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How much water does a standard toilet tank hold?

An ordinary toilet tank holds about two gallons of water.


What type of material are most toilets made of?

Most earthbound toilets are made from porcelain, a non-porous ceramic, but airplane toilets are made of stainless steel.


How is it possible to flush a toilet if there is no water in the toilet tank?

If the water supply has been cut off temporarily, it is possible to flush a toilet manually by just pouring a bucket of water into the bowl. This activates the siphon effect and flushes the toilet.


After flushing the toilet, where does the water and waste go?

In urban areas, the waste goes into the sewerage system; but in rural areas, it often flows into a septic tank.


The toilet tank acts as a ____________.

The toilet tank acts as a bucket of water. When this large amount of water is quickly dumped into the toilet bowl, the siphon is activated and the toilet flushes.


What is the purpose of the toilet tank float?

The toilet tank float operates a lever that opens and closes the water refill valve.


What happens when you flush a toilet?

When the flush handle or button is pushed, a linkage in the tank lifts the flush valve and allows water to fill the toilet bowl.


What would happen if the toilet float malfunctioned and the water kept flowing?

If the toilet tank float were to malfunction, the water would flow into the overflow tube and keep flowing out through the siphon until it was turned off.


Why is porcelain a suitable material for the construction of toilets?

Porcelain is a hard, non-porous material.


What is the time necessary for a toilet tank to fill with water?

It takes about 30-60 seconds for a toilet tank to fill with water. If you hear water running after that interval, check your float.


Why does the toilet bowl water level stay the same regardless of how much waste is deposited?

The waste is constantly drained into the siphon and if several gallons of water where quickly added then the toilet would flush.


What is the purpose of the holes under the toilet bowl rim?

During flushing, some of the tank water flows into the toilet bowl via holes in the rim.


Which part of the toilet allows water to pass from the tank into the bowl?

The flush valve, when lifted, allows water to pass into the toilet tank.


All toilets have ________ main components.

All toilets have three main components: bowl siphon, flush mechanism, refill mechanism.


If you plan to replace an old toilet with a newer model, why must you measure the distance from the wall to the toilet floor bolts?

Toilets come in different sizes. If your toilet measures twelve inches from the wall to the floor bolts then you have a standard size toilet.


What is an important material between some toilets and the bathroom floor?

Some toilets are installed with a wax seal placed between the toilet and the sewer pipe drain.


When installing a new toilet, why must care be taken when tightening the floor bolts?

Do not over-tighten the floor bolts as this may crack the porcelain.


After a toilet is flushed, what must happen to the flush valve?

The flush valve must resituate itself to cover the drain hole before water can fill the tank.


When replacing an old toilet, what designer option do you have?

Today's toilets come in many designer colors other than white.


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