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How big a house do you live in? How small a house would you consider living in? Though still small, the tiny house movement is growing. Test your knowledge of the tiny house trend by taking this quiz.

What was the average size of an American home in 2007?

Similar to American cars, homes in the U.S. have steadily been getting larger since the 1970s.


What is the underlying drive of living in a tiny home?

People who live in tiny houses say they are looking for a way to simplify their lifestyle.


When did the small house movement start?

While still a young movement, it has steadily gained popularity and momentum.


What has contributed to the growth of the tiny house movement in the U.S.?

A number of factors have contributed to the growing popularity of tiny homes, but economics and environmental issues are definitely among the major ones.


What is the range in size of most tiny houses?

There is certainly a wide range of home sizes that may be considered within this definition, but even the largest tiny houses are far smaller than the average house.


Where is the sleeping area commonly found in a tiny house?

Commonly, small houses put a sleeping area upstairs above a multi-purpose downstairs living area.


What features are common in tiny houses?

Some tiny house builders have partnered with appliance manufacturers to create custom-designed packages for these homes.


What feature do some of the smallest tiny houses now have that brings added versatility?

Believe it or not, some people are now able to pull their homes like campers behind their cars and take them wherever they go. Is there a different speed limit for a late-model colonial?


What is a drawback of buying a modular, prefabricated home that is assembled on site?

While prefabricated homes may be more convenient and quick to build, you will likely have to pay extra fees for delivery and assembly if you buy one.


How much less expensive is a tiny house that you build yourself, compared to the same model fully built?

In addition to saving you lots of money, a build-your-own model can give you many more options in the look of your house.


What is another economic benefit of tiny houses?

Smaller houses require less maintenance. There are also tax benefits, but these are less assured, since property tax is usually based on the house's value, which varies greatly.


What is another benefit to living in a tiny house?

With less area to clean and look after, people who live in tiny houses spend less time on chores and have more free time for other tasks.


What is the profile of the common tiny house buyer?

Singles and couples typically need less space to live in.


In addition to using less raw material, how else are some tiny house manufacturers "going green?"

Structurally insulated panels (SIPs) and solar roof panels are among the added steps some builders of tiny houses are now including in their new construction.


Why are tiny houses preferable to trailers in emergency housing situations?

The U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has started building tiny houses in areas that have been hit by natural disasters. These homes are designed to be a more permanent solution to widespread housing shortage.


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