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Did you know that your innocent looking dish sponge could be making you or your family sick? Did you ever cast a suspicious eye toward your kitchen sponge when you suffered from stomach problems or diarrhea?

What is a proven fact that you should know about your kitchen sponge?

A kitchen sponge (or dishcloth) is a breeding ground for bacteria, because of trapped food particles and a moist environment. Bacteria in sponges are difficult to destroy and could cause sickness in your family.


What have multiple tests and studies confirmed about your kitchen, over beyond reasonable doubt?

Multiple tests and studies have confirmed that a kitchen is dirtier or contains more germs than a flushed toilet bowl in a typical bathroom.


What percentage of kitchen sponges in the United States contained harmful bacteria in a recent study?

A recent study commissioned by Lysol in 2008 found that 75 percent of kitchen sponges in the U.S. contained harmful bacteria.


What bacteria count is considered to indicate a high concentration of bacteria?

Any bacteria count that exceeds 100,000 bacteria per square centimeter is considered a dangerously high level of bacteria that poses a serious risk to health.


What percentage of kitchen sponges in an International study contained high levels of harmful bacteria?

An astounding 90 percent of kitchen sponges tested internationally contained high levels of harmful bacteria. Most people do not realize that high concentrations of harmful bacteria can lurk in sponges and dishcloths that were used to clean dishes and counters.


What bacteria are we talking about when we use the term harmful bacteria?

The harmful bacteria found in kitchen sponges are both e-coli and salmonella. These bacteria usually are usually not lethal, but they will make individuals very sick with diarrhea and vomiting.


What did a study completed on a sample of 20 homes from seven regions around the world discover about germs?

A recent study found that sinks that were cleaned in the usual way still contain more germs than a flushed toilet bowl. Most people clean a sink by simply wiping it down and rinsing it regularly, which does not control germs.


What do experts recommend that you do to disinfect your kitchen sponge?

Experts found that if you microwave your damp kitchen sponge regularly for two minutes it will kill most of the bacteria hanging around in your sponge. Be careful to let your sponge cool a bit before touching it, as it will be hot.


What percentage of bacteria is killed when you microwave a damp sponge for two minutes?

A two-minute microwave treatment of your dish sponge will kill 99.9 percent of bacteria lurking in your sponge. Remember to give your sink and countertop a good cleaning before treating your sponge so it is ready for the next load of dishes.


What did a study on bacteria that was completed in the UK in 2008 discover?

A study in the UK discovered that your computer keyboard has more bacteria on it than your toilet seat does. Food particles fall into your keyboard and become a home for reproducing bacteria that transfer from your hands.


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