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The best athletes aren't just sports stars -- they are business-savvy capitalists as well. How much do you know about the world's wealthiest athletes?

As of 2016, which sport does the world's wealthiest athletes play?

When it comes to popularity, no sport can compare to soccer. That huge fan base is one of the reasons this sport generates some of the world's most highly compensated athletes.


As of 2016, who is the world's wealthiest athlete?

Cristiano Ronaldo topped the list in 2016, making nearly $90 million. Roughly one third of that came from endorsements.


Lionel Messi is the world's second wealthiest athlete. How much did he earn in 2016?

Ronaldo might have topped the list, but Messi wasn’t far behind at $81 million, including more than $53 million in salary.


In 2016, which American athlete was wealthiest?

Fresh off of the unforgettable come-from-behind Cleveland Cavaliers victory in the NBA Finals, LeBron James raked in huge money. It was enough to place him third on the Forbes list of richest athletes.


In 2016, how many NBA stars appeared on the top ten of Forbes' list of richest athletes?

There were three NBA players in the top 10. Kevin Durant, now of the Golden State Warriors, was the second-richest NBA player and still far behind LeBron James.


Who was the highest paid female athlete?

Serena Williams achieved her first No. 1 ranking in women's tennis in 2002. More than 13 years later, she's still the sport's biggest (and wealthiest) star.


How much did Serena Williams earn?

William's made almost $9 million just in winnings. She topped that by making around $20 million in endorsements.


Of the roughly $68 million dollars that tennis star Roger Federer made in 2016, how much came from his match winnings?

That's right, of the almost $70 million he earned, less than $10 million was prize winnings. Federer reaped all of the other cash from business deals.


When was the last time golfer Tiger Woods topped the list of wealthiest athletes?

Woods hasn't won a major title since 2008, but his legend and list of accomplishments are still staggering. He last topped the list in 2013.


In 2016, which NFL player reaped the most in salary and endorsements?

Newton's Carolina Panthers lost in the Super Bowl, but Cam's bank account was nothing but a win. He made more than $60 million.


Which wealthy female athlete is know as the "Ninja"?

Agnieszka Radwanska is quietly intense on and off the court. With 20 victories and counting, she's also rich, with more than $10 million in the 2015-16 year alone.


Which of the following is NOT a company that endorses MMA celebrity Ronda Rousey?

Nike isn't one of Rousey's business partners. She's famous for touting many companies, from Bud Light, to Buffalo Jeans to MetroPCS.


Many athletes make far more from endorsements than their salaries. How much more did LeBron James make from endorsements compared to his job pay?

James makes a paltry $23 million through his salary with the Cleveland Cavaliers. His endorsements are worth twice as much.


How much has basketball icon Michael Jordan earned over the course of his career?

Jordan is a sports financial entity unlike any other. He's earned roughly $1.7 billion during his many years in the spotlight.


How much did Lakers star Kobe Bryant make over the course of his career?

Even as his statistics sunk during the final years of his career, Bryant was still the top-paid player in the NBA in his final six seasons. He reaped $770 million during his time in Los Angeles.


How much does Michael Jordan make every year from Nike?

Jordan hasn't played in the NBA since 2003, but that doesn't stop him from hauling in ungodly sums of money. Each year Nike pays him $100 million in endorsements.


How much did Phil Mickelson earn on the golf course from summer 2015 to summer 2016?

Mickelson made less than $3 million, meaning that the bulk of his $53 million came from his endorsements, of which there are many.


Why did tennis star Maria Sharapova lose many of her endorsements?

Sharapova failed a drug test during the Australian Open. Her business partners were none too pleased, and some (like American Express) opted to end their endorsement deals with her.


After Michael Jordan, who is the world's all-time wealthiest athlete?

Tiger Woods revolutionized golf and reaped the financial benefits. He's made more than $1.6 billion and still cashes many millions of dollars in endorsements each year.


How much did soccer star David Beckham make his first year following retirement?

Beckham made more money in retirement than he did during his playing days. His many lucrative endorsements generated revenue in excess of $75 million.


Of the top 10 wealthiest female athletes, how many do NOT play tennis?

If you're a woman, tennis is where it's at -- nine of the top 10 women play tennis. Racecar driver Danica Patrick is the only exception.


Which athlete was No. 1 on the 2015 edition of the Forbes list of wealthiest athletes?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. won big in 2015, to the tune of $285 million. He made only $15 million in endorsements, perhaps due to his criminal background.


How much has golfer Jack Nicklaus made over the course of his career?

Everything that Nicklaus (the "Golden Bear") touched turned to gold. He's made more than $1.1 billion in his lifetime and is still earning heaps of dough each year.


How much was Arnold Palmer making each year in business deals when he died in September 2016?

Palmer retired from the senior PGA tour in 2006. He used decades of winning gold as a springboard towards earning about $40 million per year.


Which company paid the most for the endorsement of tennis player Caroline Wozniacki?

Wozniacki had a very average year in her sport but maintained most of her business deals. Adidas footed the largest portion of the bill for her $7 million endorsements.


From mid-2015 to mid-2016, Forbes estimates that the top-100 wealthiest athletes made about how much money?

If you can break into elite sports, you'll have it made. Combined, the top-100 richest athletes made more than $3 billion in a single calendar year.


Race car driver Danica Patrick made more from her winnings than she did from endorsements.

Patrick is one of the few athletes who made more in her actual sport than she did from business deals. Her salary was about $8 million; her endorsements were around $6 million.


Which of the following NBA stars earned the most from June 2015 to June 2016?

Bryant may have been on his farewell tour but he still made piles of money. His final year's salary was $25 million, the same amount as his endorsement deals.


What percentage of tennis player Maria Sharapova's earnings came from prize money?

Sharapova didn't make much in prize money -- only about $2 million or 10 percent of her $20 million in earnings.


Who was the highest ranking golfer on the 2016 Forbes list?

Tiger who? Phil Mickelson's megawatt smile and on-the-course geniality makes him one of golf's biggest stars even in the twilight of his career.


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