Can We Guess Which '80s Hair Band Member Would Be Your Soulmate From this Yes or No Quiz?

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About This Quiz

Step back into the '80s with us, and we'll let you know which member of an '80s hair band is destined to be your soulmate. It doesn't matter if you were more of a Bret Michaels fan or a sucker for Jon Bongiovi, your soulmate has to be the right one. Luckily for you, all you have to do is answer yes or no to find out where to mail your love letter. 

Although the '80s brought us many new and innovative artists and musicians, hair metal stands out as being one of the most unique. With their brightly colored clothing and their bad boy attitudes, they packed stadiums all over the country. Throughout the course of this quiz, we're going to figure out which hair metal star is actually your soulmate. 

We are going to ask you some questioned designed to figure out which of them you have the most in common with. We will also look for your personality traits and balance them against some of hair metal's most recognizable stars. Once we've found your match, we'll turn it up to 11 and let you know who you get the bragging rights of calling your own. Are you ready to rock? Let's roll!

Do you have any musical talent?

Were you a teenager in the '80s?

Do you own more than five band t-shirts?

Have you ever entered a karaoke contest?

Do you know all the words to any Poison songs?

Have you ever been in a mosh pit?

Do you like the '90s band Nirvana?

Could you live on a tour bus for over a year?

Do you wear earplugs when you go to concerts?

Have you ever worn neon pink in public?

Would you go on a dating show to win a date with a hair metal band member?

Do you enjoy the classic rock band Led Zeppelin?

Do you own a denim or leather jacket?

Do you turn up the radio when a good song comes on?

Do you like Motley Crue more than Bon Jovi?

Would you consider yourself a Twister Sister?

Do you have an '80s playlist saved anywhere?

Do you still own a cassette player?

Did you attend your high school prom?

Would you enjoy learning to play the guitar?

Do you know what a Flying V is?

Could you pull off wearing thigh-high boots?

Do you hold a lighter over your head at concerts?

Would you like having Vince Neil's autograph?

Are you attracted to the free-spirited type?

Do you like any of Journey's songs?

Would you attend a Metallica show?

Is the drummer the sexiest member of a hair metal band?

Would you enjoy meeting Bret Michaels?

Do you still watch MTV?

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