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If you can yabba-dabba-doo with the best of them, take this quiz to test your stone age knowledge.

Never intending to be a realistic depiction of life in the stone age (duh!), the Flintstones were more like a modern stone age family... hey, isn't that what the theme song says? The series was a fictionalized portrayal of life in the "real" world, with struggles that included work, relationships, and finances... albeit in a way that was definitely not so serious. 

The Flintstones remains a popular television show - so popular, in fact, that Seth McFarlane ("Family Guy" and "American Dad"!) was looking into reviving the show in 2011. Unfortunately, McFarlane's golden touch did not extend to the Flinstones reboot, and he abandoned the project in 2013. We can still dream...

The series featured the voices of such comedic greats as Mel Blanc (Barney Rubble and Dino), Harvey Korman (The Great Gazoo), and Alan Reed (Fred Flintstone). The show spawned several spin-off series', none of which were particularly successful. However, the 1994 live-action film starring John Goodman as Fred, Rick Moranis as Barney, Elizabeth Perkins as Wilma, and Rosie O'Donnell as Betty was relatively successful. A successive live-action film, in 2000, was a bomb.

Ready to revisit Bedrock? Let's get started.

Who is Fred's wife?

Wilma met Fred while working as a waitress. Throughout most of their marriage, however, she has been a stay-at-home mom.


Who is Fred's neighbor?

Barney is not only Fred's neighbor, but also Fred's best friend. He serves as an accomplice in most of Fred's schemes.


What's Barney's last name?

Barney is married to Betty Rubble. They have a son, Bamm-Bamm, who is adopted.


What color is Betty's dress?

Betty and Barney met at the same time as Fred and Wilma. Betty was working as a waitress, and Barney was working as a bellhop.


What is Dino?

Dino serves as the dog-like pet for the Flintstones. Often, when Fred first gets home from work, he is pounced on by Dino, who wants attention as any dog would.


Who is Pebble's dad?

Pebbles has hair similar to her mother's. However, Pebbles hair is slightly darker with a little more of a red pigment.


Who is adopted?

Bamm-Bamm was left in a turtle shell on Barney and Betty's doorstep. Instead of abandoning him, they decided to take in the little boy. They are quite the caring couple.


What kind of cat do the Flintstones have?

Today, saber-toothed tigers are extinct, but Fred and Wilma are lucky enough to live in a world where they can keep one as a house pet. This might not be the best idea, but hey, it works for them.


Where does Fred work?

Fred is a crane operator at the stone quarry, where he hates to work most of the time. Outside of work, he enjoys golfing and bowling.


Who is Fred's boss?

Mr. Slate is known quite well for screaming Fred's last name when he is angry with Fred. Mr. Slate is also easily angered, which causes a lot of friction in the work place.


What town do the Flintstones live in?

Bedrock is no ordinary town. Here, the homes are made out of stone, and animals power the appliances.


How are the cars powered?

Gas isn't going to get a car up and running in Bedrock. No, in this town, feet power the cars, which must be quite difficult.


What does Hoppy look like?

Hoppy is the Rubble family pet. He appears to be a dinosaur mixed with a kangaroo. I'm not sure how those two got together.


What kind of humans are the characters?

Although the characters are cavemen, they live quite the advanced lives. They have most of the tools and gadgets you would find in a 1950s American home. Everything just works a little differently.


What color is Wilma's hair?

Wilma is the perfect balance for Fred. Her sensible attitude counteracts his horrible ideas.


What is the only thing Bamm-Bamm says?

Ever since Barney and Betty received Bamm-Bamm, the only thing he has said is "Bamm, Bamm!" For that reason, it's a name that fits him.


What's Fred known for yelling?

"Yabba Dabba Doo!" is an expression of excitement that Fred uses. He's often heard yelling it when he first gets off work. I'm sure we all do something similar.


What does Bamm-Bamm carry around?

Bamm-Bamm carries a huge wooden club that he swings around with his unnatural strength. When he hits the ground with it, it shakes the surrounding area. That's not a kid I would mess with.


What does Pebbles wear in her hair?

Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles first appear in the series as toddlers. However, Bamm-Bamm is able to walk, indicating he might be older than Pebbles since she can't walk yet.


Who does Bamm-Bamm marry?

As kids, Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles quickly become friends. This friendship developed overtime, and they eventually married and had kids.


What color is the Great Gazoo?

Gazoo is a small, green alien who has befriended Fred and Barney. He is from the planet Zetox, which he has been exiled from.


What does the Great Gazoo call Fred and Barney?

People who don't believe in Gazoo can't see him. That's why most of the adult characters, besides Fred and Barney, don't know that he exists.


Whose first name constantly changes in the show?

Mr. Slate has been referred to by multiple first names, which is a running joke at this point. A few of those names include Nate, George, and Oscar.


Who is the paper boy?

Arnold is an annoyance to Fred because of his snarky attitude. He constantly teases Fred and is shown to be smarter than Fred in many cases.


Who is Wilma's mother?

Pearl appears several times throughout the series. She is a brutish woman, who despises Fred Flintstone.


Who is Barney's mother?

Flo's full name is Flo Slate Rubble. She is both the mother of Barney and the sister of Mr. Slate.


What is Fred's race driving name?

Fred wants to win money to put back for his kid's college fund. To do that, he enters the Indianrockolis 500 after first calling out of work.


Who does Fred make disappear in "Hot Lips Hannigan?"

Fred wants to do magic for a talent show, so he tries to show off his abilities by making Wilma and Betty disappear. When it appears that his trick worked, Fred and Barney decide to have some guy time while it's revealed that Betty and Wilma are playing a prank.


How does Fred find Dino?

When Barney and Fred go hunting, they run across Dino for the first time. Despite Fred's objections, Wilma quickly becomes infatuated with the animal and brings him home.


Who is Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm's daughter?

Roxy possesses the unnatural strength of her father, Bamm-Bamm. However, she looks just like Pebbles besides her white hair.


Who is Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm's son?

Chip is loud just like Fred, who is his grandfather. He was born during Hollyrock-a-Bye Baby.


Why was the Great Gazoo exiled?

Gazoo flies around in a flying saucer, which crashed on Earth. He also has many unique powers which are mostly focused around controlling time.


What does Barney invent in "the Flintstone Flyer?"

Fred is hurt after Barney's helicopter crashes because of too much weight. However, this injury isn't going to keep Fred from participating in the Bowling Championship.


Whose house must Fred stay in to obtain their fortune?

Jay Giggles Flintstone is Fred's uncle who is known for his jokes. When he supposedly passes away, Fred is challenged with staying in Giggles' haunted house to obtain his fortune.


Who comes to live with Fred after threatening to jump off a bridge?

Gypsum wanted someone to give him a place to live because he didn't have anything left. To get someone to take him in, he tied a boulder to his neck and threatened to jump off a bridge. That's one way to get help.


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