Quiz: Think You Can Fill In the Correct Word to Complete These Common Phrases?
Think You Can Fill In the Correct Word to Complete These Common Phrases?
By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

English is a very interesting language to learn, primarily because many words have double or even triple meanings, depending on context or even tone of voice. Imagine if you use simple words with definite meanings and turn them into figurative phrases. For example, "It's raining cats and dogs!" Now that makes conversation more interesting!

It has been the penchant of human beings to aim for eloquence in their manner of speaking - or at least try to be clever and amusing! Sometimes, part of this eloquence is the use of, shall we say, more colorful language, which will somehow elaborate on the thought that they want to convey. And this is where we also get literary from time to time, because literature is about stringing words together to provoke specific emotions while also making the reader think. And yes, many common phrases or idiomatic expressions do that to us, on a daily basis.

So, if we give you one of these common phrases in a sentence, can you figure out the word that was omitted? This is fairly easy for people who are not literal-minded. So get your figurative thinking caps on and have fun with this colorful quiz! Bite the bullet! Break a leg!

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Bring home the _____ to have a better life!
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This competitive office mate will give you a run for your ______!
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Everyone works hard to make _____ meet.
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You really need to go cold _____ on your vices.
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To make a ____ ____ short, they fell in love!
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I’ll play the devil’s _____ to convince him otherwise!
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Before anyone gets hurt, let’s just nip it in the _____.
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Don’t be fooled! This is the ____ before the storm.
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The people at the gymnasium are packed like _____!
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This task is my bread and _____, so don’t mock it!
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To break the ____, just say hello!
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Having warring friends is like being between a _____ and a hard place!
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That dude has sticky _____, so be careful with your belongings!
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During the presentation, she stole my _____ and upstaged me!
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I don’t want to rock the ____, so I’ll keep mum about the issue.
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Never be too hopeful, because you should not count your _____ before they're hatched!
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To add insult to ____, she kissed her current boyfriend while her ex-boyfriend was looking!
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Maybe he’s innocent, so give him the benefit of the _____.
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My boss and I don’t see ____ to eye on this project.
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Sooner or later you have to face the _____, so be ready to admit your error.
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Things are still up in the _____ about our promotion.
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Shopping is not my cup of _____, so I’d rather sit down while they look around.
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This issue is just the tip of the _____, so expect bigger problems!
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It’s really no big deal, so don’t make a _____ out of a molehill.
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Be happy with your good luck, because when it ____, it pours!
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My brother is a hard nut to ____, so be patient.
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The rule of _____ in biking is to wear a helmet.
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It’s okay in this day and age to go _____ on a date.
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He has an admirable rags-to-____ story.
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You look like a _____ dollars today!
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I’m heading to the gym because I need to blow off some _____.
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This new car cost me an _____ and a leg!
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He has many friends because he’s down to ____.
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Let’s keep working, because we’re not out of the ____ yet!
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That woman has the _____ touch, so it’s good to do business with her!
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