Quiz: There Are Over 193 Countries — We’ll Be Impressed If You Can Name 40!
There Are Over 193 Countries — We’ll Be Impressed If You Can Name 40!
By: Allison Lips
Image: pbombaert/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

There are over 7.5 billion people living in 193 countries on planet Earth. Each country has its own culture and way of life. Many countries have rich diversity within their borders, which results in a beautiful array of culture without ever leaving one country. Usually, the larger the country, the more diversity it has. 

China is home to almost 1. 5 billion people, while India is home to over 1.3 billion. On the other end of the population spectrum, the tiny Vatican City is home to just 800 permanent residents. However, both the Cocos Islands and the Pitcairn Islands have smaller populations, but they are not considered independent countries and are Australian and British territories respectively. 

When measuring countries by area, China drops to the third largest country. The top two places belong to Russia and Canada. Russia has an area of over 6.5 million square miles, while Canada's area is over 3.8 million miles. The title of smallest country belongs once again to Vatican City, which is 0.17 square miles. 

Have you explored all of Europe? Can you name every country in Africa? Do you know your way around a world map? Find out how well you know Earth and its country's with this quiz! 

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