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Who doesn't like horses? You might not like standing around them for too long, but you've got to admit that horses are some pretty amazing animals! Here is your chance to learn more about these majestic beings. Take this horse lover's quiz, and you won't regret galloping through some interesting facts about breeds and horse history.

The equine facts that we present to you are rather particular. Horse life spans, years to maturity and dates particular to species development cover the numbers portion. Breed names are the bulk of the word facts. The questions are challenging, but the answers are so easy to choose. Even shallow knowledge of horses goes far on this quiz. Recall horsey references, such as basic horse gear, medieval activities and Olympic sports that use the intelligent creatures. And have you ever seen a horse nibble on anything other than hay, grains or grass? By the same token, have you ever heard of someone eating horse meat? Anything is possible with this quiz, so keep your mind as open as a grazed field.

Time to trot through some horse Q&A. Tally-ho!

What is the name of the only Olympic sport that involves an animal?

The Olympics debuted equestrian sports in 1900 at the games held in Paris, France. Jumping, dressage and eventing are the equestrian categories. Equestrian dressage requires that the horse and rider perform a series of skilled movements that exhibit a horse's flexibility, subservience and balance.


Which is the taxonomic name of the domesticated horse species?

The horse is a solid-hoofed mammal that evolved on the North American continent. The first domesticated horse appeared in central Asia approximately 5,000 years ago.


Of the following choices, which was not an original use for horses?

Horses were first used as a source of transportation, carrying people and heavy loads. The animals helped to cultivate crops and lead men into and out of battles.


During which century did horses first arrive in eastern and western regions of North America?

The first of the horse species evolved in North America before crossing the Bering Strait into Europe, Asia and Africa. The Spanish conquistadors brought the species back to America during the 1500s.


What is the name of the medieval sport whereby two knights on horseback charge at each other with lances?

Jousting is a western European military tournament sport that began during the early medieval period. The objective of each jousting match is to "unhorse" the other opponent.


What is the formal name for an English horseman?

"Cavalier" is derived from the French term "chevalier," which means "knight" or "chivalrous man." The term is based on the Latin word "caballus," which implies "horse."


What is the name of the Greek mythological creature that has the head, torso and arms of a man and the legs of a horse?

The Centaur in Greek mythology is a race of part-man, part-horse beings that inhabit the Arcadia and Thessaly mountains. According to myth, the Centaur were defeated by the Lapiths in war following the wedding of Pirithous when the creatures attempted to kidnap the bride and other women.


What was the name of Alexander the Great's favored horse?

Alexander the Great was King of Macedonia who trained his favorite horse Bucephalus when he was a boy. Alexander the Great took Bucephalus on many of his war campaigns. The horse died after a battle at the Hydaspes River.


Can you identify the name of the 1st Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley's war horse?

Copenhagen was named after the British triumph at the Second Battle of Copenhagen in 1807. There is a statue at Round Hill in Aldershot, United Kingdom of the 1st Duke of Wellington astride Copenhagen. Matthew Cotes Wyatt made the statue in 1846.


Which country generally regards eating horse meat as taboo?

Mongolia, Japan and many central Asian countries breed horses for their meat. The Japanese use horse meat in certain teriyaki dishes.


Which parts of the horse are used to make glue?

The cartilage and bones of the horse are boiled for prolonged periods of time to condense collagen from the connective tissues. Fish and rabbit tissues are also used to make glue.


Can you identify the most important resource that horses provide?

Horse manure is specifically used to fertilize mushroom crops. Manure is replete with organic materials, and improves the soil's ability to assimilate and store water.


What is the term for a castrated male horse?

An intact male horse is a stallion. A female horse is a mare and her offspring are foals. Young male horses are colts and young female horses are fillies.


What is kind of diet do horses eat?

Horses consume a plant-based diet, and they typically eat grass. Stabled horses are fed plain or mixed grains and hay.


What breed of horse is also known as the English running horse?

Thoroughbred horses are a cross between Arabian and Turkish horses. Thoroughbreds are the fastest of all breeds. This horse tends to have an anxious disposition.


What color is associated with horses that have a characteristic white mane and tail, as well as a golden complexion?

Palomino describes the color of the horse, and not the horse breed. Horses with palomino characteristics are widely bred in the southwestern region of the United States.


What North American breed of horse has dark spots on a light-colored background and is esteemed for its intelligence?

Frontier pioneers Meriwether Lewis and William Clark discovered the Appaloosa color breed of horse in the Nez Perce Indian territory of North America. The Appaloosa horse is a popular show horse that demonstrates remarkable stamina.


What is the gestation period for a single foal?

The gestation period for a foal is 280 days at minimum. A mare may give birth to twins, or even triplets, on occasion. Foals are weaned after six months.


What is the average lifespan for horses?

After two years, horses are considered sexually mature, and are fully grown after five years. Depending on the degree to which they are worked during their lifetimes, some horses live beyond the average life span to 30 years,


Which horse is a stock breed for several other breeds?

The Arabian horse is regarded as the first truly domesticated breed of horse. It's used as parental stock for such breeds as American saddlebred horse, Standardbred horse, quarter horse and the Thoroughbred.


Which horse breed originated in the northwest region of France?

The Percheron horse is a heavy draft horse breed, and therefore has significant stamina. Draft horses originated in central Europe and are bred to pull heavy loads. Popular draft horse breeds are Shire, Percheron and Clydesdale.


What is the name of the racehorse that served as the foundation sire of the Standardbred breed?

Messenger was a Thoroughbred racehorse brought over to Philadelphia from Britain in 1788. The Standardbred horse is a harness racehorse.


What was the name of the horse that served as foundation sire of the Morgan breed?

Figure was foaled in Massachusetts in 1793 and sired the light draft breed line. Morgans are considered all-purpose horses, though modern descendants have been used as riding-horses.


Which horse breed was developed by crossing the Norfolk trotter with the Thoroughbred?

The Hackney is a carriage horse that was developed in the eighteenth century. A dense muscular build and arched neck characterize the Hackney breed.


Shetland, Exmoor and Welsh are what type of horses?

Ponies are small horses that stand less than fourteen hands and two inches, or fifty-eight inches. The Shetland pony is slightly shorter, measuring forty-six inches high on average.


Which southern and eastern African mammal is of the horse family Equidae and of the genus Equus?

The genus Equus includes the zebra, the ass and the horse. The three species of zebra are Grevy's zebra, mountain zebra and plains zebra.


Which European wild horse became extinct between the eighteenth and twentieth centuries?

The tarpan was a small wild horse that dwelt along the Russian grasslands of Eurasia. Outbreeding and overhunting lead to the tarpan's demise.


Which draft-horse originated in Lanarkshire, Scotland?

Although the Clydesdale is a heavy draft-horse, it takes light and springy steps. On average, the breed measures sixteen hands, or sixty-four inches, in height.


Which horse breed descends from the war-ready English "great horse"?

The Shire is a draft horse native to central England. These horses were used for military battle during the Middle Ages. The "great horse" was strong enough to transport weaponry and men in heavy armor.


Which riding horse is found in South America and was first imported from Spain?

The Criollo horse is bred in South America, especially Brazil and Argentina. After it was imported from Spain it was released into the wild in Argentina. Three hundred years later in 1920, formal breeding methods were set in place.


Can you identify the name of the only surviving wild horse subspecies?

Przewalski's horse is closely related to the domesticated strains, but it has a different stature and appearance. Przewalski's horse more closely resembles a pony in height. The wild horse stands twelve to fourteen hands, or forty-eight to fifty-six inches. The horse possesses a dun, or yellowish, color with a dark tail and short mane.


Which horse is bred primarily for riding?

Light horses originate in the Middle East region and can perform light work. These horses are trained as racers, trotters and cow horses. The Morgan, Appaloosa and American saddlebred are light horse breeds.


What is the mammal that shares the same family as horses and is native to Africa and Asia?

Horses and wild asses are members of the family Equidae. There are two species of wild ass: Asiatic wild ass, sometimes called Asian wild ass or the half-ass; and the African wild ass. The domestic donkey descends from the African wild ass.


Which Spanish explorer brought Moorish horse breeds to the New World in the late fifteenth century?

Spanish horses of Moorish stock first landed with Christopher Columbus on the shores of the Caribbean in 1493. Other European explorers brought horses to the western and eastern portions of the New World during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.


What is the name of the seat or pad used for riding horses?

Horse riders use saddles for cushion and support. Saddle support has evolved from cloths and blankets to the elaborate seating structures that seasoned riders typically use today.


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