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Walk over one of these deadly snakes and your day just might be ruined by a vicious bite filled with venom that will rot your skin and stop your organs from functioning. Now, that doesn't sound like a fun day. How well do you know these deadly snakes? Could you pass a quiz on the deadliest of them? Here's your chance to find out. 

Snakes don't have a very good reputation. They have been depicted as demons and other creatures with evil intent across multiple cultures. They've been hunted and killed. They've been caught and used for torture. They've even been used as the antagonist in horror movies. So, yeah, they have a pretty rough reputation, but often, for good reason. After all, snakes are some of the deadliest creatures in the world. They kill thousands of people each year and harm many more. They are predators and even cannibals at times. For those reasons, it might be important to have as much knowledge on deadly snakes as possible. 

Are you a deadly snake expert, though? Do you know the largest snakes or the ones with the most toxic venom? If you think you do, take this quiz and prove your deadly snake knowledge! 

How is snake venom injected into prey?

Only poisonous snakes have fangs. The size of these fangs vary, though.


Where is a rattle on a rattlesnake?

A rattlesnake uses its rattle to intimidate potential threats. However, they have been known to strike before using the rattle.


What's the best way to treat venomous snake bites?

Snake venom is different than poison. Poison is ingested, while venom is injected into a victim.


Which snake is commonly used by Indian snake charmers?

Indian snake charming is an ancient skill still used today. However, animal rights activists are making it more difficult for snake charmers to continue entertaining.


Where do black mambas come from?

Black mambas are the second largest poisonous snake in the world. They can grow up to 14 feet long.


What shape is a rattlesnake's head?

Rattlesnakes try to camouflage themselves to avoid detection. For this reason, it's easy to come upon one without ever knowing it's there.


What is the heaviest snake in the world?

At the moment, the largest snake known to have ever existed was the titanoboa. This snake reached up to fifty feet in length.


What is the largest venomous snake?

King cobras can grow as long as 18 feet long. They also can raise their heads almost to a person's eye level. Now, that's freaky.


When does the common krait hunt?

Common kraits typically latch onto their victims before releasing from a bite. Their bites have about an 80% death rate if left untreated.


What type of viper is a cottonmouth?

Pit vipers have a heat sensor between their eyes. This allows them to stalk potential prey.


Which snake causes the most deaths in Australia?

Eastern brown snakes are not afraid to wander into urban areas. This puts them into common contact with people living in Australia.


Which snake tries to blend in with branches on a tree?

These snakes are brown like tree limbs. If they think they're spotted, they will sway back and forth as if the wind were blowing a limb.


Where are copperheads found?

Copperheads are not afraid to go after larger prey. After they strike the prey, they let it go then follow it until the prey dies.


What is the longest snake in the world?

Pythons have been known to grow up to 25 ft in length. Though they aren't poisonous, they are still quite deadly because of their size and constricting ability.


Which snakes hunt rattlesnakes?

Kingsnakes are not poisonous snakes. Instead, they use constriction to kill their prey.


What attracts​ venomous snakes to human dwellings?

Many snakes have difficulty adapting to human settlements and prefer to stay out in nature. Other snakes just follow the food, which means tracking rodents into houses.


How do male eastern brown snakes determine who will mate?

These snakes aren't afraid to fight for love. In many ways, it's more of a wrestling match, though.


Where can you find the many-branded krait in its natural habitat?

The many-banded krait is typically shy and will avoid confrontation. However, if it's cornered, it will strike like most snakes.


What's another name for a cottonmouth?

Water moccasins are usually between 2 and 4 ft long. This is shorter than some other venomous snakes, but their muscular bodies make them look much more intimidating.


How does a coastal taipan attack ?

The coastal taipan is the largest venomous snake in Australia. They usually reach about 6 ft in length but have been known to grow over 9 ft.


Which snake has the largest fangs?

The gaboon vipers fangs usually reach about 4 cm in length. They use these fangs to latch onto prey until it's dead.


What is the only venomous water snake in North America?

Young cottonmouths have distinct bands of colors. As they age, these colors eventually fade away.


Which snake is the fastest?

Black mambas can travel up to 12 miles per hour. Their speed is more used for fleeing rather than attacking.


Which is NOT one of the Big Four snakes of India?

The Big Four snakes of India are the deadliest snakes in that part of the world. They cause thousands of deaths each year.


Where is the inland taipan located?

Despite is deadly venom, the inland taipan is not an apex predator. In fact, the inland taipan is hunted by another snake, the king brown snake, which is immune to the taipan's venom.


Which snake's venom is the most lethal in the world?

A single bite from an inland taipan could kill nearly 100 men. Luckily, humans rarely ever come into contact with these snakes.


In what parts of the world do most deadly snake bites occur?

In Asia and Africa, people often live in more rural areas. These areas have less access to medical care, and snake bites are much more dangerous.


Which is the smallest of the Big Four snakes?

Saw-scaled vipers might be small, but that doesn't make them any less dangerous. These snakes are known to be quite aggressive in nature.


Which snake causes little pain from the actual bite despite releasing lethal venom?

The bite from a common krait may feel like a mosquito bite. However, they still inject deadly venom that will kill humans if left untreated.


Which snake is known as "the lurker" in India?

The Russell's viper is named after Patrick Russell. He was a Scottish herpetologist who studied Indian snakes.


How are Russell's vipers born?

This type of birth is known as ovoviviparous. A regular litter from a Russell's viper can produce between 20 and 40 snakes.


Which snake eats other cold-blooded animals?

Small-eyed snakes usually hunt at nighttime. They have been known to eat their own kind.


What color is the many-banded krait?

The venom from a many-banded krait is a neurotoxin. This means the venom shuts down the nervous system, as the victim slowly dies.


Which snake causes the most deaths of any snake in the world?

The saw-scaled viper can be found in parts of rural Asia. Since these areas don't have regular access to health care, snake bites are much more deadly.


What color is a black mamba?

Black mambas are typically a shade of gray. However, inside their mouths are black, giving them their name.


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