This Horoscope Quiz Will Tell You What Epic Road Trip You Should Take

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About This Quiz

When it comes to making big decisions, a lot of people follow the stars and look at their astrological sign for guidance. If Mercury is retrograde in their sign, some people will hold off on signing a contract or making a large electronic purchase, while others will consult their forecast but still move ahead without changing plans. No matter your degree of belief and devotion to following astrological advice, this quiz can make it easier to choose your next epic road trip destination. We've got it down to a science!

There are four elements associated with three signs of the zodiac. These elements are fire, earth, air and water. That, in and of itself, can help you choose the perfect location for your next trip. For instance, if you're a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) a vacation by a river, along a seacoast or near a waterfall will soothe your soul. 

To help us plan your epic road trip, based on your sign, you will be asked about how well-versed you are in astrology, as well as about other aspects of your personality. We'll match your answers to the locale that suits you best for an epic road trip. Be sure your friends take this quiz, too, so you will know who should ride shotgun! Start the quiz now!

What is your ruling planet?

How often do you read your horoscope?

Where do you usually get your horoscope?

Which of the four elements is your personality most like?

Would you consult your horoscope before going on a road trip?

Do you know any Virgos?

What personality trait do you think is strongest in your zodiac sign?

Which water sign do you think is friendliest?

Do you believe ancient civilizations used astrology?

How often do you feel like your horoscope is accurate?

Which kind of reading do you think is most informative?

If your horoscope could tell you anything, what would you want to know?

Do you match the typical traits of your signs?

What season were you born in?

Have you ever had a compatibility reading?

Do you read your love horoscope?

Is your sign mutable, cardinal, or fixed?

Which sign do you find easiest to be yourself around?

Do you think astrology is an art or a science?

Do you ever use the lucky numbers that sometimes come with a horoscope?

Is there anything your sign is supposed to be that you are not?

An accurate horoscope depends on your exact minute of birth. Do you know yours?

Do you trust astrological horoscopes or Chinese zodiac horoscopes more?

Would you like to learn how to do your own horoscopes?

Do you ever read your significant other's horoscope?

What do you find most interesting about astrology?

Would you ever pay to get a personalized horoscope?

Have you ever had a numerology reading?

Do you always follow what your horoscope tells you to do?

What do you think is your sign's most challenging quality?

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