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People have harnessed the benefits of geothermal energy for centuries -- the ancient Romans used hot springs to heat homes. Of course the technology's definitely advanced since then. Take our quiz and see if you're up on all the geothermal tech talk.

Which of the following do geothermal power plants need to drive the turbines that generate electricity?

Geothermal power plants tap the deep deposits of steam and warm water to generate electricity.


Which part of the United States might you NOT find any deep deposits of geothermal resources?

There aren't as many deep deposits of geothermal power in New England as there are in other areas, especially the West.


Which part of the United States has the most geothermal resources?

In 2010, these nine U.S. states led in the way in geothermal production: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming.


What does a heat pump do?

A heat pump simply moves natural heat from inside Earth to cool homes and businesses.


Why is geothermal energy similar to solar energy?

Although neither solar nor geothermal energy is a magic bullet that can solve the world's energy woes, both are renewable sources of energy.


Compared to a natural-gas-fueled power plant, how much less carbon dioxide do geothermal power plants produce?

In addition to producing one-sixth less carbon dioxide than natural-gas-fueled plants, geothermal power plants produce no nitrous oxide or sulfur, both of which are greenhouse gasses.


In which decade was the first large-scale geothermal power plant built in the United States?

In 1960, Pacific Gas and Electric began operation of the first successful geothermal power plant in California.


What percentage of the world's energy comes from geothermal?

Despite its vast potential, only 1 percent of the world's energy production is geothermal.


Can a heat pump also be used to cool a house?

Yes. Heat is extracted from Earth through a liquid. When the liquid is pumped through a heat pump, the pump takes Earth's thermal energy and uses it to heat a building in the winter, and cool it in the summer.


Which of the following terms best describes a type of geothermal system that pumps ground water directly from a well into a building, and then allows the water to leave the building?

Open-loop systems use groundwater taken from a conventional well as a heat source.


What type of geothermal system is a vertical loop?

Vertical-loop systems are a type of closed-loop system.


What percentage of a home's cooling and heating needs can a heat pump provide?

A heat pump can provide 100 percent of a home's cooling and heating needs.


Which of the following statements is true?

Geothermal systems do not produce any indoor air pollutants. Conventional heating systems, such as oil and gas , require chimneys to vent dangerous pollutants and gas.


Which state leads the nation in online geothermal power capacity?

In 2007, 4.5 percent of California's electric energy generation came from geothermal power plants.


Which country leads the world in geothermal production?

The United States leads the world in online geothermal energy capacity. In 2007, geothermal energy accounted for 4 percent of renewable-energy based electrical consumption in the United States.


In a geothermal system, what happens to the salts and dissolved minerals that are pumped from inside the Earth?

Geothermal systems put all salts and dissolved minerals back into the Earth.


Which of the following statements best describes a dry-steam geothermal power plant?

Dry-steam geothermal plants were the first geothermal plants to go online. The steam eliminates the need to burn fossil fuels to run the turbines.


How much money can a geothermal heating system save consumers on their energy bills?

After the initial installation investment is made, geothermal systems can save homeowners 30 to 50 percent on their energy bill.


Which of the following terms best describes the use of geothermal energy in fish nurseries?

Although aquaenergy and aquafarms are cool names, aquaculture is the term that describes geothermal fish nurseries.


Which of the following terms best describes a geothermal system in which an antifreeze solution is continuously circulated?

Closed-loop systems uses a continuous loop of buried plastic pipe as a heat exchanger. Unlike an open-loop system, closed loops re-circulates the antifreeze fluids.


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