Take This "Yes or No" Food Quiz and We Will Guess Whether You're More British or American

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British cuisine gets a lot of stick, and until about 1980, honestly, it was deserved. After all, cabbage is excellent food, but if you boil it for hours, it's basically like eating tasteless mulch. The terrible food of the World War Two rationing made sense, and of course, before that there wasn't much in the way of refrigeration, meaning that if you couldn't grow it fresh, you weren't going to have the right ingredients in a climate where the growing season could be quite short. 

However, once people got a bit more educated and had more opportunity to travel, they realized that good food doesn't have to be pricey. Alongside fridges in every house, this created a market that innovative chefs and cooks were happy to fill. Coupled with the arrival of generations of immigrants bringing recipes from the Caribbean and India and everyplace in between, now a great meal is never more than a couple of blocks away in London. Rare is the household in which you cannot get your mitts on a life-altering Yorkshire pudding.

Meanwhile, American food is also dismissed, as being too fatty and too crass - rather as Americans themselves are unfairly dismissed. Actually, with pizza and burgers both being American inventions (we promise!), the melting pot that is America has produced a great many fine cuisines. From Tex-Mex to quality diner food to soul food to Cajun to New England's miraculous seafood offerings, the USA has plenty of fine eats.

So, now you can get a great meal in both places, it's really all about what you choose, and how you enjoy it. Tell us about your approach, and we'll figure out which side of the pond you hail from - or whether you belong at least a little to both!

Do you take afternoon tea?

Do you love a large portion?

Do you host formal dinner a lot?

Do you know about where your food comes from?

Do you know how to make grits?

Do you know how to make a fruit crumble?

Do you think anything can be improved by battering it?

Is cabbage a good salad food?

Have you ever tried haggis?

Do you know what black pudding is?

Is chicken tikka masala simply your favorite dish?

Would you ever have a muffin for breakfast?

Do you prefer to steam your veg instead of frying them?

Does real beer always have yeast in it?

Could you eat chocolate made with high fructose corn syrup?

Do you like sushi?

Do you drink full-sugar soda more than once a week?

Can you make a truly first-rate roast potato?

Do you ever have chowder?

Do you know what a popover is?

Do you know how to make a Yorkshire pudding?

Do you think it's polite to always clear your plate?

Do you love a cocktail by the pool?

Do you love everything a little sweet?

Do you prefer coffee to tea?

Do you cook at home more than you go out?

Do you worry about food miles?

Do you think everything can be improved by putting in a taco?

Do you know how to make a garlic lemon artichoke?

Do you eat more lamb than beef?

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