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This might be your reaction if you watched this quiz come to life and it told you to stop "eating junk food and watching rubbish, you better come out and stop me!" 

Whether you're actually "home alone" or around a group of family or friends, there's no time like now to tackle this quiz!

In 1990, the classic John Hughes Christmas film Home Alone was released. Starring Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci, and Daniel Stern, the movie followed a young Kevin McCallister plan to go against a duo of burglars after his family accidentally leaves him behind while traveling to Paris. 

With its release, the film became one of the highest-grossing of its kind and would spawn a series of sequels. Kevin's adventure began when his family forgot him. Will yours start now with this quiz? Just how well do you remember the film?

What was the name of the two burglars that Kevin had to thwart? What were some of the iconic quotes that came out of this movie? This quiz isn't a booby trap, but let's see if you can make it through!

Kevin would say "This is my house, I have to defend it." Is this your quiz? Will you prove that you're the ultimate Home Alone fan? Buzz might tell you "Beat this, you little trout sniffer!"

Home Alone takes place around which holiday?

The film was written and produced by John Hughes.


In which year was Home Alone released?

It was released in the US on November 16, 1990.


What is the name of the main family in Home Alone?

Home Alone was directed by Chris Columbus.


Where are the McCallisters traveling to for Christmas?

Peter and Frank's brother Rob lives in Paris.


What does the family eat for dinner the night before their flight?

The pizza delivery guy waits around the chaotic house for his payment and tip.


What is the name of the main character who is left home alone?

Kevin McCallister is 8 years old.


Where do the McCallisters live?

They live in a quiet suburb of Chicago.


Which actor plays the role of Kevin McCallister?

Culkin was born on August 26, 1980.


The thieves in Home Alone call themselves the _______.

They leave the water running and plug up the drain so they not only rob but cause flooding in people's homes!


What are the names of the Wet Bandits?

Though Marv is more enthusiastic about being a Wet Bandit, Harry is more into the robbing!


Why doesn't Kevin want to sleep with Fuller?

Fuller is one of Kevin's cousins who is traveling to Paris with them.


Kevin gets into a fight with his brother and is sent to bed early ...

While up there all alone he wishes his family would just disappear!


Where are the McCallisters when they realize they forgot Kevin?

They were reviewing other things such as closing the garage doors and turning off the lights when they remembered Kevin.


Why did everyone oversleep on the morning of their flight?

Since the clocks reset, so did their alarms!


After searching the whole house looking for his family, Kevin realizes they are gone and then he ....

He jumps on the bed, runs up and down the stairs screeching with joy!


"Buzz your girlfriend, _______"

Kevin does not find Buzz's girlfriend to be too attractive!


"This is my house, _______"

Kevin proclaims this when he realizes that the Wet Bandits are coming his way!


Whose BB gun does Kevin practice shooting with?

He holds shooting practice by shooting his figurines into the laundry shoot.


"I'm gonna give you to the count of 10 to get your ugly, yella, no good _____ off my property..."

The rest of the quote continues, "...before I pump your guts full of lead! 1, 2, 10!"


Which famous actor plays the role of Harry Lime the Wet Bandit?

Joe Pesci was born in 1943 in Newark, New Jersey.


What is the name of the neighbor who Kevin and his siblings are afraid of?

Kevin eventually warmed up to Old Man Marley and realized he wasn't actually scary!


How does Kate McCallister make her way back to Chicago?

The band is traveling to Milkwaukee and they offer to take her to Winnetka on their way.


Which famous actor plays the role of the lead member of the polka band?

John Candy's character's name in Home Alone is Gus Polinski.


Where does Kevin officially meet Old Man Marley?

Kevin goes to church on Christmas eve and Old Man Marley's granddaughter is singing in the choir.


Which of the following does Kevin NOT purchase at the grocery store?

Though the clerk is suspicious of him being at the store alone, Kevin pretends that he is NOT alone.


How does Kevin scare the pizza delivery man?

Kevin eventually throws a $20 out the dog door to pay for the pizza.


"Keep the change ya ______"

This was the final quote of the gangster movie after Johnny shot Snakes.


What does Harry step on when he climbs into the window of the McCallister house?

He hurt his feet! This was one of Kevin's first of many booby traps.


Why does Marv fall down the back stairs?

Kevin had sprayed the steps with the hose and the stairs became a slick layer of ice!


What does Kevin make himself for dinner on Christmas Eve?

Although he didn't get to take his first bite of the his microwaved mac n cheese because the Wet Bandits showed up.


What kind of pet did Buzz have and Kevin set it loose?

The tarantula was used to scare Marv who screamed like a baby!


When the Wet Bandits catch Kevin, what do they do with him?

They are discussing what they're going to do to him.


Who rescues Kevin from the Wet Bandits at the end of the movie?

Old Man Marley hits both Harry and Marv on the head and they fall to the ground.


Who said, "Kevin! What did you do to my room?!" at the end of the movie?

The film ends on this line and the credits role.


Who is the first family member to make it home to Kevin on Christmas morning?

Kate and Kevin share a hug and apologize to each other! The rest of the family rolls in and all is back to usual!


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