There Are Over 100 Recurring Simpsons Characters — We’ll Be Impressed If You Can Name 40

By: Lauren Lubas
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For 30 years, "The Simpsons" has warmed our television screens, educated us and showed little kids how to swear. It has been on for so long that people consider it a staple in their homes. If you don't consider soap operas, variety shows or news programs, "The Simpsons" is the longest-running show on television, and the best part about it is the fact that the characters never age. We never have to see characters die off because actors have retired. We never have to see this series jump the shark to keep our attention. The genius behind making a prime-time cartoon is the fact that no one has to leave, so long as people can draw the characters.

While we all know the main characters: Bart, Homer, Lisa, Marge and Maggie Simpson. We've also grown up with side characters that are just as full of life for us. These recurring characters have been subject to Bart's pranks, helped Homer through some tough times and have even given us the opportunity to learn a little bit about ourselves. If you consider yourself a fan of "The Simpsons," it's time to see just what you know. Take this quiz to see if you can identify 40 of the recurring characters on the show.

Milhouse is Bart's best friend, but he's also way into Lisa Simpson. Writers of "The Simpsons" brought on some tough topics when Milhouse's parents got divorced and his mom started dating again.

There are some memorable moments with Ned Flanders on "The Simpsons," including the time he finally snapped and the time his wife was killed. Of course, we all remember his popular dating video with the star fades as well.

It wasn't until Milhouse called Bart's teacher "Mrs. Crab-Apple" that we realized her name read that way phonetically. Bart himself was shocked that he didn't come up with the nickname for his teacher.

Barney Gumble stopped burping when he gave up drinking for good. Additionally, his hair wasn't messed up anymore. While we see him temporarily giving up the drink to become an astronaut, it wasn't until years later when he gave it up for good.

No one can forget the Valentine's Day episode where Lisa gives Ralph a valentine because his box is empty. When Bart replayed Ralph's heartbreak over and over, viewers learned what true remorse was.

He wasn't named after Tony Soprano, but he does share some similar characteristics. He's not a man to be trifled with, as he's one of the most dangerous characters on the show, with his lackeys coming in a close second.

As law and order in Springfield aren't really necessary (except to address Bart's petty vandalism), Chief Wiggum is often seen simply holding a donut or a cup of coffee rather than doing his job.

Working at Springfield Elementary School, Groundskeeper Willie is generally available as a comic foil for the children. He tries to maintain order, but the more he tries to control things, the more hilarious he becomes.

The late Phil Hartman initially voiced Troy McClure. McClure is a little bit oblivious, but his voice is like butter melting over a piece of hot toast ... smooth and silky.

The Flanders children don't necessarily get a whole lot of screen time, but when they have a line here or there, it's pretty genius. From them, we learned that lies make Baby Jesus cry.

God brings us many things, including joy and love, so why not name the symbol of religion in Springfield Reverend Lovejoy? This monotone character has a lot of great lines and a few good episodes that highlight his character.

With a name like Kearney Zzyzwicz, we pretty much can see how he would become a bully. While he seems like another one of Jimbo's lackeys, we learn that he has a little bit of a backstory for himself.

We've seen him in a couple of episodes, and he helps develop the Krusty the Clown character quite a bit. We soon learn that he hates clowns and clowning in general, but Krusty wanted to follow his dream.

Grandpa Simpson is one of the most genius characters on the show. Not only does he give the cantankerous old-man vibe, but he also teaches us quite a bit about the characters around us.

Santa's Little Helper has been an essential member of the Simpson family since the first season. The most memorable episode with him involved Mr. Burns wanting to take his puppies to make a coat.

Mr. Burns pretty much embodies evil in "The Simpsons," yet we love his character. Everyone wants to see him release the hounds. There was an episode where he seems to be becoming nicer, but that goes away quickly.

"I was saying Boo-Urns" was the defining line for this character. When Smithers wanted Mr. Burns to feel better about being booed, Hans Moleman stepped in with one of the greatest lines the show has ever produced.

We learn quite a bit about Nelson's background in later seasons of "The Simpsons," including the fact that his dad left the house for a pack of cigarettes and never returned. However, he may be the only character in history whose laugh became his signature line.

Dr. Nick has been around for quite a while. The quack of a doctor has doesn't necessarily have a license to practice medicine, but when the Simpsons need medical care (but don't have money), he always comes through.

When Bart first meets Krusty the Clown, he gets a rude awakening. It was a lesson that too many children had to learn in the past: their heroes aren't heroes at all ... Most of them are just showing up for the money.

Bumblebee Man is most widely known for getting hurt and going off in Spanish about his bad luck. It's a portion of slapstick comedy added to the Simpsons. We don't necessarily have to know what he's saying to be able to laugh.

We often love to see Superintendent Chalmers visit, because Principal Skinner (an authority figure) is generally brought to his knees by his superior. And of course, Bart is always up to something when he arrives.

In recent years, creators of "The Simpsons" have been getting quite a bit of heat about the way this character is portrayed. While it may have been innocent in intention, it seems a little too stereotyped in contemporary times.

"Why do they call them fingers? I've never seen them fing— Ah, there they go." Otto is a character who likes to partake in certain things that are only legal in some states, but he has a lot of great lines and is pretty cool.

Kang and his buddy Kodos are generally a big part of the Treehouse of Horror episodes of "The Simpsons." These are the Halloween specials that the show does every year. One time, Kang and Kodos won a presidential election.

He's a passionate guy who loves music. He even made his way into the opening credits of the show and has been seen in every season of "The Simpsons" since it first aired ... That's a 30-year teaching gig.

She doesn't say much, even when she is on the screen, but Janey has been a staple character on the show since it first aired. This character will tease, but mostly, she likes jumping rope.

Most of us first remember Jasper from the episode where they were trying to figure out who shot Mr. Burns. He was shot in his wooden leg and became an essential witness in the case.

Sideshow Bob has gone down in Simpsons history as one of the most maniacal characters. He threatens to kill Bart and does as much as he can to follow through with his elaborate plans to murder.

We all remember Dr. Marvin Monroe from his first episode "There's No Disgrace Like Home." As the Simpsons electrocute each other, he finally snaps, and we realize that no one is perfect.

Sherri and Terri are twins that happen to torture Bart throughout the first season. One of the most memorable moments is when they both kiss him to get him in trouble during a school field trip.

Helen Lovejoy is well known as the town gossip. As the reverend's wife, she is privy to nearly all of the information that passes through Springfield, and she isn't afraid to share.

We know Lenny and Carl so well from the power plant to Moe's Tavern. Carl is the sensible one who gives Homer some great advice when he needs it the most. He's a great comic foil for the main character.

We know all of the bullies on "The Simpsons" rather well. These characters build off of Bart's character and give a little bit of exigence to the show ... especially when they're after Bart.

We know quite a bit about Waylon Smithers. One of the best episodes with Smithers' character development was when we learned that he's an avid doll collector who doesn't care what other people think.

Most of us know him as Snake, but his full name is Snake Jailbird on the show. We generally see this character robbing the Kwik-E-Mart or trying to escape from jail whenever someone else is in jail.

He doesn't have a name, but his presence is always known. He has a ponytail and knows everything there is to know about media, television shows and all things geek. His knowledge, of course, makes him arrogant.

Database is a character who knows more than Martin Prince. His first appearance was in the episode entitled "Bart's Comet," and he has been around ever since. His intelligence helps storylines progress.

Cletus the slackjawed yokel is one of the most ingenious characters on the show. He might not know how to write, but when he makes his mark, it's the most perfect signature you've ever seen.

You may recognize Professor Frink as the character who helps out when there are issues of a scientific nature. His actual name is John Frink, and he considers himself a professor and an inventor.

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