There Are Three Types of Friends: Which One Are You?

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One of the greatest philosophers in history, Aristotle explored many areas of study during his time at the Platonic Academy. He left there, rumored to be due to Plato's death, and went on to argue the points of the man he looked up to. Plato himself. One of the most poignant areas that Aristotle spoke on was that of friendship. Seems simple, and it seems like Aristotle was so established that he would delve into more complex ideas, but the way he saw it, friendship is one of the most complex relationships in life.

He explained that there were three main types of friends and friendships you'll have throughout your life. There will be friendships of utility, pleasure and goodness. Each one of these friendships will, of course, bring something different to your life, but it won't always be a good thing. Aristotle also emphasized that there are two types that you should seek out more, and one that you should stay away from. While friendships are a personal choice, and each one teaches you something about yourself, there are some that can be more toxic than others. Which type of friend are you, as laid out by Aristotle? Take this quiz now to find out!

What does a typical weekend with your friends look like?

Are you the kind of person to get jealous if your friends have things you don't?

When you make plans, do you expect your friends to follow through with them?

If your best friend moved away, what do you think you'd be losing the most?

It's Friday night and you have nothing to do. What do you suggest doing with your best friend?

Is there anything you wish people did more of in friendships?

If you don't talk to your friends every day, do you often lose touch altogether?

Do you like being taken care of when you're sick or do you prefer to be left alone?

Do you ever go through periods where you just don't want to have friends?

Would you tell your friend something that you know they definitely don't want to hear?

Your friend is on thin ice at work and they're worried. How do you try to help?

In general, would you feel comfortable watching your friend's children?

What do you look for in a friend?

Is it important to you that you be available for your friends at all times?

What is the one thing you hope to gain for yourself out of a friendship?

What's the best way you can think of for your friends to show you they care?

How comfortable do you think your friends are asking you for help?

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your best friend?

Is it normal to see friends less when you start seeing someone new?

What did you love most about childhood friendships?

How did you used to spend recess in school?

When it comes to sports, do you prefer team sports or individual?

Your friend got a drastic hair cut that you don't love, but they're excited about. What do you do?

Are you OK with your best friend having a different best friend than you?

What do you talk about the most with your closest friends?

Are you the kind of person to send your friends random gifts or letters?

Once you have your set group of friends, do you really look to expand on that?

How do you handle your friend doing or saying something you don't necessarily agree with?

How do you like to be approached by your friends with a touchy subject?

If you were to distance yourself from a friend, what would be a main reason for it?

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