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HBO sure struck it rich with this one (of course, HBO has a habit of picking winners, don't they?). "Sex and the City" ran for a total of six seasons and 90 episodes. During its run, the series invited women all over the world to question, explore, and have fun while Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) did the same for her weekly column on... well... sex and the city. 

Bradshaw used her friends, Charlotte York (Kristen Davis), Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall), and Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon) as inspiration and support. The show was based in part on a 1997 book of the same name by Candace Bushnell. Bushnell, like Bradshaw, wrote a racy weekly column for a newspaper and turned those columns into essays for her book. Bushnell went on to write other books, including Lipstick Jungle and The Carrie Diaries.

The show garnered dozens of awards, including seven Emmys, eight Golden Globes, and three SAG awards. Additionally, both TIME and Entertainment Weekly listed the show as one of the all-time best television shows. Overall, however, critical reception was not good, with critics claiming that the show was a bad influence on adolescents and that the character of Bradshaw was selfish and childish. Regardless, the show still retains millions of fans who catch reruns on a regular basis.

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What was the cause of Samantha’s red face at Carrie’s book release party?

Samantha tried her best to hide the redness with a black hat and veil covering her face!


What was the name of Charlotte’s dog?

Charlotte had both a Jack Russell Terrier named Henry in a season 2 episode, and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Elizabeth Taylor in season 6.


Which of Carrie’s boyfriends picked up cards from the NYC streets hoping for a full deck?

Berger, like Carrie, was a writer and used the word scrunchie in his book.


What phrase did a man dressed in a sandwich costume taunt Miranda with as she walked by?

The man behind the costume eventually intrigued Miranda but turned out to be a young geeky boy.


After Carrie criticizes Berger for using the word “scrunchie” in his book, he replies, “Oh yeah? Nice ______!”

Carrie had just told him if she made a mistake she would want him to tell her too! She immediately took it off and ran across the street up to her apartment totally offended!


Which of the four girls was stood up by all of her friends at a restaurant for her birthday?

Carrie sat at a big round table and kept telling the waiter that all of her friends would arrive soon. She was so sad she went home and took a shower, and when she got out Charlotte was there and completely scared her!


What did Carrie’s boyfriend Aidan do for a living?

Carrie and Aidan dated twice. The first time, Aidan broke up with Carrie when she confesses to sleeping with Big. The second time, Aidan proposes to Carrie and she accepts, but they later break up due to Carrie's inability to commit.


What was Trey MacDougal’s mother’s name?

Bunny MacDougal was played by actress Frances Sternhagen, who has been nominated five times for a Tony Award and received one for her work in "The Good Doctor."


Which of the following was NOT one of Miranda’s boyfriends?

Played by actor Willie Garson, he was often referred to as the “Fifth Lady” on the show.


Following their breakup, Miranda and Robert had a custody battle over which of the following?

Robert did a sensual impersonation of Miranda and she quickly relinquished the elevator to him.


Which famous singer once had a cameo on Sex and the City as a dating interest of Carrie?

Carrie met Jon Bon Jovi in the therapist’s office where she was trying to get over Big, and he was there because he would lose interest in women after sleeping with them. Needless to say, things didn’t work out between the two!


What was the name of the cover story of the New York Magazine where Carrie lands on the cover looking horrible and smoking a cigarette?

After the girls hit a salsa bar all night, Carrie is late and in rough shape for a photo-shoot for Stanford's boyfriend Nevin's magazine. In the same episode, Charlotte starts dating her handy-man and Samantha dates a club owner who calls them a "we" right away.


Which borough of New York City did Miranda and Steve move to?

Miranda was reluctant but gave in to Steve so that their son Brady would have a yard in which he could play.


What was Smith Jerrod’s real name that Samantha was averse to?

"Jerry" was too close to his last name and she didn’t think it was good for his image. Samantha began marketing Smith Jerrod as the “Absolut Hunk”.


Where did Charlotte meet her future husband Harry Goldenblatt?

Harry Goldenblatt was played by famous actor Evan Handler who is also known for his work in Californication (2007), The Three Stooges (2000) and One Life to Live (1968).


What is the name of the location where Samantha meets Smith Jerrod for the first time?

Samantha had a standoff with the last patron remaining at the restaurant, and ended up paying her bill so she would leave – resulting in Samantha taking Smith home.


Following a move overseas to be with Aleksandr Petrovsky, who travels to Paris to ‘rescue’ an unhappy Carrie and bring her back to New York?

Charlotte arranged a secret plan with Big to help ‘go get our girl’ back from Paris!


When Charlotte tries to set up Anthony and Stanford, what is the first thing that Anthony wants to know?

When Anthony meets Stanford for the first time, he is utterly disappointed, but the two are later married in Sex and the City 2.


What is the name of Aidan’s dog?

Carrie loses Pete on a walk and searches for him for hours in the rain and returns home only to find him at the apartment with Aidan.


Where does Miranda meet Steve for the first time?

Steve was working and Miranda was waiting for a long time for Carrie to show up. Steve and Miranda went back to her place that night!


Who was Samantha’s first monogamous relationship was with?

Maria was a Brazilian lesbian artist who took to Samantha and piqued her interest sexually.


Miranda’s judgmental Ukranian nanny Magda once replaced Miranda’s vibrator with what item?

Magda was played by American-born Lynn Cohen who is also known for her work in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013), Eagle Eye (2008) and Munich (2005)..


Which male character famously coined the term “abso-f***-ing-lutely”?

In both the first and last episodes, Mr. Big says this to Carrie when she invites him up to her apartment late at night.


Each episode, Carrie would sit down at her laptop and ponder her thoughts. She “couldn’t help but __________ ...”

Carrie always couldn’t help but wonder about a particular topic that would end in a question, and be the topic of her column (and that episode!).


Upon meeting a new love interest, which of the four girls converts to Judaism?

She converted to Judaism so that Harry Goldenblatt would want to marry her!


When Carrie and Aidan go to his rustic country home, whom else does she invite to visit?

Mr. Big was having girl problems and Carrie thought it would help him to be around people. Much to the dismay of Aidan! The two started a muddy brawl in the front yard!


When is the girls’ favorite time of the year?

This particular episode, “Anchors Away” was intended to subtly acknowledge the events of 9/11 through Carrie’s love for New York City.


Mr. Big’s second wife Natasha was played by which famous entertainer?

Bridget Moynihan plays the young, 27-year old wife who Mr. Big cheats on with Carrie.


When Miranda didn’t hear back from a dating interest, Carrie’s boyfriend Berger explains to Miranda that the guy is just ___________.

This episode was the inspiration for the self-help book and later movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”.


What happens when Samantha finds one gray hair down under?

Unfortunately Samantha dyed it red and then she had an even bigger problem!


How does Samantha finally land an appointment with a renowned female oncologist?

Samantha promises the receptionist a meet-n-greet with Smith Jerrod; and the promise of a kiss from Smith also gets an appointment for her friend the nun!


Who was the one man who Samantha was never able to fully seduce?

In this episode, the girls are invited to an engagement party and Samantha picks up a TV agent, but she soon switches her attentions to a very attractive Franciscan monk, and offers her charitable PR services in a vain attempt to seduce him.


What did the other three girls do when Charlotte told them she wouldn’t be having bridesmaids in her second wedding?

In the end, Charlotte changed her mind, but the girls were of course thrilled to stand by her on her special day with Harry.


To what or whom did Carrie famously exclaim, “Hello, Lover!”?

While window-shopping with Samantha, Carrie exclaims “hello lover” as she looks longingly at a new pair of Manolo Blahniks.


What is Mr. Big's full real name?

The first name of "Mr. Big" (played by Chris Noth) is revealed only in the final episode. His whole name is learned in the follow-up movie Sex and the City (2008).


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