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The West Wing Quiz
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The West Wing was an NBC hit that ran from 1999 to 2006. Produced by Aaron Sorkin, it won just about every award going, including three consecutive Emmys for Outstanding Drama, plus gongs for cast members including Alison Janney, Alan Alda, and of course the man playing President Josiah Bartlett himself, Martin Sheen. The show had a glossy look and was noted for its long "walk and talk" sequences, where the camera would track two characters or more on a hike through the hallways of power.

The West Wing followed the administration of a president so virtuous that even back then, it would be hard to imagine such a good person making it so far up the greasy pole of politics. Still, it wasn't an entirely unrealistic show, with petty infighting among the White House team and all sorts of partisan bickering and backstabbing. The producers went to the trouble of hiring real political commentators from both sides of the aisle to consult on the show, ensuring that even views that were not popular in the writers' room were given a fair hearing in the mouths of smart characters who could hold their own.

Ultimately, as with all shows, it was the characters that really made it work and kept the viewers coming back. From President Bartlet to his straight-talking Chief of Staff, his no-nonsense Press Secretary, his badass wife, and his loyal assistants and beyond, the West Wing cast became our friends and even our fantasy elected officials. Let's see how well you remember them!

President Bartlet is the governor of what state before he becomes the President.
New Hampshire
New York
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Out of the 13 original colonies, New Hampshire was the first to declare its independence from England.

President Bartlet has a PhD in ______?
American History
Applied Mathematics
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President Bartlet received his PhD from The London School of Economics.

What job is C.J. Cregg fired from before she joins the Bartlet administration as Press Secretary?
Ad Executive
Marketing Director
Public Relations
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The formal practice of public relations dates back to the early 20th century.


Whom does Toby recognize as an equal in his field?
Sam Seaborn
Charlie Young
Ron Butterfield
Will Bailey
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Sam Seaborn’s middle name is Norman.

C.J. is short for what name?
Claudia Joan
Casey Jean
Claudia Jean
Cheryl Jane
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C.J. is originally from Dayton, Ohio.

Who vets Charlie for the White House?
Sam Seaborn
Josh Lyman
Toby Ziegler
Will Bailey
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Josh attended both Harvard and Yale.


Which West Wing episode is considered by many to be the best one of the series?
“20 Hours in America: Part I”
“The Red Mass”
“The Crackpots and These Women”
“Two Cathedrals”
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This episode deals with Mrs. Landingham’s funeral, among many other things.

Charlie originally goes to the White House for what job?
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The Office of Executive Mail Operations was established by Executive Order 12044 signed by President Jimmy Carter on December 27, 1977.

The Oval Office set used in “The West Wing” is also used in what two movies?
“Air Force One” and “The American President”
“My Fellow Americans” and “Dave”
“Dave” and “The American President”.
“Dave” and “Independence Day”
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“Dave” and “The American President” were also written by “West Wing” creator Aaron Sorkin.


What is the name of C.J.’s goldfish that is a gift from Danny?
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Danny calls the fish Gail before he gives it to C.J.

The relationship between C.J. Cregg and Danny Concannon is based on what real-life relationship?
Sarah Feinberg & Dan Pfeiffer
Samantha Power & Cass Sunstein
Claire Shipman & Jay Carney
Dee Dee Myers & Todd Purdum
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Al Gore did not win a presidential election.

What is the name of the Vice President?
John Hoynes
Leo McGarry
Matthew Santos
Harry Jones
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John Hoynes is played by Tim Matheson who spent his early career on TV until he landed the breakout role of Eric Stratton in the movie “Animal House”.


Janel Moloney, who plays Donna Moss, originally auditioned for what role?
Deborah Fiderer
C.J. Cregg
Mandy Hampton
Nancy McNally
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Donna Moss was not intended to be a series regular.

The original premise of the show intended to revolve around_____?
The President
The First Lady
The senior staffers, especially Sam Seaborn.
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The President was supposed to be a supporting role.

Who is the flamboyant British Ambassador to the United States?
Duke Chester Mobile
Lord Joseph Mayberry
Lord John Marbury
Lord John Murry
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Lord John Marbury is played by Roger Rees whose last acting credit before his death is on “The American Experience”, a TV Series documentary.


What names does Toby give the twins?
Mork & Mindy
Huck & Molly
Sam & Zoey
Mandy & Huck
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The mother of the twins is Congresswoman Andrea Wyatt of Maryland.

Who plays Abbey Bartlet?
Stockard Channing.
Didi Conn
Jamie Donnelly
Joan Blondell
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Stockard Channing went on to play Veronica Loy in “The Good Wife”.

President Bartlet suffers from what disease?
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Muscular Dystrophy
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson’s Disease
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Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system that disrupts the flow of information between the brain and the body.


What song does C.J. Cregg sing for the staff?
“The Right Stuff”
“Remember the Time”
“The Joker”
“The Jackal”
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C.J’s rendition of “The Jackal” is inspired by actor Allison Janney doing the routine in her trailer between sets.

Charlie’s mother dies doing what job?
Police Officer
Personal Assistant
Bus Driver
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Police officer line of duty deaths are on the decline in Washington D.C.

What is Bill 802 about in the episode “Five Votes Down”?
Redacts FEMA.
Limits the number of terms a senator can serve
Restricts the sale of automatic firearms.
Removes the barrier to buying assault rifles.
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The Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 expired in 2004.


What secret plan does Josh tell the press core when he does the press briefing for C.J. when she has a dental emergency?
The Secret Plan to Fight Inflation
The Secret Plan to Invade Russia.
The Secret Plan to Listen to Americans.
The Secret Plan to Balance the Budget.
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Josh announces the secret plan in episode “Celestial Navigation” from season 1.

How does Mrs. Landingham die?
Plane crash
Car accident
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Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average 3,287 deaths a day.

What season does the creator of the “West Wing”, Aaron Sorkin, leave the show?
Season 2
Season 4
Season 3
Season 6
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The rumor is that he quit because of the pressure of writing so much of the show himself, the increase in budget problems, and the show’s declining ratings.


Zoey is the name of one of President Bartlet’s daughters. What are the names of the other two?
Liz & Mandy
Ellie & Lisa
Liz & Ellie
Liz & Morgan
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Ellie Bartlet is played by Nina Siemaszko who was also in “The American President”.

Who plays Toby Ziegler?
Ron Silver
Richard Schiff
Timothy Busfield
Gary Cole
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Richard Schiff’s big break came when Steven Spielberg cast him in “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”.

When Ainsley Hayes is brought on board as Associate White House Counsel, where do they put her office?
Steampipe Truck Distribution Venue
Steam pipe Flow Center
The Furnace Room
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Ainsley’s office number is 442.


How many elections has Toby helped to win as a Communication Director before President Bartlet’s campaign?
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Toby was a Political Campaign Consultant for five previous campaigns including New York City Council.

What is the name of Sam’s call girl from season one?
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Laurie is played by Lisa Edelstein who is in “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce”.

Josh convinces Sam to leave what law firm to join the Bartlet campaign?
Gage-Florack- Pete
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Aaron Sorkin resurrected the law firm for his short-lived series “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”.


Leo McGarry’s true story about Big Block of Cheese Day centers on what President?
Thomas Jefferson
Andrew Jackson
George Washington
Franklin D. Roosevelt
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Harriet Tubman ousts Andrew Jackson as the face of the twenty-dollar bill.

Who does Matt Santos run against in the presidential election?
Arnold Vinick
Bob Russell
Mark O’Donnell
John Hoynes
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Arnold Vinick is played by Alan Alda who got his big break on the TV show “Mash”.

Josh Lyman has a picture of what author on his desk?
Edgar Allan Poe
Stephen King
C.S. Lewis
Truman Capote
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Phillip Seymour Hoffman played Truman Capote in the biopic “Capote” (2005).


How did Leo McGarry’s father die?
He shot himself in the head after a fight with his wife.
He drank himself into a coma after getting fired from his job.
He was in a car accident after a fight with his wife.
Leo pushed him down a flight of stairs.
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Leo is an alcoholic like his father.

Who is offered the role of Jed Bartlet first?
Sidney Poitier
Alan Alda
James Coburn
John Goodman
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Sidney’s Poitier’s fee was too high, which is why the role did not go to him.

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