These Fast-Food Questions Will Reveal Your Psychological Age

Isadora Teich

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Are you a lover of fast food? Is it one of your favorite regular cheat foods? Even among true fast food enthusiasts, everyone has their favorites and dislikes. When it's time for a treat, everyone has their preferred place to get something quick, convenient, and tasty. When you are in the mood for something sweet, do you crave Wendy's Frosties or McDonald's McFlurries? Who do you think makes the best fast food burger? Where do you like the fries best? Or can you not even remember the last time you had a burger because you basically live at Chipotle? 

Your tastes in fast food say a lot about your psychological age. Sure, we all have a physical age, but that's far from the end of the story. After all, some 20-year-olds already seem quite psychologically mature and many older people are very young at heart and in spirit. Whether you opt for Crunchwraps or Doritos Locos Tacos at Taco Bell or skip out on a run for the border altogether says a lot about your true psychological age.  

If you want to know what your fast food loves and hates say about your true psychological age, give this quiz a sweet, spicy, and tasty spin! 

Who makes the best fast food burger?

Which of these items at Taco Bell appeals most to you?

If you could only get pizza from one fast food restaurant for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

Where would you rather get a sweet snack from?

What flavor do you crave more?

How often do you eat salads from fast food restaurants?

Where on the menu do you order from at McDonald's most often?

Which fast food restaurant do you go to most often?

Which of these Dairy Queen desserts do you want the least?

Who makes the best fries of these fast food chains?

If you want a late night snack, which do you want more?

Are Big Macs overrated?

Which of these KFC items do you prefer?

Which fast food restaurant do you prefer for lunch?

Which Mexican fast food chain out of these do you enjoy more?

What fast food chain would you be more likely to go to for breakfast?

If you were one of these Subway sandwiches, which one would you be?

Which of these fast food icons does fried chicken best?

What drink do you prefer with your fast food meals?

Where would you rather grab a sandwich from?

If you could only eat at one of these fast food restaurants for a year, which would you pick?

Which of these are you least likely to get from a fast food restaurant?

How often do you get coffee at fast food restaurants?

Which of these fast food restaurants do you go to least?

Which of these Arby's items appeals to you most?

What texture do you like most in food?

What would you rather get from Cinnabon?

Which of these fast food favorites would you miss the least if they closed?

Which regional fast food chain have you not had, but want to try?

Have media controversies ever stopped you from eating at any fast food chain?

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