Can We Guess Which State You Really Belong In?

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A fun fact about the United States of America that not many people know: no American president has ever lived their entire life without the nation adding another state to the Union. From the original thirteen colonies becoming states in the lifetimes of the first few presidents all the way to Alaska and Hawaii joining the Union in the 1950's, this has held up from 1776 until today. If no new state is added in the lifetime of Barack Obama, he will be the first president to break the rule - though it is looking increasingly likely that the Puerto Rico statehood movement will gain traction, and since President Obama is only 57, they have some time to make things happen!

In the meantime, there are still plenty of states for a citizen, legal resident, or tourist to choose from. A few of them may be similar in this or that way, but no two are entirely alike. They have their own cultures, their own climates, their own legal systems, and their own opportunities and downsides. Some of them are pretty hard to get to, and others are very big, so if you choose the wrong one, fixing it is pretty expensive. Take this quiz to help you figure out which state suits you perfectly!

Do you like it hot?

Do you prefer living on Eastern Standard Time?

Do you like humidity?

Do you mind a high cost of living?

Do you want to live in or near a variety of large towns?

Do you want to surf all the time?

Do you like getting a share of government oil revenue?

Do you like being in a politically heterogeneous environment?

Do you like chowder?

Do you prefer a very culturally diverse environment?

Do you know how to put chains on your tires?

Do you like to commute a long distance?

Can you drive in the snow?

Do you like foreigners not having heard of where you live?

Do you want to be somewhere remote?

Do you want to walk on a glacier?

Do you fear gators more than sharks?

Do you fear the Zika virus?

Do you want to see bears in the wild?

Can you handle very high altitudes?

Do you want to live in a tax haven?

Do you want to be in easy-ish reach of Los Angeles?

Do you like seeing a lot of political advertising on TV?

Would you work in shipping?

Would you work in tourism?

Are you afraid of war with North Korea?

Are you afraid of war with Russia?

Do you want to be in easy-ish each of New York and Boston?

Do you intend to start a business?

Do you mind never owning your home?

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