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Decorating a toddler's bedroom can be challenging. Toddlers are easily scared or delighted, and they like to get into everything. Knowing some decorating ideas for toddler bedrooms can help you design a space that will be fun and safe for your little one. Take this quiz and see what you know about decorating toddler bedrooms.

What is an important difference between toddlers and preschoolers?

Most toddlers are not able to appreciate complicated visuals. Wait till your child is older to paint the room with an elaborate wall mural.


How can you incorporate your child's love of cartoons into the room décor?

You may want to use posters or other low-cost temporary décor items. As children age, tastes may change so save the more permanent wall paintings for an older child.


How can you childproof your home?

You may hire a service to childproof your home or research for yourself about the necessary safety precautions.


What kind of childproofing may be done on your hands and knees?

To discover where the dangers lurk, you may want to put yourself at your child's level.


How can you childproof the shower or bath?

Use an antiscald device on water faucets and nonslip decals in the tub or shower. Always store medication and other unsafe materials far from your child's reach.


Why are happy themes a good choice for toddler décor?

Most toddlers are not able to distinguish between imaginary and real concepts. Keep the potentially scary themes for when children are older.


Should I buy adult-sized furniture?

Adult-sized furniture is fine, but why not add some toddler sized chairs and tables? You may find these toddler sized items in the children's departments of most retail stores and specialty furniture stores.


What prints may I mix in a toddler's room?

You can mix most any prints. Bring the prints together by using a compatible color scheme.


How can you use Velcro to create games on the walls?

Use Velcro hook and loop fasteners to change walls into play spaces. A great idea is to create a race track on the wall and position the cars with Velcro. Other good wall games are checkers and tic-tak-toe.


What is a window valance?

A valance is a decorative heading used to cover the hardware of a window treatment. It usually covers only the top portion of the window.


Is it acceptable to use outdoor furniture as décor for a toddler's room?

Outdoor furniture stores sell many items that would be suitable for a child's room. A pink-painted Adirondack chair may be just right for your Goldilocks.


When are children considered toddlers?

When babies become mobile and "toddle" they have passed into the toddler stage.


Why do parents have to warn toddlers about safety over and over again?

Toddlers are not yet aware of danger.


Why should you decorate your toddler's room in a way that makes you happy, also?

When you feel happy, you communicate that happiness to your child. Since you will be spending lots of time in your child's room, decorate the room to make yourself happy, too.


Why should you use only the suggestion of a theme?

The suggestion of a theme may have longer lasting appeal. Rather than a Goldilocks theme, try a forest theme and add Goldilocks accents.


What is a versatile theme?

Using color and pattern as a theme goes with any favorite toy of the moment.


When should you be concerned about safety?

Children can be in danger at any time. Check furniture for hard or sharp edges.


What safety gadget can be used to keep children in their room?

A safety gate can be installed in the doorway of your child's room. Your child will be able to see and hear what is happening outside the room and you will know where your child is playing.


Would building a castle be too much for a toddler's room?

If you have the space and budget, the sky is the limit. Include some storage areas inside the castle so the kingdom stays neat and tidy.


Why is a daybed a good choice?

Daybeds double as seating and come in decorative frames.


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