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Do you remember the members of the Greasers: Ponyboy Curtis, Dally Winston, Two-Bit Matthews and others? "The Outsiders" introduced the world to the Brat Pack, a “gang” of young celebrities who captured the attention of the media and fans alike for their behind-the-scene antics. 

The star-studded movie itself is the quintessential narrative of "West Side Story," where there are two gangs, the Greasers from the poor North Zone and the Socs from the wealthy South Zone. Is the movie sounding familiar? Then before we give away too much, take the quiz now and see how much you really do remember!

In the film, a wrong must be righted when the Socs beat up Johnny and try to drown Ponyboy in a fountain. Things quickly go from bad to worse when Johnny saves Ponyboy, but in so doing he stabs and kills a Soc. Soon after, another tragedy strikes, which shows the true character of the Greasers. 

This coming-of-age movie struck a chord in pre-teens and teens alike, as it was ranked the #2 movie during its opening weekend. Remember all the amazing characters that brought the novel to life on the silver screen? Take the Ultimate Outsiders quiz now. Just click the button below.

What is The Outsiders film based on?

S.E. Hinton's novel was called "The Outsiders" - the movie was appropriately named after it.


Actor C. Thomas Howell plays main character _____boy Curtis.

The Outsiders was only Howell's second film. His first film role was as Tyler in ET the Extra-Terrestrial!


The gang of tough, low-income middle-class teens was called the _______.

The Greasers were named after Ponyboy's greasy hair.


The gang of wealthy kids from the other side of town are known as the ________.

The Socs refers to the South Side Socials.


How many brothers does Ponyboy have?

He has two older brothers.


In which year was The Outsiders film released?

It was released on March 25, 1983.


Where is The Outsiders set?

The Outsiders was filmed at 6 different locations all in Oklahoma!


Why is Darrel so protective of Ponyboy?

Darrel is the older brother who looks after Ponyboy in wake of the parents death in a car accident.


Ponyboy's two older brothers are Darrel and ________.

Sodapop Curtis is portrayed by Rob Lowe. This was Lowe's breakthrough role in his acting career.


Which famous actor played the role of Ponyboy's older brother Darrel?

The Outsiders was one of three films that Swayze acted in throughout 1983.


Who is NOT a member of the Greasers?

Bob Sheldon is portrayed by actor Leif Garrett. In addition to acting, he is also a singer and television personality.


What is Dallas Winston's nickname?

Dally Winston was portrayed by actor Matt Dillon


Who plays Two-Bit Matthews in The Outsiders?

Estevez and Rob Lowe are considered to have established the Brat Pack upon being cast in The Outsiders together.


What is the name of the character portrayed by Tom Cruise?

While this was just a supporting role for Tom Cruise, he had his first leading role in Risky Business in the same year, 1983.


Who is Cherry's boyfriend?

Sheri "Cherry" Valance is played by actress Diane Lane.


What was the main theme song to The Outsiders?

Though each of those songs is on the official soundtrack, Stay Gold is considered to be the theme.


Author S.E. Hinton actually appears in the film as ...

The Outsiders book has sold more than 14 million copies and grossed more than $33 million at the box office!


Where does Ponyboy first meet Cherry?

Cherry got in a fight with her boyfriend Bob and when she walked away from him, she landed in the area of Ponyboy and a few other Greasers.


In which year did The Outsiders take place?

This film helped spark the Brat Pack genre of the 1980s with its cast of up-and-coming stars.


Who played the role of Greaser Johnny Cade?

Most of the cast were in their late teens with the exception of Ralph Macchio who was 21 and Patrick Swayze who was 31 years old.


Who do the Socs try to drown by holding him down in the park fountain?

Ponyboy loses consciousness after the Socs attempt to drown him. When he regains consciousness, he learns something really bad has happened.


Who kills Bob at the park?

While the Socs are trying to drown Ponyboy, Johnny pulls out his switchblade and stabs Bob to death.


What happens to convicted murderers in Oklahoma?

Dally informs Ponyboy and Johnny that murderers are executed in Oklahoma and urge them to get out of town!


By what mode of transportation do Ponyboy and Johnny flee?

Ralph Macchio once said he only wanted to play Johnny because he was most like him!


Off the train in Windrixville, where do Ponyboy and Johnny hide?

The church is on Jay Mountain and it is old and wooden.


Who visits Ponyboy and Johnny while they are in hiding?

Dally brings them food supplies and even drives them into the town.


Who offers to vouch for Ponyboy and Johnny in court?

Cherry would go along with the story that Johnny and Ponyboy were in Texas, according to Dally.


Who wrote the poem, "Nothing Gold Can Stay"?

To pass the time in the abandoned church, Ponyboy reads Gone with the Wind and quotes the poem Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost.


What ended up happening to the abandoned church?

Upon filming the fire scene, Director Francis Ford Coppola wanted "more fire" - it turned into a massive fire scene and thankfully a downpour followed!


Towards the end of the movie, what did the Greasers and Socs agree to for their fight?

Both sides agree to a temporary truce until their next big rumble, and their no-weapons rule was a sign of respect.


Who is hospitalized after the church fire?

Johnny suffers a broken back and severe burns.


Who wins the final fight between the Socs and the Greasers

The Greasers win, but Johnny is unimpressed by the victory.


What was The Outsiders rated?

It was rated PG-13 for violence, teen drinking and smoking, and some sexual reference.


Before Johnny dies, what does he tell Ponyboy?

Johnny dies in the hospital from the injuries sustained during the fire.


Who robs a grocery store and is then killed by the police?

Dally can't bear the death of Johnny, and although his gun is unloaded, he refuses to drop it and police shoot him to death.


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