There Are Six Types of Co-Workers: Which Are You?

Zoe Samuel

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There are many archetypes in modern society, and none are more familiar than those we find at our work. After all, however often we change jobs in our lives, we spend most of our waking hours at work, so it's no surprise that we start to recognize constants that appear in one given workplace and then follow us to another.

An archetype is the perfect example of a thing; that is, it is unlike a stereotype, which is usually based on either outright falsehoods or a kernel of truth that has been extrapolated far beyond what it originally included. That's why it is so easy to recognize certain figures, from the rumor mill who always has the gossip to the den mother who always organizes the birthday cards to the rising star who is on an escalator directly to the corner office. Other office archetypes include the saboteur who constantly steps over others to get where they're going, the malingerer who is always sick just when you need them, and the doormat who would be delighted to give up their Saturday so you can complete that report on time.

Of course, while a person may fall into a workplace archetype, it doesn't mean that it is the entirety of who they are. You might be one of these figures at work, but very different outside of it. That's why it's important to figure out the role you're falling into at work, so that you can decide if it is authentic to who you are and who you want to be. If it is, embrace it, and if not, change it! Let's get started!

How would you recognize a colleague's birthday?

Do you ever refuse to take on more work?

Do you see yourself getting a corner office someday?

What do you typically wear to work?

What word would your coworkers use to describe you?

Have you ever taken credit for an idea that wasn't yours?

How often per year do you pull a sickie?

Do you spend a lot of time at the water cooler?

When they need a volunteer, how quickly does your hand go up?

How often do you work through the weekend?

What's your favorite thing about your job?

What's the first thing you added to your desk when you arrived?

If you won a million dollars on the lottery, how would it affect your work?

Have you ever competed for a promotion?

What do you consider your key source of power in your workplace?

What is your favorite part of a working day?

Have you ever covered for a colleague who snuck out of work?

Would you ever date someone at your workplace?

If your boss said they were leaving, what would be your first thought?

Have you ever signed up for a corporate retreat?

What was your key qualification to get the job you have?

If you were fired, why would you be fired?

What's your favorite perk of the job?

Have you ever stolen something from the office?

Where is your desk in relation to the boss's desk?

If a colleague does something against company rules, do you tell on them?

What change would make you move jobs?

Have you ever been a project lead?

Have you ever mentored someone junior to you?

Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person that got you in trouble?

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