Quiz: We'll Give You Three Characters, You Guess the '60s TV Show
We'll Give You Three Characters, You Guess the '60s TV Show
By: Susan McDonald
Image: PCH

About This Quiz

Were you a fan of "Bewitched" and "I Dream of Jeannie," "The Andy Griffith Show" and "The Dick Van Dyke Show," "Gilligan's Island" and "The Beverly Hillbillies"? Or did you prefer something more futuristic, like "Star Trek" and "The Jetsons"? Whatever your preference, '60s television had some of the best shows in the history of the medium. Not only did many of them pave the way for some of the shows on air today, they also produced some standout actors and actresses. 

Many of the shows went on for years after the 1960s passed, and many of the characters went on to have spin-off shows. Some of them, like "Hawaii Five-O," "The Twilight Zone" and "Mission: Impossible," have been rebooted or have made their way onto the big screen.

Were you alive during the '60s? If not, are you a fan of one of the best decades of television? If we give you three popular characters, will you be able to guess which television series they came from? The only way to find out is by taking this quiz. If you get stumped, you can always use a hint to get you through. Let's see how well you remember these compelling characters.

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