This Love Personality Quiz Is Only Accurate if You're 100% Honest with Yourself!

By: Tori Highley
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About This Quiz

Love life woes can be a big bummer, especially when everyone around you has turned into a love bug. If love is getting you down, it is time to get 100% honest with yourself. It can be easy to say a relationship didn't work because of the problems between you two. However, if you don't address the root of those problems, you could end up in a cycle of bad relationships with no idea how to end it! 

To find your perfect partner, you need to understand your personality. Get to know your best qualities, and acknowledge and embrace your weaknesses. Only when you know yourself in your entirety will you be able to see how you fit into a relationship. When you can see yourself as the beautiful, but not infallible, person you are, you and your lovers will get along much better. 

It can be difficult to see what kind of a partner you are in a relationship. With honesty to yourself and our detailed quiz, you can uncover the secrets to a lasting romance. With its insights as to your relationship strengths, your love personality type will help you navigate friction in your relationships and love others more deeply. Our quiz will help your authentic self understand your love! 

What is the perfect birthday gift for a new romantic partner?

What was the biggest complaint from your last romantic partner?

What do you value most in your self?

Which romantic getaway would you rather go on?

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

How long did your last relationship last?

What kind of pet makes your house a home?

Which room in your house do you value the most?

What is your favorite thing about your best friend?

What part of your personality do you want to work on improving?

Which season is the most romantic to you?

Where do you daydream of finding your true love?

What is your favorite way to relax?

What is your ideal Valentine's date?

Which iconic couple do you wish you and your partner could be?

When you really need advice, who is your relationship guru?

What is your favorite sense of humor?

Which online dating service have you used?

Which first date sounds like the most fun?

What was your biggest pet peeve in your last relationship?

What do you feel is your most attractive physical feature?

What is your go-to comfort after a break-up?

With a new romance, how long-term do you consider the relationship?

How open are to sharing your space?

How frequently do you see someone you are serious about?

How do you know you are in love?

What physical trait are you most attracted to?

What is your least favorite thing about first dates?

Would you ever use a matchmaking service?

What is the best quality you bring to a relationship?

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