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"You go, girl" (or boy)! Just for thinking of taking this quiz, Martin is going to give you props, but are you the ultimate fan? Will you be allowed to stay in the crib or will you be forced to "get to steppin'?"

Calling all '90s fans! One of the biggest sitcoms of the '90s premiered on FOX Network in August 1992. Starring comedian Martin Lawrence, "Martin" followed his character as he maneuvered through his everyday life in Detroit.  

With an ensemble of friends, the show highlighted Martin, a radio show host with a lot to say, his girlfriend Gina, a successful marketing exec, her best friend Pam, Martin's long-time frenemy, and Martin's two best friends, Tommy and Cole, the former of which is level-headed and intelligent while the latter is a bit simple-minded.

Martin Lawrence helped frame the comedic world with his slew of special characters. While average fans know of his group of friends, can you as an ultimate fan remember his neighbor Sheneneh Jenkins? What was the name of the pot-bellied security guard who could fight surprisingly well? If you wanted karate lessons, who would you go to?

"Oh, no, you didn't!" It seems like you're ready to challenge this quiz. Are you setting yourself apart from the average fan and proving that you're the ultimate one with this ultimate "Martin" quiz? Let's find out!

What Disney movie did Martin cry to while watching?

In the first episode of the series, Gina reveals to Martin's friends that he cried while watching Beauty and the Beast.


Which of these insults did Mama Payne's parrot not say to Gina?

The size of Gina's head is no secret, and she has been hitting the Step-master pretty hard, but Martin isn't THAT paid for her to be a gold digger.


What was Martin's name when he joined a cult?

Martin took his name "Brother Shaquille" after the Lakers' star.


What was the name of the restaurant Martin opened up with his friends?

Marty Mar ditched the chicken and waffles for meatloaf and waffles.


At the end of the series, what city was Martin moving to?

Martin was moving to LA to host his own national television show.


What was Martin's apartment number?

Although Martin lived on the third floor, he lived in apartment number 42.


What game were Martin and his friends playing when he found out Cole lent Gina $25?

Gina brought home The Book of Questions after playing with her co-workers.


What did Martin leave Gina for breakfast when he started a diet?

When Martin started his diet, he left Gina a bucket of frozen broccoli in the freezer.


Which of these is NOT a nonverbal motion Tommy did when Martin was questioning him about his job?

When Tommy crossed his arms, he was being defensive, and when he crossed his arms and scratched his head, he was telling a bald-headed lie, but he never tapped his fingers.


Where do Gina & Martin get married?

Although they were supposed to marry in Detroit, they fled to the Bahamas with Tommy and Pam.


What day did Martin take Gina and his friends to see the house he bought?

The house Martin bought was haunted and ended up as the perfect trip on Halloween.


Which of these celebrities didn't make a live appearance on the show?

You'll see all of their faces appear on the show, but Will Smith only appears in a video wishing Martin a happy birthday.


What color dress does Pam wear when she wants to get a raise or promotion?

Martin reveals to his WZUP that Pam wears a tight red and black dress to show off her assets.


What singer performed at Martin's proposal to Gina?

All these singers have appeared on the show, but Babyface performed at Martin & Gina's wedding ceremony while Brian McKnight sang at their proposal in the park.


When Martin created his audition tape for Channel 51, what was the name of his show?

Martin threw together a talk show in his apartment and named it "Speak Out."


Who did Gina impersonate for her audition as Biggie's background singer?

Gina keeps it in the rhyming family with a Tina Turner performance.


What did Martin save the African prince from doing?

Out for dinner at a restaurant, Martin stopped the prince from choking and was then showered with a load of gifts.


Which of Martin's characters made the first appearance on the show?

In the first episode of the series, Mama Payne is the first of Martin's alter egos to appear on the show.


Where were Martin, Gina, and their friends headed when the plumber "died" in the bathroom?

On that day, Martin had 5 front row tickets for the Piston's game.


At what artist's concert was Martin and Bruh Man selling t-shirts?

They were selling t-shirts at a Whitney Houston concert, but they made no money when Bruh Man printed "Whitty Hutton" on them instead.


When Marvin, Martin's fake son, visited the barber shop, what was the nickname they gave him?

With Marvin moving to Arizona, he asked Martin if he could keep his barber shop name, which was Shorty Doowop.


What was Martin playing when he got hustled out of all his clothes?

The first night back from his honeymoon, Martin got hustled out of his clothes and his brand new beeper while playing pool


What was the name of Jerome's club?

Jerome opened a club called Club Shiznitz where Blackjack isn't 21 but 22.


What Spike Lee movie poster did Martin have hanging in his apartment?

When Gina moved into Martin's apartment, she got rid of his "Do the Right Thing" poster which served as a reminder to Martin's guests to respect his house.


What famous impersonation did Cole do for his audition for the Aids Benefit?

Cole did a very telling impersonation of Michael Jackson and his father, Joe.


What show did Cole tape over Martin's goodbye video to Gina?

If definitely wasn't a "Good Time" when Gina couldn't find Martin after he left.


Where was Martin when he won the lottery?

Martin did a few back flips and dance moves when we won the lottery at Nipsey's.


Which of these did Gina get her head stuck in?

Gina got her head stuck in a headboard on the same day she had a huge presentation at work.


When Martin and his friends go on a cruise, who does Pam wake up next to?

After a night of drinking too many Bahama Mamas, Pam wakes up in bed with Cole.


What celebrity was Pam obsessed with?

When the group traveled to LA, Pam lost her mind and stole a car when she thought she saw Denzel Washington.


What was the name of the old man who died in Martin's apartment?

When they were younger, Old Man Ackerman used to chase Martin, Tommy, and Cole around on a wooden leg and lived in Apartment 42 before Martin moved in.


How much did Martin have to pay for his rent increase during the blizzard?

When Martin kept saying he wasn't "paying the 5," his friends thought he meant $500 or 5%, but they later found out it was only $5.


Who was Martin's old teacher that hit on him?

Ms. Trinidad was Martin's former teacher who hit on him after a lunch at McDonalds'.


What musical act did Martin interrupt on the Varnell Hill Show?

Before the group went their separate ways, Martin interrupted a Jodeci performance.


What's the name of Sheneneh's hair salon?

Although her hair is always a little...eccentric, Sheneneh has a popular store called Sheneneh's Sho' Nuff Hair Salon.


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