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Dogs come in all shapes, colors, fur textures, temperaments and sizes. Do you think you can identify these very familiar creatures based on their images alone? Come on, challenge yourself! We'll give you hints to help!

There are what feels like an infinite number of dog breeds, from the standard (poodles, golden retrievers, Labradors, spaniels, Dalmatians and the like) to the more boutique breeds (golden doodles, schnoodles, chiweenies, maltipoos and more.) 

Even if you spend all of your free time volunteering at the pound, or more likely, scrolling for hours through photos and videos of cute puppies on social media, you may not be able to correctly identify every breed in this quiz. If you're a vet, however, we hope you score relatively high! 

So, get ready for a bunch of adorable dog photos (oh yes, and a quiz.)  See if you can identify each of these dog breeds from a single screenshot, and then challenge your friends! Whoever has the lowest score is going to be stuck in the dog house...kidding!

Can you name this dog breed?

The combined breeds of the golden retriever and the poodle produced the goldendoodle. These pups are considered "designer dogs" which really means intentional crossbreeds.

How about this one?

In a survey, veterinarians agree that the Maltese is a good dog to have for people who want to try raising a dog for the first time. It's tiny and lovable.

What is this breed called?

The Jack Russell terrier was bred by a reverend who loved fox hunting. Therefore, this breed is good accompaniment for hunters.

What's the name of this dog breed?

When you cross a pug and a beagle, you get this puggle. They normally weigh between 15 and 30 pounds.

This dog breed is known as what?

The Havanese is an energetic kind of breed. It's actually the national dog of Cuba.

What's this kind of mastiff?

The Neapolitan mastiff is one of the most popular breeds of large dogs. The males can weigh up to 150 lbs.

What is this toy dog called?

If you want a toy dog that barks a lot, get a miniature schnauzer. Yep, it's a watchdog!

This one-word dog breed's name is what?

The papillon is also called the Continental toy spaniel. It's called "papillon" because the ears look like a butterfly, which is "papillon" in French.

What do you call this snow-loving pup?

The Alaskan malamute is a good active outdoorsy dog. They were originally bred as work dogs, pulling heavy loads on sleds.

This mixed breed is called what?

The Labradoodle is a combination of the Labrador and the poodle. It's got both breeds' characteristics. It first appeared as an intentional cross-breed in 1955.

This nationally named breed is called what?

The American English coonhound is a good hunting dog. It's mostly bred in the southern United States.

This royal-looking dog is known as what?

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a toy breed kind of dog. They generally don't get much bigger than 18 lbs.

What's this European dog breed called?

The Irish wolfhound is from Ireland. It's the tallest AKC breed, but only lives for six to eight years.

This European dog is called what?

The Scottish deerhound is from Scotland. It is a sighthound, which means they hunt using their eyes. This very tall breed was originally bred for hunting giant wild red deer.

Sounds foreign, but what is it called?

The Bichon Frise is one cute, cuddly and curly pup! The name actually means "curly lap dog." They are also hypoallergenic.

This cocktail-sounding dog breed is known as what?

The black Russian terrier was originally a military dog. While they're now more often pets than work dogs, they're still huge, weighing up to 150 lbs.

Presidents will approve that this dog breed is called what?

The barak is a Bosnian dog breed also known as a Bosnian hound. It's a hunting dog.

Canadians might like its breed. What is it?

Newfoundland dogs are indeed from Canada. Despite being large work dogs, their sweet natures also make them good "nanny dogs," as they're good with children.

This geographically named dog is which breed?

The Great Pyrenees is said to have been the guard dog of French kings. They're mostly used to guard livestock these days.

Count Dracula might approve that this dog is called what?

The Transylvanian hound is an ancient Hungarian breed. They are scent-hounds that were originally used for hunting.

This duck-hunting dog breed is known as what?

The Chesapeake Bay retriever is a large, duck-hunting dog breed. It's also known as the Chessie or the Chesapeake.

What's this dog breed known as?

The Swiss hound is from Switzerland, although its forebears are French. They call it the Schweizer Laufhund. It has an ancient lineage.

This breed is called what?

The Brussels griffon hails from Brussels, Belgium. The breed is quite small, usually under 12 lbs.

This Eastern European dog breed is known as what?

The German shorthaired pointer can indeed point you toward a good hunt. It was bred for that purpose in the 19th century.

G'day mate, what's this breed called?

Contrary to its name, the Australian shepherd doesn't come from Australia. It's a breed from the USA that was bred for herding livestock.

Mein hund, this breed is called what?

The German spitz is, obviously, from Germany. They call it the Deutscher Spitz. The first mention of this type of dog was in 1450.

What's this high altitude dog called?

The Bernese mountain dog originated from the Swiss Alps. They're considered affectionate working dogs, but only live for six to eight years.

What do you call this one?

The Leonberger is considered as a giant dog breed. It weighs up to 170 lbs, but is considered very affectionate and docile.

It likes the cold and is known as what?

The Canadian Eskimo is an exceedingly rare and ancient indigenous domestic arctic dog breed. They are genetically identical to the Greenland dog.

This quiet breed is known as what?

The Tibetan mastiff is a large breed that's supposed to guard herd animals. It originated from Tibet, and is traditionally kept with the much smaller Lhasa Apso to work as a team to keep strangers away from homes.

What kind of hunting breed is this dog?

The English foxhound is considered a scent-hound. Unlike sight-hounds, they sniff around for clues while assisting humans with hunting.

What do you call this muscular dog breed?

The Japanese akita is a large breed from the mountains of northern Japan. It's comparable to the Siberian husky in stature and fur.

This ancient-like royal dog breed is known as what?

The pharaoh hound is actually the national dog of the country of Malta. Despite its name, it's not from Egypt.

What is this pup known as?

The Anatolian shepherd came from the country of Turkey. It is indeed used there for shepherding duties.

And this dog is called what?

The otterhound is British in origin and was originally bred to hunt river otters. However, its now rarer than the Giant Panda, with a mere 800 individuals worldwide.

What breed is this racing dog?

The whippet is a breed from England. It's been used as a racing dog in the U.S. since the beginning of the 20th century.

What breed is this creature?

The kuvasz is Hungarian in origin. They are used as guard dogs.

It might be smooth, so what is it?

The silky terrier was bred in Australia. However, its ancestors came from the UK.

This active dog is what breed?

The Norfolk terrier is actually British in origin. It's a small breed and easy to handle. They were originally bred to catch things like mice.

Annyeonghaseyo! This dog breed is called what?

This dog comes from Jindo Island of South Korea. It was originally bred as a hunting dog.

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