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Let's start with a do-si-do. OK, now grab your partner and spin them round and round! Welcome to the square dance - do you know your calls and steps? Dancing has been a part of life since the beginning of time, and we still keep the tradition going. If you know your way around the dance floor, this is the quiz for you!

Do you know all the supplies you need to start square dancing? What about the type of music you'll hear when you go? Do you know where the tradition of square dancing got its start? It may seem like there's a lot to know, but most importantly, do you know the steps and calls?

Can you name the different types of square dances? What about the dress code for men and women at the events? If we give you a basic step, can you tell us what you'd perform? Square dancing can seem quite intimidating to get into, but it is practiced by many people of all different backgrounds who are always there for help and support!

Are you ready to start dancing, partner? Then put on your best boots, your favorite clothes and get ready to dance your way through this quiz! And don't forget to come back now!

What is a call used for?

A call is used by the caller in order to instruct the dancers on the next move. It keeps the dance flowing smoothly throughout.


Which instrument are you most likely to find at a traditional square dance?

As traditional square dance often utilizes live music in the realms of the country genre, a fiddle is most likely to be found here. Of course, a fiddle is a violin.


Which type of square dance can use up to thirty calls?

Traditional square dance uses up to thirty calls. This is small in contrast to the Western style, which uses many more calls.


What is Callerlab?

Callerlab is an association specifically for square dance callers. They even certify caller coaches.


What type of music is traditional square dancing done to?

Traditional square dancing is most commonly performed to the beat of live music. This allows local musicians to get in on the square dancing fun as well!


What type of clothes are worn to square dance by women?

Most of the time, women wear frilly skirts to square dance. Men, on the other hand, are likely to wear button-up shirts. Of course, it is not required to wear this attire, unless stated in the dress code for the event.


Which formation in square dancing has a couple in the middle of the square?

Winter Solstice is one of the formations that can be used when square dancing, which has one couple in the middle of the formation. Instead of the usual four couples, this makes five of them on the floor.


How many couples take part in hexagon dancing?

Just as a hexagon has six sides, six couples take part in the hexagon formation. Other formations in square dancing are twelve reel and bigon.


Is it true or false that you're looked down upon for your mistakes when square dancing?

This is false. People who square dance are quite understanding with beginners and love to help out. If you make a mistake, it's not a big deal and you won't mess up the dance!


Just as you need dancers, what else do you need to have a square dance?

Callers are an important part of square dancing. They keep the dancers organized and instruct them, as well as make the dances fun and engaging.


Where is the National Square Dance Convention held?

The National Square Dance Convention is held in different cities every year. It got its start in the '50s in Riverside, California, and it has been held annually ever since.


What is a revival dance?

A revival dance is a mix of dancing styles that can even include contra dancing. These dances are typically performed in groups and more modern than other forms.


Where did square dancing originate?

Square dancing is an amalgamation of many different dancing styles. The dancing we know today originated in Europe, and it was brought to America by early settlers.


Which of the following is a type of hand hold in square dancing?

The handshake is a type of handhold that is used when completing right and left moves in a square dance. This move is often used when the dancers are all in a circle.


What type of music is typically associated with square dancing?

Country music is often associated with square dancing. Country is more commonly played for traditional square dance, rather than modern Western square dance.


What genre is modern Western square dancing danced to?

Modern Western square dancing is not exclusive to just one type of music. It is performed to many different genres of music, including pop and techno music.


How many couples are involved in a square dance?

It takes four couples for a traditional square dance, as the four of them make up the square formation. The four couples make eight people involved in the square.


Is it true or false that individual couples can be called upon by the caller during a dance?

This is true. The caller can call upon any dancer and instruct them to complete a move, not just couples and groups. Make sure you pay attention if you're going to be square dancing!


What is a survival dance?

Survival dances are traditional square dances performed in the style of the region that they are held in. These dances can differ a lot in every aspect, from the music to the dance steps, which depend on the location.


Which Canadian province has their own square dancing style?

In square dancing, different places may have different ways of doing things. This is true for the Canadian province of Quebec where the style sticks with square dancing to a beat.


Which of the following is a type of square dance?

A hoedown has its own special music and steps, and it is commonly associated with country or Western. The term can be used in reference to the genre of music as well.


Which of these states consider square dancing to be their official state dance?

Square dancing is the official dance of many states in the country. Did you know that despite square dancing being suggested twice, Minnesota does not have an official state dance?


What happens if you don't have a partner to square dance with?

If you don't have a partner, you can still square dance! Most organizations or events will pair you up with someone, making the event a great way to meet new people.


Is it true or false that square dance couples must be exclusively boy and girl?

This is false. Square dancing does not have to be done between a boy and a girl exclusively. Any pairing of couples is accepted in the dance!


What formation do dancers end up in after completing a mini-wave?

After completing a mini-wave, the dancers are then in a line. The mini-wave only includes two people, but there can be larger waves that can consist of up to eight people.


Is it true or false that in square dancing, the dancer needs to learn complete dances?

This is false. Square dancing is not about long complicated dancing, and instead about the individual moves. All you need to know is the name of the move, and how to execute said move, and you're set!


What age must you be to square dance?

There are no age restrictions on square dancing, although it is a common thought that the activity is only for seniors. This is untrue and, in fact, youth are often encouraged to and do partake in the activity.


Which move involves the two dancers moving in a circle while facing one another?

This move is known as the do-si-do, which you may have heard of before. It is a well-known and common call to hear during the square dance.


What does "star by the right" mean?

The term "star by the right" instructs the dancers to join right hands and walk clockwise. It is one of the most common moves that a caller may use in a traditional dance.


Which of the following cartoon characters has square danced?

Bugs Bunny once partook in a square dance in a "Merrie Melodies" episode titled "Hillbilly Hare." The memorable episode included a feud between Bugs and two brothers.


How many steps are typically in one count?

Counts are usually the duration of one step. This can differ depending on the style and sometimes can even be affected by the lyrics of the music.


What is the allemande?

The allemande is a dance move that involves the two paired dancers turning toward a specific direction. The dance move originated during the renaissance,and later became associated with other dances.


Is it true or false that square dancing is taught in school?

This is true. Square dancing is often taught in high school as part of physical education. There are many reasons why it is taught in school,including its impact on American culture. It's a great way to exercise.


Which famous automotive producer loved to square dance?

Henry Ford had a deep love for square dancing, as he grew up with the hobby. He tried to preserve the dance for years to come.


What phrase is used by the caller to have the dancers initiate a hug?

Red Rock is the call used to tell a dancer to hug their partner. The phrase yellow rock can also be used to indicate the same thing.


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