The Ultimate Police Slang Quiz

By: Heather Cahill
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About This Quiz

Slang is a part of our everyday lives. It comes and goes, but there's some slang you may not be familiar with. For example, a doctor might have some slang that you have never heard of. In this case, you'll need to know the jargon that police use to communicate with each other. You may have heard of some of them, while others may be totally new for you. So, think you can figure out what police officers are saying?

If you've watched crime shows, then chances are you have heard quite a bit of slang words that officers and detectives use. Use this to your advantage! These terms can range from acronyms and abbreviations to the 10 codes that truckers use with each other. Yes, police use them too! An officer's job is to serve and protect, but in order to do so, communication is also key. No matter what your job title is, if you can ace this quiz then you could be an honorary police officer!

So, think you can talk like an officer or at least understand them? Then now is you time to shine. Prove that you could wear an honorary badge by acing this quiz!

What is a "deuce"?

Acronyms are very common in police slang. What is the TFU?

How many fingers might a cop hold up to tell another cop that they don't need help?

What is it called when a prisoner is hit by a stick so that they will cooperate?

Is it true or false that a "robbery snatch" is a very quick robbery?

Which of the following might be referred to as a "paper" by the police?

The "SA" is what?

What is the name for the stick that officers use to defend themselves?

A slang term for using a Taser on someone is what?

Is it true or false that "VIN" stands for vehicle identification number?

"VIW" might seem like a weird acronym, but it's pretty important to an officer. What does it mean?

What does "GTA" stand for?

Do you know what a "GAT" is?

What acronym is used for an unidentified subject?

Is it true or false that the YID deals with youth?

If a prisoner is "BKD," what are they?

What is a "house mouse?"

A "DOC" to a police officer is what?

What is an "Irish pendant"?

Is it true or false that "lockup" is where prisoners sleep?

You're asked for a 10-20. What do you need to give?

"ATL" stands for what?

If an officer says "tango" to you, what are they saying?

A "JUV" is what?

Is it true or false that "ADW" stands for "always directly watching"?

"MISPER" is short for what term?

What does the acronym "ETOH" stand for?

If someone asks who the A/O is, what do they want to know?

"FIDO" is an acronym that cops use. In what occasion might it be used?

Is it true or false that 11-96 is code used for asking for backup?

An "MDT" is what?

Police officers share a lot of slang with truckers. What does "copy" mean?

Who would you have to notify if someone passed away?

What does BOLO stand for?

If someone asks for the "L.K.A.," what do they want?

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