This Yes or No Quiz Will Reveal What Kind of First Impression You Make

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About This Quiz

While there are a few of you out there that really couldn't give a hoot what others think of you, it's simply human nature to wonder. Are you leaving the kind of first impression you want to make, or do you need to work on your social skills? Remember you are your own worst critic, and we'll let you know what people really think of you when they meet you. 

Speaking of human nature, it's also completely normal to be wrong about an impression someone has left on you. You wouldn't want to miscommunicate who you really are, so it's prudent to find out. Throughout this quiz, we'll ask you a series of questions designed to figure out what others think of your brand of first impressions. All you have to do is answer yes or no. Although it sounds simple, you will need to put a little thought into the way you answer - just like you would when you are meeting someone new! 

Try to answer truthfully. Once we know you as well as we would on our fifth or sixth time hanging out, we'll know if you are leaving the world with the best picture of you! Are you ready to know the truth? Yes or no?

Do you find yourself avoiding people in the grocery store?

Do you frequently host dinner parties?

Are you outgoing in strange and unfamiliar situations?

Do you often have a drink when you are in social situations?

Do you always shake hands when you meet someone?

Have you ever been on a blind date?

Do you crack a lot of jokes with people you first meet?

Do you spend extra time getting ready when you know you'll meet someone?

Do you always offer guests food or drinks?

Are you afraid of public speaking?

Are you the type that makes friends easily?

Could you survive a week alone in a cabin?

Do you put your phone away when you meet people?

Do you often hug people when you meet for the first time?

Do you wear a bikini when you go to the beach?

Do you frequently walk around you home in the nude?

Do you do a lot of talking during work meetings?

Do you giggle a lot when you get nervous?

Do you judge others by your first impression of them?

Have you ever felt like you haven't made a good first impression?

Do you get sweaty hands when something makes you nervous?

Do you welcome strangers into your home?

Would you ever pick up a hitchhiker?

Would your friends consider you high maintenance?

Do you like to take your time when you get to know people?

Have you ever kissed someone on a first date?

Did you like your coworkers when you first met them?

Do you talk to people in line at the grocery store?

Do you start conversations with people at bars?

Do you ever go shopping in your pajamas?

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