Throw a Fabulous Party and We'll Guess How British You Are

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Despite the stereotype, British people are not entirely uptight, and they are also not entirely drunken louts who only know how to have fun when inebriated (though there may be a few of those knocking around the United Kingdom). Indeed, if there’s one thing the British do very well, it’s throwing a fancy party that is still incredibly good fun.

One of the elements of this, perhaps counter-intuitively, is that there are an awful lot of mostly-unspoken rules about parties. The purpose of these is not to make people feel bad or like they have to work hard, but to ensure that everyone is included.

For example, if you have a dress code, the richest person won’t be much better-dressed than the poorest. If you have a seating plan at dinner, the most popular person can’t get more attention than the least. If you ask about dietary requirements or preferences ahead of time instead of just serving whatever comes to mind, no one is ever served food they don't want to eat. If you know how to measure a space, there are never more guests than the room can comfortably hold, and everyone is comfortable. If it's considered polite to arrive a little late, nobody ever feels bad because they got screwed by the traffic.

Of course, you have to be truly British, right down to the marrow of your bones, to pull it off the way the best hosts do, from the stateliest of stately homes to the humblest of Edwardian terrace houses. Let’s see if you have what it takes!

What time should people arrive?

How did you invite your guests?

Who sits where at dinner?

How will people know what to wear?

What day of the week will you hold the party?

What's for dinner?

Will you get any extra help in the form of waiters, a cook, etc.?

How will people know what time to leave?

What happens if someone just doesn't show up?

Where is the party held?

How far in advance will you invite people?

Will the guests help clean things up?

What inspired this particular party to look this way?

If someone gets drunk, what happens?

How do people decide whether to bring someone?

People are dancing but a woman is standing beside the dance floor without a partner! What will happen next?

Are you prepared for someone to stay over if there is a transport problem or they're too drunk to drive?

Would it be considered OK to discuss politics at the party?

Which piece of cutlery will people use first?

If you serve cake, can people take some home?

If there is a physically disabled guest present, how will you make sure they have a good time?

If it is raining, will that affect your plans?

What happens if the room gets too cold and the heating is broken?

What sort of music will you play?

Can kids come to the party?

Someone breaks a glass. What happens now?

In the middle of the party, a terrible costume malfunction afflicts the guest of honor, revealing far too much. What do you do?

A server tops up a guest's drink, while that guest is in conversation with another guest. What does the guest do?

How many people can you invite?

When is appropriate to throw a Christmas party?

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