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It was the classic story of good girl meets misunderstood bad boy that had us all wishing our families were part of the resort-going crowd. The love story! The throwback costumes! The dancing! The soundtrack! Together they transported audiences from the late 1980s back to summer in the early ’60s where we watched a sheltered Baby have her eyes opened to love and some of the bigger truths of the world.

Baby is the apple of her father’s eye. She’s heading to college in the fall. And once she’s finished with that she’ll join the Peace Corps, marry someone just like her dad, and go on to save the world. But she winds up taking a summer detour on the way to accomplishing that super impressive to-do list. And while she’s on this journey of personal discovery, we are treated to some fantastic dancing, surprisingly subversive sub-plots, and a happy ending with one of the most memorable quotes in modern movie history.

In addition to the great story and choreography, Dirty Dancing had an incredibly popular soundtrack. The combined popularity of the movie and the soundtrack brought about a revival of ’60s oldies favorites. Tons of kids became obsessed with the same music their parents had loved a generation before. The album was so successful it sold more than 11 million copies and stayed at the top of the Billboard charts for over 4 months.

So how much do you really remember about this beloved bit of American pop culture? Do you remember the first song Baby and Johnny danced to? Do you remember the creative place they worked on their balance? Do you remember why they needed to rehearse a dance in the first place? Who did Baby have to step in for? And where was their big show? Do you remember the actors who played in the starring roles? Which one also starred in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? How about which one also contributed a song to the soundtrack?

If you’re a child of the ’80s, you can answer these questions just as easily as you can name every member of the Brat Pack.

Whether you’ve seen the movie one time or 100, you can’t help but love the final scene. Johnny comes back into the picture like a leather-clad knight in shining armor to make things right with Baby and her family and for himself. And, of course, there’s that legendary line that even people who haven’t seen the movie can quote!

So if you’re feeling nostalgic for this staple of your childhood, or even if you just watched the movie for the first time last week, kick off your Keds, put on your dancing shoes, and have “the time of your life” with this delightful Dirty Dancing quiz!

Which year did Dirty Dancing premiere?

Dirty Dancing was release on August 21, 1987.


Who plays the lead female role of Frances Houseman?

Jennifer Grey was born on March 26, 1960.


What is the name of the lead male character in Dirty Dancing?

Johnny Castle is his full name!


Which famous actor plays the role of Johnny Castle?

Patrick Swayze passed away on September 14, 2009.


The Houseman family went on a vacation to a resort located in ________.

The Catskill Mountains are located in upstate New York.


"Nobody puts Baby in a _________."

This is a famous line by Johnny in Dirty Dancing.


What song is playing during the opening credits of Dirty Dancing?

Be My Baby was sung by the Ronettes.


In which decade is Dirty Dancing set?

The movie is set during the summer of 1963.


What is the occupation of Baby's father Jack Houseman?

Dr. Jack Houseman is the personal physician of the resort owner.


What is the name of Baby's older sister?

Lisa is played by actress Jane Bruckner.


Who first teaches the sisters how to do the merengue?

Penny Johnson is a former Rockette, played by Cynthia Rhodes.


Where is Baby planning to attend college in the fall?

She wants to study economics of underdeveloped countries.


Who is Neil?

Baby reluctantly dances with Neil Kellerman and is not impressed with him!


Who is Penny's dance partner?

Max yells at Johnny and Penny to stop dancing together and get the guests to pay for lessons.


What does Baby carry to the staff party?

"I carried a watermelon" is a famous quote from Dirty Dancing.


What song are the staff 'dirty dancing' to when Baby arrives to their party?

Do You Love Me was performed by The Contours.


Who is Lisa dating during their time in the Catskills?

Robbie Gould is a Yale medical student and a water at the resort.


How much money does Penny need?

Penny needs $250 in order to get an abortion.


Who is responsible for Penny's pregnancy?

Baby threatens Robbie of his job if he doesn't accept the $250 for Penny's abortion.


From where does Baby get the $250 for Penny's abortion?

Baby's father always told her that if someone was in trouble then she should help. He gives her the money.


Who fills in for Penny for her performance at the Sheldrake?

Baby offers to fill in, and Johnny agrees to teach her the moves.


How much dancing experience does Baby have prior to filling in for Penny?

Since she has little experience, her progress is slow as Johnny begins to teach her.


Who does Dr. Houseman think is responsible for Penny's pregnancy?

When Dr. Houseman comes to treat Penny after her botched abortion, he asks who is responsible for Penny, and Johnny says he is - not meaning that he got her pregnant though!


Where do Johnny and Baby have their first sexual encounter?

"I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you!"


While rehearsing their final dance, why does Baby keep laughing?

This scene where he raises her arm up and caresses it down causes Baby to laugh because she's ticklish!


How does Baby know that Johnny didn't steal Vivian's husband's wallet?

Even though she knew her father would be upset, Baby confessed that she was with Johnny all night so that he wouldn't get fired!


Why is Johnny eventually fired from his job at the resort?

Cue "She's Like the Wind"!


Who sings "She's Like the Wind" on the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack?

Patrick Swayze was not only an actor and dancer but a singer as well!


What is Lisa wearing as she performs in the resort's finale?

She sings Hula Hana.


What song do Johnny and Baby dance to in the final scene of Dirty Dancing?

I've Had the Time of My Life was written by Patrick Swayze and Stacy Widelitz.


Penny tells Baby, "Go back to your _______, Baby."

Penny says this to Baby who is trying to help her. She thinks baby is too young to understand her problems.


What is the first dance that Baby and Johnny rehearse together?

Later, they dance a cha-cha together, and also pachenga


What is the signature move in Johnny and Baby's final dance together?

It took them a lot of practice to get this right. They even rehearsed in the water to help with the lift.


What color dress is Baby wearing in the final scene?

It is a very flowy dress that fans out when she twirls!


To teach Baby the importance of balance, where does Johnny take her to practice dancing?

They dance to 'Hey! Baby" on a tree trunk that stretches out over a stream of water.


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