This Quiz Will Determine If You're From Northern California or Southern California

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While most people that were born in California are proud to call their state home, there has always been a bit of a competition between those who are from Southern California and those who live in Northern California. In fact, at times it seems that the only thing the two can agree on is they don't like it when people call California "Cali." That is a definite no-no for a California native. 

Can we tell if you're from NorCal or SoCal? Are you used to incredible cuisine, much of it farm to table, or are you more used to eating amazing Mexican food? Are you more known for distinct architecture and Silicon Valley, or do you like to kick around on some amazing beaches? Do you have a decent public transportation system, or do you not even know what one of those is? Are you down with having some cool weather on occasion or do you like things to be ridiculously hot? And probably most importantly, how often do you say "hella" in general conversation? We know that it won't be easy, but we think we can guess whether you're from NorCal or SoCal faster than you can order a Double-Double at In-N-Out. Take this quiz to see if we are right. 

What do you call San Fransisco?

Do you ever go to Six Flags?

Are you a Dodgers fan?

How many friends of yours are aspiring actors?

How often do you say "dank"?

Do you mind the fog?

When do you put on a long-sleeve shirt?

Have you ever been snowboarding at Lake Tahoe?

How many times a day do you say "dude"?

Do you say "Hella" often?

How much do earthquakes freak you out?

What percentage of women do you know have had some plastic surgery done?

How often do you use public transportation?

Have you ever been to Napa for the day?

How many pairs of flip-flops do you own?

What is a lot of snow?

Does it freak you out to drive when it rains?

How many jackets do you own?

How often do you jaywalk?

Would you drive a friend to LAX?

Are you actually terrified of riding the bus?

Are you used to traffic jams?

Can you surf?

How often do you ride a bike?

How many famous people would you see during an average week growing up?

How much of your day is spent driving?

Have you ever tried a raw food diet?

Humboldt County or Venice Beach?

How often have you eaten at In-N-Out Burger?

How often do you eat burritos?

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