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While Andie might've been trying to detail how to lose a guy in 10 days, you might be wondering how to pass this quiz of 35 questions. If you're the ultimate How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days fan, everyone could use some pointers from you!

In 1998, Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long released their cartoon book, How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days: The Universal Don'ts of Dating. Should you call him your boyfriend the morning after? Is it okay to call his friends for advice the day after you meet? All the cringe-worthy things you could think of, these women had it covered. 

While we all love paperback, the book was soon brought to the movie screen. In 2003, Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey joined forces for the romantic comedy based on the Alexander/Long book. The film followed a women's magazine writer set on writing a definitive list of how to get a man to break up with you. Little did she know, she was set against an advertising exec determined to make her fall in love with him. 

You might've laughed, cried, scoffed, and rolled your eyes, but just how well do you remember How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days? Will you lose the guy and this quiz all in one go? We hope not, but let's see who comes out on top at the end of this relationship!

In which year was the premiere of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days?

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days premiered on February 7, 2003. It made more than $23 million in its opening weekend.


What is the name of the lead male character?

His full name is Benjamin Barry. His friends call him Ben for short.


Which famus actor plays the role of Benjamin Barry?

Matthew McConaughey was born on November 4, 1969. He attended the University of Texas in Austin.


What profession is Ben?

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days made more than $177 million at the box office. It had a production budget of only $50 million.


Benjamin Barry and his team are trying to win an advertising pitch about _______.

There are two other members of Ben's advertising team. Their names are Tony and Thayer.


What is the name of the lead female character?

Andie Anderson is a fun-loving single girl. She works as a writer for a magazine.


Who plays the role of Andie Anderson?

Kate Hudson was nominated for several Teen Choice Awards for her role in this movie. She was also nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Female Performance.


Andie writes for a magazine called _________.

Andie works mainly with women at Composure. She is working at Composure until she can go on to write about her true passion.


What is the name of Andie's boss?

Lana is portrayed by actress Beatrice Neuwirth. She is an actress, singer and dancer from Newark, NJ.


Andie is Lana's "_______ Girl."

Lana's assignment for Andie is to write a story on How-to... lose a guy in 10 days. If she writes this article, Lana tells Andie she'll give her more freedom for her writing.


Ben's rival co-workers are Judy Spears and Judy ______.

Judy Spears is played by actress Michael Michele. Judy Green is played by actress Shalom Harlow. They were known as 'The Judys' in the movie.


Actor Adam Goldberg plays the role of ______, one of Ben's coworkers.

Adam Goldberg was born on October 25, 1970. He has appeared in films such as Dazed and Confused, Saving Private Ryan and A Beautiful Mind.


Where does Ben's family live?

State Island is the southernmost part of New York City, and the state for that matter! He and Andie travel there for a weekend.


How many days does Ben have to make any woman fall in love with him?

Aware of Andie's writing assignment, the Judys suggest Andie to Ben as the woman he needs to fall in love with him in order to win the bet. They point her out at a party calling her, 'the blonde with the pretty smile'.


What is the name of the movie that Ben and Andie go to see in the theater?

While at the movie, Andie keeps talking to Ben and disturbs the other movie-goers. One of them gets so mad, he punches Ben in the face!


What did Ben find in Andie's purse that she 'mistakenly' left behind at his place?

He sits and observes the purse on his desk with his coworkers and they 'accidentally' knock it over and its contents reveal Knicks tickets. Little does Ben realize that Andie planted them and left the purse at his place on purpose!


While at the Knicks game, what does Andie desperately 'need'.

She tells Ben that she's parched. When he returns, she takes a sip and asks him for diet. She makes Ben miss the end of the exciting game!


What does Andie nickname Ben's manhood?

Andie says, "Little, big, little, big? I don't know. We will find out!" This rightfully so causes Ben to suggest alternative names that are more masculine, "Something like a Spike, a Butch, a Krull the Warrior King!"


What is the name of Ben's boss at work?

Phillip is played by actor Robert Klein. Klein was born on February 8, 1942 and has hosted SNL twice.


When Andie goes to Ben's family house, she hears them yelling profanities, but what are they really doing?

The family is out on the back porch playing "Bulls**t". The family leader board reveals Ben is in the lead, but his family helps Andie beat him at his own game!


What does Ben teach Andie to do on Staten Island?

During this scene, they are eating ice cream, and then he teaches her about the clutch, etc. She takes off and he hops on the bike behind her to help!


How much does Ben pay the therapist for their couples therapy session?

At the end of the movie he realizes that the therapist was actually one of Andie's coworkers and tells her that she owes him $300! It was from the couples therapy session that came the suggestion of taking Andie home to Staten Island.


Ben thinks that Andie has tickets to a second New York Knicks game, but really he ends up at a _______.

Celine Dion was born on March 30, 1968. Ben was unpleasantly surprised to learn that Andie's "tickets" were not exactly for the Knicks game!


What does Ben do during boy's night?

Andie shows up to Ben's poker night and causes a bit of a disruption. She even tells him to 'blow', holding a tissue up to his nose for him to blow his nose... in front of the guys!


Who was responsible for the couples therapy idea?

In a panic at boys' night after Andie storms out, the guys brainstorm ideas to win her back. Tony suggests couples therapy saying, "it'll buy you at least four days!" to Ben.


What does Andie buy and leave at Ben's place as a symbol of their love?

She refers to it as their 'love fern', and wants Ben to take care of it like their relationship. When she thinks the plant has died, she asks Ben, "Are you gonna let us die too?"


How long have Andie and Ben been dating when they go to see the therapist?

Ben asks the therapist if that's too soon to be seeing a therapist. Andie says, "Well, Ben, seven days isn't like a lifetime or anything..." And he replies, "It's like a week."


What is the name of the diamond account that Ben is vying for?

The Delowers host a diamond party. It is at this party where the bet comes to an end and Phillip determines who the winner is.


What type of drink does Mrs. Delower drink?

Mrs. Delower asks Ben to order her a drink at the bar. She has a crush on him despite their obvious age difference.


What is the color of Andie's dress at the diamond party?

Andie's yellow dress was designed by celebrity designer Dina Bar-El. It had a long open back and Ben thought she looked stunning.


What is the name of the diamond that Andie gets to wear at the diamond party?

The Isadora diamond is an 80-carat yellow diamond. It was designed by Harry Winston and is worth $6 million!


What is the name of the song that Andie sings on stage at the diamond party?

Andie has a little extra champagne after learning about the bet. Taking over the stage, she sings You're So Vain while Marvin Hamlisch plays the piano. Ben joins her and they begin changing the words to the song to insult each other.


What is the slogan of the diamond account?

Frost Yourself was created by Ben, but inspired by Andie. Phillip then shouts it out the window, "Women of New York! Frost Yourself!"


Where is Andie headed for an interview after she leaves Composure?

Andie wants to write about politics, religion, and other topics besides beauty and dating, but Lana won't let her. Therefore she heads to DC to pursue a new journalism career.


What song is playing as Ben makes his way across town to track down Andie in the taxi?

Follow You Down was written by Scott Johnson, Bill Leen, Phillip Rhodes, Jesse Valenzuela & Robin Wilson. It was performed by The Gin Blossoms.


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