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Prince William, son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, and Kate Middleton, daughter of Michael and Carole Middleton, are two of the most famous people in the world. They also happen to be heirs to the British throne. Well, William is the heir. Kate is his doting wife and devoted mother of their three children, Princes George and Louis, and Princess Charlotte. Given that the royal family is in the public eye as much as they are, there's a lot of information floating around about the royal couple. Some of it is pure rumors for the sole purpose of making gossip magazines a lot of money. Other facts are fun tidbits learned about them from official interviews and engagements.

Do you pay attention to stuff about William and Kate? If so, it's time to test your knowledge! Aside from the things that almost everyone knows, you will learn about how the couple met, if they broke up, where they got engaged and so much more. It's an interesting dynamic, being a part of the royal family. Some people will have to put their trust in you to make decisions that impact them, but you also want to know where Kate gets her chic outfits. Take this quiz now to find out how much you know about Will and Kate!

Where did William and Kate meet?

Both were attending the University of St. Andrews and met during their first year. They lived in the same hall, so it's no wonder they crossed paths. Could you imagine living in the same dorm as the future king of England?

Even though they were friends for a while, when did their romance really take off?

During their second year at St. Andrews, Kate, William and some friends all moved into an apartment together. That's when their love really started to blossom. It's crazy to think they lived together before even being a couple.

Do you know what Kate's first official engagement after her fairytale wedding was?

Two weeks after their wedding, Kate and William welcomed then President and first lady of the United States Barack and Michelle Obama. It was Kate's first official duty as HRH, The Duchess of Cambridge.

Do you know when the two graduated from college, Kate with a master's degree in art history, and William with a master's degree in geography?

The year was 2005 and both celebrated their graduation from St. Andrews in style. Both earning master's degrees, the pair would go onto use their education in interesting ways as heirs to the throne.

In what year did William reportedly break up with Kate over the phone?

Two years after graduation, William found himself unsure if he was ready for marriage. Being influenced by his father, who felt he was rushed into marrying Princess Diana, William called Kate and ended things. That only lasted a few months, though.

What was Kate's nickname while she and William were dating, lovingly (not so much) given to her by the British tabloids?

Kate and William dated for so long, and even broke up once, without an engagement, that Kate's nickname in the tabloids was "Waity Katie." Doesn't sound like a nice name, but she would eventually get the last laugh.

After years of dating, and a few months of separation, when did William finally pop the question?

The blue dress Kate wore to their engagement announcement and for their photos is one of her most iconic looks, maybe because it perfectly matched the rock of a sapphire on her finger.

What ring did William use to propose to Kate?

It was decided between Prince Harry and Prince William that whoever got engaged first would get Princess Diana's sapphire ring surrounded by diamonds. Kate has also been called the people's princess, so it makes sense she would get Diana's ring.

A TV phenomenon watched all over the world, what date did the Royal Wedding take place?

Did you know that royals never get married on the weekends? Harry and Meghan did, but they don't have to follow the rules as strictly. Kate and William's wedding took place on a Friday.

What titles were the pair given following their wedding?

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is not actually a princess, despite her being called so many times. She will not receive that title until William is next in line for the throne. Until then, they will be the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Where did William and Kate live while he was working with the Royal Air Force?

In a place where the sheep population far outnumbers the people, Kate and William settled in Northwest Wales while William was with the Royal Air Force and as the couple prepared for their upcoming wedding.

Was it love at first sight for the royal couple?

They were fast friends, but Kate was actually dating another student when she met William. Rupert Finch was a senior at St. Andrews and had the heart of the future duchess before she and William got romantic.

When was the pregnancy announcement made about the couple's first child?

It was a little earlier than they would have like to announce, but Kate was admitted to the hospital with severe morning sickness, and her absence from engagements had to be explained. Prince George was born in July of 2013.

What job did Kate have while William was training at Sandhurst Military Academy?

She got a job for a fashion house, Jigsaw, as an accessories buyer. It was hard for her to find a job that would let her attend as many official royal engagements as she needed to, but the job worked out until she left for other ventures.

Was Charlotte the most recent of William and Kate's children?

Kate gave birth to the couple's third child, Prince Louis Arthur Charles Cambridge, in April of 2018, just ahead of their wedding anniversary. This will most likely be the couple's last child, as it is not recommended that the royal family exceed the national average of children to one couple.

Why was Prince William being born in a hospital such a big deal?

Usually, an heir to the monarch was born in one of the royal family's private residences. Princess Diana went against that tradition, like many others, and gave birth to both William and Harry at St. Mary's Hospital.

Where do William and Kate currently live?

Once they started to grow their family, they moved into apartment 1A in Kensington Palace. You might be thinking, an apartment? But the "apartment" is actually a 22-room, 4-story home with no shortage of space for the growing family.

Is their second child, Princess Charlotte, named after Princess Diana at all?

The little princess's full name is Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge, making her middle names inspired by her grandmother and great-grandmother. She was born on May 2, 2015. Her parents call her Lottie, which is basically the cutest nickname for the little royal.

On today's episodes of "Royals, they're just like us," which TV show have the duke and duchess admitted to watching?

Both have said that "Game of Thrones" is worth watching, along with "Homeland." When the couple has downtime, which doesn't happen a lot, they love to binge a TV series just like the rest of us.

Was Kate's engagement ring actually rightfully Harry's?

The late Princess Diana had actually left the ring to Harry, but the brothers decided that whoever got engaged first would get the ring. Harry might have thought he was never going to marry and didn't want the ring to go unused.

Where was the couple vacationing when William proposed?

It wasn't long after the couple got back together that they vacationed in Kenya with friends. The separation made them stronger as individuals and as a couple, so William popped the question and totally took Kate by surprise.

What did their first official royal engagement together consist of?

A couple of months prior to their wedding, the couple were invited to name a lifeboat at Trearddur Bay. Given William's work as a search and rescue pilot, the engagement was fitting.

Did the couple go against the grain when deciding to send their children to public school?

For the longest time, members of the royal family were educated at home, but when it was time for Prince Harry and William to go to school, Diana sent them to public school. It's definitely against the grain, but Will and Kate weren't the first ones to do it.

The Cambridges adopted a black English Cocker Spaniel after getting married. Do you know its name?

In Italian, Lupo means wolf. Fun fact! The dog is actually the son of a dog that belongs to Kate's mother, Carole. For more nature-centric activities, Lupo can be seen frolicking around with the family.

Did Kate have a royal title before marrying William?

Kate was a full-on commoner prior to her relationship with William. However, her family was very well off and had ties to the aristocracy. She grew up very privileged, and her family even has their own crest!

When the royals want to go under the radar and remain safe, they use code names. What are reportedly Kate and William's?

Of course it kind of defeats the whole purpose of having code names if people know what they are, but just like anything these days, people talk. The safety of the key members of the royal family is crucial, so maybe the names they use change quite often.

What was done with Kate's wedding bouquet after the wedding was over and the portraits had been taken?

Ever since the Queen Mother placed her wedding bouquet on the tomb that acts as a tribute to an unidentified British soldier who was killed during WW I, it has become a tradition for royal women to do the same.

Have Kate and William ever been to New York City?

They visited the Big Apple to see the September 11th Memorial and Museum as well as attend an event for Mayor Bill DeBlasio. While there, they also took in a Brooklyn Nets game and even sat courtside.

How many royal titles does Kate actually have?

Not only is she Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, but she's also known as Countess of Strathearn when she's in Scotland and Lady Carrickfergus when she is in Northern Ireland. Prince William also has corresponding titles to Kate's.

Did Kate do her own makeup for her wedding to Prince William?

She did do her own makeup, but not without some lessons first. She was taught some tricks and tips by makeup artist Arabella Preston. With such a fancy event, what better way to feel like yourself than doing your own makeup?

Which gift did Kate give to the queen on her first Christmas with the royal family?

The royal family is aware of how privileged they are, so for Christmas, they prefer cheap and gag gifts over lavish things. But Kate went the homemade route instead and made the queen what she would make her own grandmother, chutney.

What is Prince William's full name?

That's quite the mouthful! William Arthur Philip and Louis are his first and middle names. The surname is where it gets a little weird. Surnames go by the royal house, so it's technically Windsor, but the family goes by "the Cambridges."

Who pays for Will and Kate's royal tours?

There's a fund that the royal family gets for things like clothes, renovations and tours. As part of normal taxes, citizens put money into this fund in order to uphold the reputation of the royal family.

Why doesn't Prince William wear a wedding ring?

There's really no more to it than the fact he doesn't like to wear jewelry. It's not really required of him, so there's nothing wrong with it. Plus, it's not like he could meet anyone who doesn't know he's married.

How is Prince William like Harry Potter?

After being hit in the head by a golf club, William suffered a depressed skull fracture and needed surgery. This left him with a scar on his forehead that he said sometimes glows and people notice it. Other times, people don't notice it at all.

What first drew William's attention to Kate?

During a charity fashion show, Kate was wearing what was essentially a bra and underwear set covered by a sheer dress. William reportedly turned his friend and commented on how hot Kate was.

What North American location did Will and Kate tour in 2016?

The couple visited Canada just a few short months after their wedding in 2011, and then again in 2016. The pair were accompanied by Prince George and little Princess Charlotte. Usually, heirs cannot travel together, but William chooses to travel with his children.

Have Kate and William ever sued the press?

When photos of Kate were published in gossip magazines, the royal couple sued for printing the paparazzi photos of Kate while on vacation or during various wardrobe malfunctions. Due to the nature of Princess Diana's death, William has been open about his dislike for the press.

Do you know the first high-profile royal event that Kate attended as a guest to support William?

She wasn't just any guest at this parade. She was William's guest. After this, their relationship was followed so closely that people started taking bets, like legitimately betting, on when the two would get engaged.

Where did Kate Middleton grow up?

Chapel Row is a village near Newbury, Berkshire in England, and is the oldest of three. She has a sister, Pippa, and a brother, James. Pippa wowed the world with her stunning dress worn to Kate and Will's wedding.

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