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He lived the kind of epic and sprawling life that seems like the stuff of Hollywood fiction. How much do you know about the 26th President of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt?

Roosevelt won the Medal of Honor for leading a charge in which battle?

He led a charge even though he lacked clear orders from his superiors.


Which oil company did Roosevelt help break up through the use of antitrust laws?

It took more than 400 witnesses and 12,000 pages of testimony, but the case shattered Standard into 34 smaller entities.


Which two relatives of Teddy Roosevelt died on the same day?

After they passed he wrote, "The light has gone out of my life."


Roosevelt was the first president to do what?

He was also the first to fly in an airplane.


Which federal organization did Roosevelt create?

As an agency of the Department of Agriculture, it watches over U.S. national grasslands and national forests.


With which health problem did Roosevelt struggle as a child?

He took up a very active lifestyle in an attempt to shake off his breathing problems.


How did Roosevelt's son Quentin die?

He died over France in 1918.


Roosevelt was a commissioner of which city's police department?

He worked to reform the department, which was considered one of the nation's most corrupt.


Which national park did Roosevelt NOT help create?

His efforts to preserve majestic landscapes helped him become known as "the conservation president."


Which president was assassinated, resulting in Roosevelt taking the helm?

McKinley was shot and killed by an anarchist in Buffalo, New York.


How old was Roosevelt when he became president?

He was the youngest president in the country's history.


Which one of these was NOT a part of the Square Deal?

The Square Deal was meant to protect consumers and businesses alike, leveling the playing field for everyone.


What injury did Roosevelt suffer in a boxing match?

He challenged other men during his time in the White House … until a hard punch nearly took all of the sight in one eye.


In which kind of military unit did Roosevelt serve?

His unit served in the Spanish-American War in 1898.


What was the nickname of Roosevelt's cavalry unit?

Roosevelt led his unit in battle during a campaign across parts of Cuba.


Roosevelt was shocked at the backlash that followed after he hosted a White House dinner for which guest?

Citizens of the south, in particular, thought Roosevelt had crossed a racial line by inviting a black man into the White House.


Following the deaths of his wife and mother, where did Roosevelt take up cattle ranching?

Two years later he returned to the political arena and began his ascent.


At a salary lower only than the president's, Roosevelt put John Wallace in charge of which project?

Wallace guided a sanitation effort to improve working conditions, which in turn helped the project succeed.


Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize for orchestrating the end of which conflict?

He helped mediate the Treaty of Portsmouth, ending a conflict that killed tens of thousands of people in 18 months.


Roosevelt was governor of which state?

He leveraged his war hero status to win the governorship, which then helped him climb the political ladder.


Which moniker did Roosevelt prefer people use when addressing him?

He hated the nickname "Teddy" but once the name took hold he couldn't stop it.


What's the purpose of the Antiquities Act, which Roosevelt signed into law in 1906?

The Act has been used more than 100 times since its inception, not always without controversy.


How many antitrust cases did Roosevelt open against corporations?

He gained a reputation as a "trust-buster" due to his active enforcement of antitrust laws.


How did "teddy bears" come to be named after Roosevelt?

As if he wasn't famous enough already, he had to have a toy named after him, too.


What was the subject of Roosevelt's first book?

He completed the book when was 23 and immediately gained respect for his work.


How many books did Roosevelt publish?

And he still found time to be a war hero and, you know, become a United States president.


Why did Roosevelt push for the formation of the Boone and Crockett Club?

The club still exists and is partly known for ending commercial market hunting.


What did Roosevelt do during his honeymoon with his first wife?

Even during his honeymoon he stayed busy with adventures.


What caused the death of his first wife, Alice?

Her pregnancy caused the problem to go undiagnosed until it was too late; she died two days after giving birth.


What prompted Roosevelt to give up ranching and return back East to resume his career?

The winter of 1886-87 killed many of his cattle (and those of other ranchers), and he decided it wasn't the life for him.


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