink is used as a strong painkiller and should only consumed in small doses?

Some people prefer to deal with the pain rather than take Milk of the Poppy due to its long lasting negative symptoms.

What does Eddard Stark discover right before King Robert's death?

Eddard finds out that Joffrey, Myrcella, and Tommen were all fathered by Cersei's brother Jaime. He is never able to tell Robert this.

Bran loses the ability to use his legs after being pushed from the top of a tower. What is the primary way he gets around afterwards?

Luckily for Bran, Hodor is incredibly strong and willing to carry him around.

Who are the siblings of Catelyn Stark?

House Tully was the ruling house of the Riverlands before the Red Wedding. Edmure Tully is the heir to Riverrun. Lysa and Catelyn were married to House Arryn and House Stark, respectively

Cersei Lannister had a troubled relationship with her husband King Robert. What first caused the strain in their relationship?

This eventually led to Cersei ordering Roberts squires to give him strongwine while hunting hoping that he would get gravely injured.

Ramsay Bolton (formerly Snow) takes Theon Greyjoy captive and tortures him. What new name does he give Theon?

It is later revealed that Theon is the second Reek that Ramsay has created.

Who won the Hand’s Tourney?

The championship bout never happens because Loras Tyrell proclaims Sandor Clegane the victor after the Sandor saves Loras from a surprise attack by Gregor Clegane.

Who is Robb’s army able to capture during the Battle of the Whispering Woods?

Catelyn Stark goes behind Robb’s back and frees the Kingslayer in an effort to exchange him for her two daughters.

What does Hizdahr of Mereern petition Daenerys to do many times before she finally agrees?

Hizdahr bought a stake in the fighting pits, so he has a lot to gain by seeing them reopen.

Why is The Hound on Arya’s list of people she wishes were dead?

Arya eventually removes the Hound from her list after learning more about him during their travels together.

What is the name given to the blue lipped magic practitioners in Qarth that tried to kidnap Daenerys in the House of the Undying?

Warlocks have blue lips due to their ritual of drinking shade of the evening.

How much does Jon Snow know according to Ygritte?

Ygritte would often say “You know nothing, Jon Snow”.

Stannis and Davos have a relationship going back many years. How did this friendship begin?

Although Davos saved Stannis, that didn’t stop Stannis from taking off the fingertips of Davos’ right hand for being a smuggler.

How does Tyrion Lannister almost die during the battle of the Blackwater?

Podrick Payne saves Tyrion’s life by killing Ser Mandon before he can finish the job that Cersei hired him to do.

Who does Jon Snow mistakenly think is Mance Rayder when taken captive by the Wildings?

Jon Snow believed Tormund was Mance due to impressive physical appearance.

What does Bran discover about himself through his dreams and with the help of Jojen Reed?

A Warg is able to enter the minds of people and animals. Bran most often enters into the mind of his direwolf, Summer.

In Westeros what is Guest Right?

Guest Right is a sacred custom in Westeros. The most notable violation was when Walder Frey ordered the killing of Catelyn Stark, Robb Stark, and the their men.

Why does Sandor Clegane despise his older brother Gregor, the Mountain that Rides?

Sandor Clegane's father helped cover up this incident by telling everyone that Sandor’s bed had caught fire.

Where does Bran and his companions encounter Samwell Tarly and Gilly on their journey to find the three-eyed crow?

Samwell promises Bran that he won’t tell anybody, including Jon Snow, that he saw them.

What is the official name of the band of sellswords led by Vargo Hoat?

The Brave Companions were sellswords for Tywin Lannister and afterwards for Roose Bolton. After Roose Bolton leaves Harrenhal to attend the wedding of Edmure Tully, Hoat loses Harrenhal to The Mountain. Hoat’s hands and feet are chopped off after his own fashion.

Who was behind the assassination attempt on Bran where his life was saved by his direwolf, Summer?

Catelyn Stark wrongly accuses Tyrion Lannister of attempting to murder her son and imprisons him at the Eyrie.

Who volunteers to fight for Tyrion in his trial by combat, not to prove Tyrion’s innocence of killing Joffrey, but instead to get vengeance on the man that he believes killed his sister, Elia?

Prince Oberyn nearly kills Gregor, the Mountain that Rides, but drops his guard while demanding that the Mountain to confess his crimes and is pummeled to death by the Mountain.

Jon Snow is offered what by Stannis before he is elected Lord Commander by the Night’s Watch?

As sworn brother of the Night’s Watch, Jon is forbidden to hold any lands and becoming Lord of Winterfell would break his vows.

Tyrion narrowly escapes death from Stone Men that are inflected with what deadly disease?

Greyscale is rarely fatal for children although it will likely disfigure them like Shireen Baratheon’s face.

In exchange for not helping Tyrion, Cersei arranges a marriage for Bronn to what highborn lady?

Tyrion is not able to “double the price” for Bronn, so Bronn refuses to represent him during the Trial by Combat.

Maesters are trained at the Citadel, located where?

This is where Maesters earn their chains in all the different fields they study before getting sent to advise a Lord.

What were Tywin Lannisters last words?

This is said, of course, to Tyrion Lannister after he shot his father with a crossbow.

As a girl, Cersei Lannister goes to a fortune teller to find out if she would marry Prince Rhaegar. What did she find out instead?

Cersei also learned that her death would come at the hands of her younger brother and that she would see her children dead beneath golden shrouds.

What crop is Meereen famous for?

Meereen had an ancient grove of olive trees which was a great source of income for the city. When the Masters of Meereen learned of the approach of Daenerys’s army they had the trees burned down.

Who killed Jon Snow?

Assuming that Jon Snow actually did die, that is.

Why did Brienne love Renly Baratheon?

Unlike many of Brienne’s previous visitors from Tarth, Renly treated Brienne kindly and danced with her. She loved him ever since.

Daenerys is nearly killed during a surprise attack at the fighting pits by the Sons of the Harpy. How does she ultimately escape?

Luckily for Dany, Drogon wasn't locked away like his brothers.


The popular fan theory is that Jon is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. The real questions is when will we know for sure?

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