This Flower Test May Reveal What Kind of Kisser You Are

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From games like spin the bottle and seven minutes in heaven to detailed how-to guides in magazines like Cosmo and GQ, there's no doubt kissing is a big deal. But, you're not born knowing how to smooch. Remember how much you agonized over that first liplock? We sure do, and OMG was it awkward AF. One word: braces. YKTV. Those early kisses from our aunt that left a lipstick stain on our cheeks were hardly an education (but completely mortifying nonetheless). Whether your first kiss was days, weeks, months or years ago, we bet you're a little (okay, a lot) curious what kind of kisser you are. It's only natural, my dude!

That's right: there's not just one kind of kisser. No way, man. Kissing styles are as unique as kisses themselves, and even though everyone puckers up a bit differently, we've managed to break down the different kinds of kissers. And, because we like to make things fun, we want you to answer some questions about nature's most beautiful blossoms. To find out what kind of kisser you are, take our flower test. Daises, lilies and roses are going to reveal a lot about the way you smooch. Are you as skilled as you think you are?

You decide to buy flowers for that special someone. If it's a mixed bouquet, what vibe are you going for?

Let's say you stop into the florist to low key snag some beautiful blossoms. How do you choose the bouquet to take home?

Flowers have some crazy names. Which one of the following is the most turnt?

We're not throwing shade, but some flowers are actually stinky AF. Would you ever sniff a corpse flower?

There are lots of opinions about roses. What are your thoughts on this ever-popular flower?

We want to know how well you were paying attention in biology. Did you know plants make their own food via photosynthesis?

Yellow often symbolizes joy and friendship. Which of the following yellow flowers is your fave?

Tbh, it's cray how many colors of flowers exist. Of the following, which shade is your go-to?

Prepare to get shook. Did you know broccoli is actually a flower?

Roses get a lot of hype, but they aren't the only red flower. Which of the following blossoms is your favorite red flower?

Flowers can be a major fashion statement. When is an appropriate time to don a flower crown?

White flowers are an essential part of nearly every flower arrangement. Which white flower are you most obsessed with?

In your own home, where do you love to display your gorgeous AF flowers?

Flowers are high key pretty to look at, but you can also eat some of them. Would you ever snack on edible blossoms?

Bouquets dripping. Which of these purple flowers is your favorite?

Now, black isn't generally the first color that comes to mind when you think of flowers. But, what are your thoughts on black blossoms?

You can buy flowers for all kinds of occasions. Which of the following would be too savage to forget?

We keep talking about them, but they're just that big of a deal. Which of the following is your favorite color of rose?

Not every flower is bouquet-worthy. Which of these do you consider the ugliest flower?

Lots of flowers have specific meanings associated with them. Do you usually pay attention to the significance of a certain flower?

We've talked a lot about buying flowers, but have you ever grown any in a garden?

No cap, have you ever given flowers to someone you were in love with?

Some people are heavy into fake flowers, what are your thoughts on them?

In your most humble AF opinion, which season has the best flowers?

Even if you're not an expert, go ahead and take a stab. Which of the following is most important for flowers to prosper?

Pollinators are vital to the success of flowers. Which critter is your favorite little helper?

Every spring, people flock to Holland to see the fields of tulips. Would you ever check out this famous festival?

Imagine you're going to get a flower inked on your body. Which of these would you get tatted?

If you had to choose one of the following flowers to put on your family crest, which would it be?

Choosing flowers for your wedding is a whole thing. Which of the following do you think is big overrated?

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