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Planning your summer vacation and unsure whether to book a morning evening flight? Which flight will get your kids to your destination without your fellow travelers wanting to throw them out the window? Take our quiz and get the rundown on the pros and cons of morning and evening flights when traveling with kids.

How many commercial flights are there every day?

There are more than 29,000 commercial flights across the United States every day.


Why is it more difficult for kids to fly than adults?

Security checks, long flights and lines are all things that can make anyone cranky. But kids have a harder time regulating their emotions than adults, so flying with them can really be a hell of an experience.


When booking your flight, what should you take into consideration?

Take your kids' schedule into account when booking flights and fly at a time when they don't need to eat and won't have a lot of energy to expend.


Why is an early morning flight preferable?

If you can't work around your kid's schedule, then morning flights are a better option, because they are less likely to get delayed. Even if they do, there will be better rescheduling options.


What is one advantage of an evening flight?

One advantage of an evening flight is that you have more time to get ready and so will more likely to be running on time. Being punctual for a morning flight is a lot of pressure on a family with small children.


If you do have an early morning flight, what is a good way to avoid rushing?

A good idea to avoid rushing if you have an early morning flight is to stay overnight in the airport hotel. This will also buy you some more sleeping time, which will help avoid crankiness (in adults and children).


Why is a late night flight not a great idea with kids?

Although it may seem logical to take a late night flight so that the kids will sleep, you run the risk that they will be overtired and won't be able to fall asleep.


How can you make a late night flight more bearable?

To help settle your kids into sleep on a late night flight, bring along some soothing music or their favorite video.


How can you best prepare your kids for a flight?

Consider doing a trial run and taking your kids to the airport, showing them the X-ray machines and security procedures so they will handle it better when it is the real thing.


What food and drink should you take along on a flight?

Bring along some refillable water bottles to keep them hydrated and some treats to calm them down when things get sticky.


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