This Royal Quiz Will Reveal Which Queen You Are!

Emily Maggrett

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About This Quiz

Heavy is the head that wears the crown ... or is it? Monarchs on TV are always complaining about the cost of power, but do you have a feeling that you'd handle it just fine? If you've always wanted to rule over an entire nation, Beyoncé-style, then this is the quiz for you! 

What would you do if you were queen? Would you wear an epic crown of diamonds, emeralds and rubies, or would you dress as if you might go into battle at any time? If given the chance, would you choose to rule solo, or would you pick a king to reign at your side? Most importantly, would you rule your people with an iron fist while conquering new lands? Or would you be a queenly diplomat, forging alliances with other countries and fostering an ideal climate for the arts? 

Your answers to these questions will give us insight into the kind of monarch you'd be. By the end of the quiz, we'll have figured out which real-life queen you most resemble (fingers crossed it's Cleopatra!). So, are you ready to discover the divine empress in you? Put Janelle Monáe's "Q.U.E.E.N." on the stereo and get ready to take this quiz!

You can choose to rule any country in the world. Which one do you pick?

It's a Wednesday. What kind of "casual, weekday queen" outfit will you put on?

Every queen needs a handsome adviser. Who's yours going to be?

Would you rather be loved by the people or feared by the people?

A war is currently raging in your country. Will you lead your troops into battle?

How many castles would you have?

Would you help commoners or nah?

Your family is pressuring you to make an alliance with another country by marrying its king. But the king is NOT a cutie! What would you do?

Let's say you find out one of your ladies-in-waiting is a spy. How would you handle it?

What would you like to be known as?

Queens have branding too; they just call it "insignia." Which animal would you feature on your queenly logo?

Who's your favorite "Game of Thrones" character?

Queen Victoria's reign is known as "The Victorian Age." What would YOUR reign be known as?

Would you rather be a queen by birth or a queen by marriage?

If another country was trying to take over yours, what would you do?

What kind of jewels would you put in your crown?

You have an ancestral royal carriage. Would you use it, and if so, what kind of horses would pull you around?

How often would you hold incredibly self-indulgent feasts?

What would your worst "crazy royal person" habit be?

Some distant family members are trying to usurp your throne. What do you do to them?

Which band or musician would you get to play your coronation?

Be honest: Would you always be nice to servants, even when they made mistakes?

To ensure your legacy, what would you do?

Which modern prince or king would you marry in a heartbeat?

Are you willing to murder others in order to gain power?

You need to relax from the rigors of queening. What's your go-to treat?

Peasants can be so mouthy sometimes! What would "the people" criticize you for specifically?

You're having a bad day and need queen inspo. Which of these ladies do you look to for guidance?

What would you make people call you?

How would your reign end?

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